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@ItalianBride11:  i’m sorry for your loss.

check out fertility friend’s website. they have tons of info on charting. even when charting and having perfect timing, you still might not get pregnant right away though. i’m on my 3rd month TTC and still nothing. once you get your chart going (if you decide to do it) then join in on the charter’s thread!

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Fertility Friend is awesome! It explains charting really well!

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This is a great thread to read for all the basics

This is taken form Deanna’s “Sperm Meets Egg” Plan (linky)

On day 8 of your cycle, counting from the first day you bled, begin “trying” every other night. Begin taking Ovulation Predictor Kits (or continue with your Ovulation computer) on Day 10. Buy two five-packs so as not to scrimp on taking them and stop too early. To make sure your OPK is working well, take your test in the afternoon or after work and do not drink any liquids or go to the bathroom for at least four hours prior to testing. (Morning is not a good time for OPKs, which look for the LH surge, which usually happens during the day.) Read your OPK instructions carefully, as usually a faint line does not indicate a positive, you need a line that is darker than the test line. LH is produced throughout your cycle and will only predict ovulation when it has a big surge. 

When your OPK turns positive, begin trying every night for three consecutive nights, skip the fourth night, and then once more. Then stop! The waiting begins. 

Take a home pregnancy test 15 or 16 days after your OPK was positive if your period has not begun. Do not buy internet pregnancy tests or tests that claim to work before your period is expected. They are not well manufactured and are not reliable. They will only cause you more anxiety than you already feel in wanting to know. Please resist the urge to do a blood test at your doctor’s office just to find out sooner unless you have a medical reason to know early. Fertilized eggs that do not grow are actually a terrible but normal occurrence as much as 75% of the time, and seeing a very low put positive blood test in the first 14 days can place you on a terrible emotional roller coaster. By the time a home pregnancy test is positive, your baby has safely implanted and your odds of miscarriage are down to a normal 10%.

Should your OPK never become positive, keep the every other day trying going until day 35. I recommend at that point taking a home pregnancy test, but even if it is negative, you might want to take a quantitative hCG blood test at your doctor’s office. Remember that not every women will ovulate every month. I personally did not ovulate for two months following my first miscarriage.

As you are trying, make sure to “release” the sperm in your partner at least once during the gap between ovulation and new cycle Day 8 so that no more than 10 days elapse without new sperm production. Sperm is also a cause of genetic damage, not just eggs, so keep it fresh! If you are not successful the first month, it is not because your sperm did not get to your egg. 75% of eggs are lost within the first 14 days due to normal genetic damage or failure to fertilize. Just keep trying!

What Cervical Mucus looks like throughout your cycle (linky)

Helpful Acronyms Used for TTCers

Acronyms are not mandatory, but are useful to know, and do help to shorten your own posts / replies.

TTC : Trying to Conceive

BD: baby dance – aka SEX (No need to by PG here)

BFP/BFN : Big Fat Positive / Big Fat Negative

AF : Aunt Flow ( your period)

OPK : Ovulation Predictor Kit

CM : Cervical Mucus

EWCM : eggwhite CM (good fertile stuff)

CD: Cycle date

CDPO: Cycle date post ovulation

2WW: * 2 week wait (post ovulation)

BBT: Basal body temperature

PG: Pregnant

O: Ovulating / ovulation

ENDO: Endometriosis

PCOS: Polycystic ovarian syndrome

MC: Miscarriage

MFI: Male Factor Infertility

LPD: Luteal Phase Defect

DH: Dick Haver or Designated Humper! (Or Dear Husband, if you insist.)

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@ItalianBride11:  We have found a lot of resources on this from the Archdiocese.  Mostly they’re presented during the natural family planning segment of our marriage prep course, but your Catholic diocese is likely to be able to direct you to the right resources.  I don’t know if your Catholic, or agree with the Church on family planning, but they can probably point you at some agencies that can hep you conceive, if that’s what you’re looking for.  I was surprised at how professional and scientific the approach was – could have been more so, but was much better than I expected.  There are a range of people who are working in that field, but if you don’t want a moral/religious/judgemental/pushy/whatever vibe, just be selective about where you go, and find somewhere that’s comfortable for you and your husband.

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@ItalianBride11: Sorry to hear of your loss. I’ve started charting so I can get to know when I ovulate as I get irregular periods. It’s helped me learn a few things about my periods too, like every other month I get a headache on the 2nd day of my period

Edited for missed info: you record your symptoms from cervical fluid to temperature to help you tell your most fertile time. Lots of bees on here chart so there’s plenty of help

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I’m very sorry for your loss as well.

Toni Wechsler’s book Taking Charge of Your Fertility is also enormously helpful.

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I’m sorry for your loss. :o( I know first hand at how much it sucks….

You should read Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I heard about this book here on the Bee and I do feel as though it has been a great help for me and alot of other bees to understanf the specifics.


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I’m so sorry for your loss!

I second the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility!  It’s an amazing resource!

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Chiming in to also say that Taking Charge of Your Fertility was a great resource.  Not sure that I would have figured out charting without it!

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