(Closed) Can I wear my bridesmaid dress before the actual wedding?

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  • poll: Can I wear my bridesmaid dress before the actual wedding?
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    You bought it. It’s your dress. Do whatever you want in it.

    ETA: It gets dirty? There’s a newfangled thing called a washing machine. If that won’t work, there are these lovely places called drycleaners.


    ETA2: @Ashley_P:  I’ve been a bridesmaid a few times before and I’ve never had a dress get stained, ripped or otherwise damaged. Never.

    Not even in “real life” have I ever had something happen to an article of clothing. Sure, I’ve spilled water on my crotch like the rest of us, but I’ve never stained an article of clothing via food or drink or had anyone do it for me.

    I’m not particularly careful, so I guess I’ve just been lucky.

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    Ask the bride if she is ok with it, I agree with pp I would worry something would happen to it. I’m clumsy

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    There are a few threads around here with brides being upset about the BMs wearing their dresses. And I think it’s silly. 

    I would let the bride know that you’re going to wear YOUR dress that YOU paid for though. You know, just to keep the peace. 

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    I say go for it. I don’t think I’d be upset if one of my bridesmaids wore their dress before my wedding. I’d be happy they could actually get some extra use out of it! And I think it goes without saying that you understand the “risks” of getting it damaged or something and would take care of it.


    Do you think the bride would be upset about it? I guess that would be my only reason for waiting until after the wedding. If it’s going to cause drama with the bride then it probably isn’t worth it.

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    Get some mileage out of that bad boy! Just be prepared to replace it if something happens to it.


    Besides, if you bought it, it isn’t even the Bride’s place to tell you where and when you can wear it excluding her wedding day.

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    I chuckled when I saw the responses about the bride getting upset about you wearing a dress YOU bought and spent YOUR $400 on to another wedding. WTF has this bridal sh*t come to?

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    it’s your dress do what you want.  as long as you’re careful not to ruin it beyond repair!

    Just to add – I had an entire red cocktail spilt down a light blue satin dress at a wedding and was freaking out about my dress being ruined and I just took it to the dry cleaner’s and it was no big deal.  So, I wouldn’t worry too much about getting spilled on – it usually doesn’t happen and depending on your dress color/fabric it will come out.  Plus, if you got it at a dept. store you can always get a new one a lot easier than if you’re ordering from a bridal shop.

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    @everyonelovespandas:  I don’t think it’s wrong per se, but I’d personally be afraid that something would go wrong i.e. I’d spill something on it, or I would wash/dry clean it and it would shrink or something. So basically I probably wouldn’t chance it.

    Yeah you bought it, but I think you owe it to the bride to not have a huge stain on it in her wedding photos lol. I’d just be paranoid. You can always wear it after her wedding right?

    ETA: I disagree with asking/telling the bride about this. Why bring it up? Of course she won’t be happy about it, or at least she’ll say “well if you ruin it, be prepared to buy another one” (assuming it can be replaced). I think it’s just worrying her unnecessarily to mention it.

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    I think it’s fine as long as you’re willing to replace it again if something happens.  Stains or rips or something could happen.  I probably wouldn’t wear it until after the wedding, but that’s just me.  If you’re wearing it to a wedding that a lot of the guests of the wedding you are in will be at…I wouldn’t do that personally.  If they are not the same group then I think it’s fine.

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    As a bride I wouldn’t care if you wore the dress before the wedding as long as it looks good on the day of. But I’d be worried about the dress getting damaged. Never know someone could spill something on you. Why spend more money getting it dry cleaned?

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    I think you should ask the bride about that one.

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    I say go ahead IF you are willing and able to spend another $400 if something were to happen to the dress.

    But if you dont have the money to replace the dress if something happened to it then I say no.

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    I think you can wear it IF you have the time/means to replace it if you ruin it before the wedding.

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    Of course, it’s totally fine! It’s YOUR $400 dress… get as much use out of it as you can! Obviously if it gets dirty you’ll clean it before you wear it as a Bridesmaid or Best Man in your friend’s wedding.

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