(Closed) Can someone explain to me Gluten-free?

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Gluten is a protein found mostly in wheat products. To entertain gluten-free people is fairly easy. They can eat things like rice, quinoa, potatoes, corn, etc. You can also easily find gluten-free bread at the supermarket.

Celiac disease is the main one that requires a gluten-free diet but some people have intolerance to it, just like you could to peanuts or lactose or any other allergy. I’ve reduced gluten in my diet because I’m trying to cut out white wheat, but if you’re not intolerant I don’t think there’s any particular advantage. Since you have IBS maybe try to reduce gluten consumption and see if it makes a difference to how you feel.

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Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats (and some other grains). Coeliac is a serious disease involving issues with gluten and gluten intolerance can vary in severity (from mild bloating and lethargy to absolute agony, vomiting and diarrhea).

You can develop intolerance as a child or later in life and it isn’t to be taken lightly.

There are some great resources out there for gluten-free advice and (in the UK at least) there are some great-tasting gluten-free alternatives to bread, pasta and almost anything else based on wheat.

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People with Coeliac’s disease have to avoid all gluten. Coeliac’s disease isn’t an allergy – it’s an intollerance and does affect people in different ways. (note: there is a difference between having Coeliac’s and just ‘not reacting well to gluten’ which I’ll explain now).

For those with Coeliac’s, gluten destroys the villi in the intestines, and thus makes it difficult/impossible for the body to absorb the nutrients. It can be difficult for someone to realise they have the disease as it’s symptoms can vary.

My dad was diagnosed with Coeliac’s when he was 30. His reactions got worse as he got older and he started losing a lot of weight due to vomiting and diarreah.

I was diagnosed when I was 23. My symptoms were different. I had headaches, joint problems, healing problems etc. My symptoms definitely fell into the ‘mal-nutrition’ camp.

Since cutting gluten out of my diet, if I ever have any it now becomes obvious. I now have stomach issues (vomiting, diarreah etc) and I can have abdominal pain for days.

So it sounds like the kid who would be sick genuinely has this disease and it’s really important that they keep away from it.

But then there are people who don’t eat gluten not because of Coeliac’s, but because of nutritional and health reasons. Gluten isn’t really that good for you, but if you don’t HAVE to avoid it, I’d recommend eating whole wheat instead of white as the white flour/breads/pasta has all its nutrients stripped away an isn’t good for you at all.

When I first got diagnosed I became hooked on nutritional books and was vegan for quite a long time. I’ll say now – I’ve never felt better than when I ate gluten free AND vegan, but it is a very difficult way to live as most places don’t stock these items so you have to make EVERYTHING from scratch.

Key things at BBQs are to make sure burgers are gluten free (a lot have rusk in them) or make things like tuna steak burgers or something healthier (if it’s for health reasons). I always like having tons of salad and potatoes at BBQs so I can fill my plate up with these instead of eating a burger in a bun.

Also – be careful with sauces. A lot have flour in as a thickener, and soya sauce has gluten in it (use Tamari as a substitute).

I hope I’ve answered your question!

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I have the be gluten free along with dairy free. Yeah that’s fun.

People can get really sick from it, I guess I would condiser myself the lucky one because I just get severe stomach cramping, vomiting (only if I eat an accessive ammount) nausea and things like that. The more I eat the worse I feel.

There are however tons of alternatives out there. Most grocery stores have a whole selection on gluten free but it’s a little more pricey. Most meat products don’t have gluten unless they have preservatives. Since gluten is in flour, and often places will add flour to add substance to a product, you just have to read the labels. Some things would surprise you with gluten. There are even some condiments that contain gluten for weight, and some cheap meats. On the back label with the nutritional facts, it will say “Gluten free”

It’s really not too difficult, just remember no wheat or rye (flour, pasta, bread etc) and work around it, there are TONS of gluten free products and recipes

Also, people often confuse potato products with wheat products. Potatoes are gluten free

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If you look up paleo/primal recipes, those things are all things that gluten-free households can eat (since they are grain-free diets). That may help you planning food for events that include these families.

Is it the same families that are gluten free that are also vegan? If so, ignore the primal/paleo advice, it’s definately not a vegan-friendly style of eating, it’s about as opposite of vegan as you can get.

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A word of caution: some companies produce gluten free foods, slap a label to say so and sell it for 500% markup but it tastes like cardboard and sweaty feet.

After being gluten free for 4+ years, I recommend the following brands:

Pamela’s baking mix – I only make pancakes from this mix and they’re fab!

Chebe bread mix. Chebe pizza mix. MOST DELICIOUS bread and pizza hands down

Glutino crackers. They’re not fab but they’re the best i’ve found.

La Vivenzie (sp?) pasta – I get soooooooooooooooo excited when its pasta night at my house because this pasta is friggin delish!

Be wary of the online stores (amazon, gluten free mall.com, etc). You can get so excited that they have all this gf stuff available but when you spend the money, its gross and you regret it.

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