(Closed) Can men and women work together without being inappropriate?

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    Darling Husband is also a teacher and had a similar situation occur last school year. I was aware of her advances and was fine with their friendship until it began impacting our relationship (he’d go drinking with her and I’d be left at home). She was fired at the end of the year for other reasons but I feel SO much more comfortable now that she’s out of the picture. 

    Talk to him about it!

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    Flirting is normal I think. Anything else is a big no-no.

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    Teaching is a tough one, especially in elementary. It is mainly women so I have noticed that if there are men – the women like to flirt just because. 

    I do think men and women can be friends. I also think that most likely at some point in time, one of them will have a crush on the other or be attracted to them. However, this doesn’t really mean anything.

    As far as working – yes they can work together without flirting. I’ve done it.

    I would be feeling ill over it too, but here is what you have to remember….he loves you and is with you. You trust him and I bet if you really think about it you would realize that no matter what, he would never do anything. 

    If it bothers you that much, I would say something – just make sure it is not accusing him of anything. You two could have a calm discussion about it.

    Good luck and like I said, I am sure it is harmless and remember that you trust your Fiance or you wouldn’t be marrying him!

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    I work with all men and I can say I make a point to make sure nothing can be thought of as me flirting.


    If you are uncomfy you need to talk to your Fiance about it. IMO I too would probably have a issue with my guy coming home after work hours to play games with this person. A line needs drawn

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    Hmmm…I think men and women can work together without flirting, definitely. Also, it would probably kind of annoy me if a woman my fiance worked with was flirting with him right in front of me…so I don’t think you’re overreacting. I would definitely talk to him about it, but in a really non-accusatory way. After all, he didn’t flirt back with her.  You definitely have a right to ask him more questions about her, though (like what she is like when you’re NOT around, etc.).  I would just sit down and have a chat–that would be the only way your mind can be eased!

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    It really depends on personalities.  I work with a ton of guys (there are 70 people in my division and maybe 15-20 are women.  Some of the guys have a flirty attitude with women but others are completely appropriate.

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    Men and women can certainly work together without flirting. I am the only female in an office full of men and I do not flirt with any of them and they don’t say flirtatious things to me either. They do make lots of “That’s what she said” and innuendo type jokes like that, but they’re in no way directed at me or meant to provoke or abuse me, they’re just joking with each other. I just roll my eyes and get back to work, lol. Also, most of my friends outside work are also male, but we have completely platonic relationships and we do not flirt at all. 

    That doesn’t mean that flirting can’t or doesn’t happen in the workplace. If you are uncomfortable with how this woman is talking to your Fiance, you need to confront him about that.

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    Of course men and women can work together without flirting. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It also doesn’t matter what this woman is doing, unless your SO acts on it or reciprocates. I’m all about mutual trust. Your SO has to want to cheat to cheat, so it doesn’t really matter what the women are doing.

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    I work in a male-dominated career (IT).  I’ve worked with men lots of times and sometimes there is some light-hearted fun flirting (nothing that would be inappropriate, mind you) and sometimes there’s flirting from the guy that is totally inappropriate (HR is a WONDERFUL thing).  

    I’m the kind who will joke with whoever I’m around IF they have a similiar personality.  BUT I do draw the line when it goes too far.  

    My Fiance works at a place renowned for women to hit on the guys and the employees often have affairs (I know this because my father works at the same place :P) but I trust my Fiance.  Doesn’t mean I like the girls who hit on MY man, though, and I make it known to him, lol.

    I’d definitely have called the woman out on her totally inappropriate behavior, but I’m also that type of person.  (Ok, fine, I’m confrontational :P.)  

    It all depends on the people involved.  Some guys and girls just don’t know where to draw the line while others do.  If you’re uncomfortable, talk to your hubby and let him know, otherwise, it’ll eat away at you and make the situation worse.  

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    Honestly, I’d see it as a compliment that this girl is flirting with your man.  If you trust your Fiance, you should just be flattered that you have such a catch. Especially if she was doing it in front of you, it probably is just her personality. If she were a total b-tch to you for no reason or acted secretive in some way, I would see much bigger cause for concern.

    Also, guys and girls can work together without anything going on, even if they “play flirt” with eachother. When you spend 8+ hours/day with someone, a little play flirting breaks the ice and makes the work go by quicker. I think the #1 biggest thing that will lead to a fling in the workplace is when co-workers start talking to eachother about issues they’re having with their SO at home. As long as you’re not doing/saying anything to your coworkers that you wouldn’t say/do with your SO standing there, I think it’s all good!

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    i work with all men.  can i work with them without either of us flirting?  absolutely.

    however, i know your FI’s side of this.  i also have one coworker in particular i’m close to.  we work closely together pretty much all day and email each other (work and non-work related) a lot of nights.  we have lunch together probably once a week, but RARELY see each other outside of work (in the last 4 years i think we’ve gotten a beer after work together socially one time).  i would say we are semi-flirtacious with each other, but it really just makes an otherwise frustrating/boring job slightly more bearable.  he’s married with two kids and i’m engaged.  we’re grown-ups and nothing would ever happen. 

    and i play words with friends with a LOT of coworkers–and it goes on all day and night.  we take it very seriously.

    if it really bothers you, tell him.  but i wouldn’t be worried unless he’s seeing her socially after work and you’re not invited.  that wouldn’t be cool.  hanging out together a lot at work, even with inappropriate jokes, likely means nothing.  work sucks.  it’s good to have friends there.

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    I work with mostly women, but there are a few men in our group, and trust me…we don’t flirt with them at all. They’re both good guys, and the one even jokes around with us about a hot girl on our floor, but he never treats any of us any different than one of the guys.

    I think what this girl is doing is inappropriate. She may be married, but I don’t think it would hurt to bring it up to your SO to make him aware of it.

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    When I worked in food service and whatnot there were a lot of inappropriate comments but that wasn’t exactly a professional environment.  I honestly can’t imagine flirting with any of my male co-workers (I only have like three of them) but then again they’re all 50+

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