(Closed) Can I wear my bridesmaid dress before the actual wedding?

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  • poll: Can I wear my bridesmaid dress before the actual wedding?

    No, that would be very wrong

    Yes, that would be okay

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    I had a drunk friend spill an entire glass of red wine on my dress at a wedding, so I wouldn’t take the chance.  If you were able to replace it if something did happen, then go for it.

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    I agree with the others – totally fine to wear if you just realize there are some risks involved. 🙂 I’d also just recommend being careful about photos of you in the dress ending up on Facebook or something. If you’re not sure how your friend (the bride) will feel about you wearing the dress, you don’t want her to find out from Facebook!

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    You paid for it so wear it! I’m with @strawbs WTF has this bridal sh*t come to? If you pay for a dress then you can wear it. I would just get it drycleaned before the wedding in July so it looks clean and fresh and the bride would never know Wink …well except for when she sees it on facebook but oh well you already wore it haha

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    If it would be possible to replace the dress if you mess it up, then I suppose you could take the risk. There are some things dry cleaners cannot fix. I somehow manage to ruin Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses at the receptions, so I’d be terrifed of ruining one before the wedding. I never seem to mess up other dresses… I don’t know what it is. Once, I just got the sweat from my water glass on the dress… ruined. The fabric was such that there was nothing the dry cleaner could do about it.

    So… Personally, I wouldn’t wear it. You bought the dress for a specific purpose and should wait for that purpose to be fulfilled before you reuse the dress.

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    I say go for it! Just keep quiet about it being for your other friend’s wedding, so you don’t ruin the surprise for her guests. No one will remember it even if there are common guests between the two weddings. 

    ETA: as a bride, I would love it if my ‘maids wanted to wear the dress I picked out to other events, either before or after my wedding. It means that the dress is actually cute enough to wear when it’s their choice–major win! 

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    @Ashley_P:  Obviously you don’t have a sister like mine Wink.  Last wedding we went to (she was pretty drunk) she shoved a cakecake into the front of my dress.

    It was chocolate.

    It was a dry clean only dress.


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    I just want to know what department store has $400 bridesmaid dresses – to me, thats a custom bridesmaid dress!

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    You could wear it after…I’d be too worried that I’d spill on it/rip it/etc before the wedding it’s intended for and then what do you do?

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    @Ashley_P:  +1. I agree. Just be careful, and if you do wear it before the wedding, make sure you allow enough time for it to be cleaned if need be.

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    @strawbs:  +1

     $400 for a Bridesmaid or Best Man dress?? I’d wear that sucker every chance I got!

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    @Hyperventilate:  Never spilt anything?  Wow.  I am not so lucky, I’ve spilt things, had others get stuff on me, had a rip, etc on my clothing, and at nice events too.  I would be worried about something happening to it.

    Here’s the dilemma…you wear it.  Something happens.  You try to fix it because you think “it’s just a little stain/rip” but it’s still visible afterwards.  Then you feel guilty because you don’t want to shell out another freaking $400 to replace the dress and hope your friend doesn’t notice.  Your friend sees it.  She’s mad.  She can’t forget it and (whether it’s true or not) thinks she sees it in every picture.

    Why get into that?  Just hold off and wear it afterwards as much as you like.  Really, the fundamental bridesmaid duty is to show up, on time, in the dress picked out…exactly as it was picked out.

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    @Hyperventilate: You bought it. It’s your dress. Do whatever you want in it.

    Totally agree. If someone had you pay $400 for the dress, you better be able to wear it to more functions than just that wedding! I paid for my bridesmaids dresses, and I wouldn’t mind a bit if they got some usage of it before the wedding. Sure, they might drop some food on it – but a drycleaner could remove the stain. Also, you’re going to another wedding… it’s not like you’re going to a painting party or some event where you’ll be crawling through mud. I just can’t see it get so dirty that it’s beyond salvation!


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    Unless you’re wild and crazy at weddings and might risk splitting a seam, I say go for it. 

    I’ve dropped drinks/food/cake on probably every dress I’ve worn to weddings (not kidding, I’m a klutz) and each and every time they were cleaned perfectly by the dry cleaner.  Not to worry.

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    what colour’s the dress, and what’s it made of? if it’s white chiffon, maybe not. if it’s navy satin, go for it. and only do it if you’re willing to eat the cost if it should become irreparably damaged (however unlikely it may be). also consider your facebook photo privacy settings, and how distinctive the dress is, and your friend’s reaction if she were to find out. i’d personally probably look to borrow a dress instead (flip through your friends’ pictures on facebook! best “dress shopping” there is), and then wear the Bridesmaid or Best Man dress to a wedding next year, but you know your situation best.

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    I wouldn’t if it was a bridesmaid dress for someone else’s wedding.  However, I wouldn’t care if you were my bridesmaid.  One of mine actually said her husband suggested that, and she was like, “NO WAY! I can’t wear it before Madtowngirl’s wedding!” …I was like, “Why not?  Yes you can!”  She didn’t, though.

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