Can You Ever Upgrade a Diamond with Moissanite?

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Sugar bee
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I traded my low quality diamond for a moissanite about 6 years ago. I have never regretted it one bit. I am very happy with my moissanite. I went from a .80ct j color and I2/I3 round diamond to a 2.5ct round forever brilliant moissanite. I simply took my diamond into a family owned jewelry store and the owner let me trade it in for about $3000 worth toward my moissanite rings. Here is a pic of my diamond and my now moissanite:



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Sugar bee
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Overjoyed :  Have you looked into lab created diamonds? They are substantially cheaper than mined.  If that is out of price range,  I would stick with the diamond clusters. Simulants don’t look exactly like the real deal, and some people will notice (whether they say it to you or not)  I would feel like a poser. However that’s just me! I don’t wear knockoff bags or anything else.   Everyone is different. Others happily trade their diamonds for budget friendly large sims! Only you can make that decision. Congrats on your anniversary too!

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Busy Beekeeper

The problem with upgrading a cluster setting is not the stones, its the setting. There are usually a hundred tiny prongs holding the stones in, and its probably easier to just have a new setting made vs trying to modify the current one.

If you’re looking at sims, check out the ebay moissanite thread. There are many chinese sellers that you can custom make settings. You just send them the pictures and they create the CAD for you. 

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Bumble bee

I personally like cluster rings. They have a different sparkle. More of a glitter , which I love. I don’t think that they are ” inferior” or “cheap” (unless they are set with poor quality stones or are poorly set) they’re just different. I have both solitaires and cluster rings and love them equally. I am lucky to have an art deco navette ring which I adore! You apparently loved your ring until you read how some other people regard clusters. Wear what makes you happy whether it is a cluster or a three stone, moissy or whatever. If everyone liked the same thing we would all be wearing the same ring and how boring that would be.

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Helper bee
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I actually really like clusters too. If my fiancé had not been able to afford what I wanted in a single diamond, I probably would have looked for a vintage cluster. I think they have a lot of personality! 

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Busy bee

Overjoyed :  Congrats! Out of curiosity, what budget are you working with? Moissanite has its purposes, but I’m not sure I would recommend putting it into a piece of sentimental jewelry. It might be helpful to post a picture of the ring or a similar one. Finally, if you have a ring you were considering trading in, what does it look like?

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Bumble bee
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Personally I think it’s an upgrade as long as you feel like it’s an upgrade, no matter what that means. I don’t care if you go from a 3ct VVS1 D diamond to a mood ring, if it makes you happy to make the switch, then it is an upgrade.

If you really like the cluster, go with that! If you prefer 3 larger stones, go with that! What it’s made of doesn’t matter in the long run.

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Buzzing bee
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Which would suck more: if people knew it was moissanite or if they looked and saw it was a cluster? 

I personally like a big sparkler. So I’d rather have the moissanite, but if I loved it, I wouldn’t mind telling others what it was. 

Really depends on what you care more about though. 

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Honey bee

The only problem with clusters is thst the stones might fall out. But pave has the same issue. If you want a larger looking ring, moissy is a great way to go. Alternatively you could put a cz in and upgrade to a diamond when you have the funds.

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Bumble bee
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First of all, congratulations. What a fun purchase. Very exciting. So there are several bees on here, who have the MOST beautiful “cluster” rings I have ever seen in my life. I think diamond quality and craftsmanship play a larger role than people may think. Don’t dismiss the cluster especially since you loved it at first sight. I also wouldn’t dismiss moissanites. They are extremely beautiful and people will not know the difference. Some may and some will not. I think moissanites are a wonderful option for people who want conflict free. They’re so sparkly. But so is a nice cluster. I truly don’t think you could go wrong with either. If you look at the ring and truly wish it was three “diamonds” with halos, then do the moissante. If you loved it so much as a cluster and are only a little skeptical because of the negative comments you’ve read or heard about, then I would stick with the cluster.  Since you asked though, I would personally do the moissanites, not because I am opposed to a cluster, but because I haven’t seen it in person, assuming it sparkles like crazy, I am still just not sure it would sparkle like a moissanite? That is an in person experience. But also, because I really would love to have a second ring one day and it will be a moissanite. 🙂 I sure hope you share with us what you end up doing. Best of luck. 

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Bumble bee

Overjoyed : Don’t judge the world by comments the Bee. This is a relatively small group of individuals that pay more attention to engagement rings than the average member of the public. I would bet that 99% of people out there really can’t tell the difference between a moissy and a diamond. There are tons of people can see beauty in a ring whether it is made up of several stones or just one.

Everyone is certainly entitled to an opinion. Just don’t let some strangers on the internet stop you from wearing what makes you happy. Remember some of these ” fake” comments come from people that are perfectly comfortable with women who dye their hair, have gel nails, wear padded/ push-up bras, false eyelashes, spanx etc but for some reason what they consider an artifice line, is drawn at jewellery.. It’s weird.



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