Can someone please help me understand cats?

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@sbl99:  Here is my translation for your cat. 

Firstly, you need to understand that your cat wants you to work for his love just like in your other relationships. Dogs will love you unconditionally and without expectation but cats like humans, need you to try with them. And your 6 month cat is a teenager. He wants more attention than adults and is also hormonal. 

“He would come up and sit next to me, so I would be like: cool he wants a scratch. But no, he ducks away from my hand, shoots me a look of “bugger off”, then walks away.”

Translation: You cat wants to remind you of his existance. He is trying to get your attention but wants you to work hard for it before he commits to you. 

“Or other times, he wants a scratch and he’s enjoying it, but then nek minnit he’s like “ok i’m done leave me now peasant” and it’s quite obvious the scratch session is over.”

Translation: Same as above

Solution: You need to play with your cat at least 15 mins per day, and talk to him. He needs to have fun with you.

“Then at night, he will jump on my chest and meow until I wake up. So I wake up to give him a cuddle, and he runs away.”

Translation: “Wake up. I am feeling lonely here. No, I don’t want to cuddle. I want to do something else.”

My cat did the same. I would follow him and we would play or some times I would sit and watch him play. Other times, we went for walks. 

“Or we’ll have popcorn, and he keeps reaching into the bowl to get one, but when I give him one, he just bats it around until the dog gets it.”

Translation: Your cat is showing interest in you. He is curious about you. “Human, what is this? Why do you eat this? Is this tasty? I don’t know what you like about this.” 

“Or, he’ll rub against my legs for some reason. So i go to pick him up, and he’s like NO THANK YOU. So I try to pat him and he’s like OK NOT THAT EITHER. So I just stand there and let him rub against me.”

Translation: “I want you to remember that I too live in this house. I miss you but I can’t let you touch me because I don’t want to be hurt.”

Solution: Play with him with a cat toy.

If you love him and play with him unconfitionally, he will also reciprocate. Instead of just coming and behaving awkwardly, he will signal you what he wants. My cats jumps on me when he wants to play, or runs to the door when he wants to walk. When he is meows under the table, he wants me to help him catch silverfish. 

My cat allows my husband to pat him but  not hug him. But he allows me to hug, kiss and squeeze him as much as I want and whenever I want. He tolerates it because I do so much for him whereas my husband has other priorities. As you can probably tell, I and my cat are besties. Like any relationship, I and my cat work on ours. 

I hope that helped. 


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@elderberry:  Omg, that is too funny!!!

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