(Closed) Can we do a “Waiting Bee Intro, Part 2”?

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User Name: Jules103

Location: Canada

Age: 22

Occupation: Full time student, soon to be french teacher 

SO’s age: 26

SO’s Occupation: Military 

How you met: online 

Relationship length: 2 years

A few words to describe yourself: Fun, happy, emotional 

A few words to describe your SO: Handsome, caring, funny, fun, amazing, smart

Interests: reading, boating, snowmobiling, camping

Kids?/Pets?: Three lizards (not by choice)

Guilty pleasures: Reality TV, anything chocolat

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): The day will come try and find something to distract your mind until then

Comments (for longer story if you wish): I feel like I have been waiting since day one, I knew he was it in a couple weeks, and when discussing our relationship he said he would propse between 2-3 years. Were at 2 years now, and I want it to come.Especially when he leaves for more army training and it leaves my mind to wonder.  


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After creeping this site for months I have finally decided to sign up… Hello everybody. πŸ™‚

User Name: Jessybel

Location: Canada

Age: 25

Occupation: Makeup Artist

SO’s age: 39

SO’s Occupation: Scientist

How you met: Through our mutual love of board games and other geekery; a mutual friend invited us both and we hit it off.

Relationship length: Approaching 2 years.

A few words to describe yourself: Creative, eccentric, stubborn, geeky, advernturesome, very silly, loud, impatient, passionate.

A few words to describe your SO: Calm, assertive, smart, funny, geeky, stubboner-than-I, supportive, loving.

Interests: Books, movies, music, dancing, artistry, makeup, zombies, gaming, animals.

Kids?/Pets?: Between us we have three cats, soon to get a dog.

Guilty pleasures: Cheese, wine, BAD movies, celebrity gossip columns, shoes.

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Communication is a lesson I learned the hard way. Never say anything you can’t take back, listen .. really listen and always talk it out.  


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User Name: Ladyhelen 

Location: Midwest

Age: 24

Occupation:  Grad student, nanny

SO’s age: 24

SO’s Occupation: senior level developer (basically a professional nerd. amazing.)  

How you met:  Undergrad, campus ministry

Relationship length: 2 years

A few words to describe yourself: rambunctious, type A, friendly, slight extrovert tendencies, geeky, loves to write, quirky, jokes and puns. Daddy’s girl.

A few words to describe your SO: more calm, slightly more introverted, sweet, did I mention, nerdy?

Interests: camping, dancing, playing games, long walks

Kids?/Pets?: no kids, but a couple of crazy cats. SO’s family has a dog. 

Guilty pleasures: pinterest, all things coffee, chocolate, and probably cheese.

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Don’t just leave your engagement up to your SO. Talk about it. Be adults. It’s a decision you’re both making, for all your lives. Try to take an active part in it. 

Comments (for longer story if you wish):  I am so happy with my SO. If he weren’t around, it’s not like I’d be aching to get married. He’s absolutely the one I want…and I’m waiting. 

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User Name: lashphi

Location: Originally from Mississippi/Alabama, now living in St. Petersburg, FL

Age: 24, I’ll be 25 on 12/12/12!

Occupation: Archaeology student/librarian

SO’s age: He just turned 36.

SO’s Occupation: Marine mechanic

How you met: We met online on a music forum. Totally innocent. We began chatting and we just clicked. A few days later he sent me a mix-tape that took my breath away. Shortly after, we decided to meet in person. It was wonderful! We began a long-distance relationship and a year later we decided to move in together. The rest, as they say, is history!

Relationship length: 4 years.

A few words to describe yourself: Laid-back, quick-witted, introvert, adventurous, affectionate, clumsy, nerdy, stubborn…

A few words to describe your SO: Kind, funny, handsome, stubborn, quiet, strong, protective, caring…

Interests: Books, trivia, travel, playing/listening to music, roller derby, archaeology, history, DIY & crafting, movies, craft beers, Alabama football.

Kids?/Pets?: Just one dog, a jack russell mix named Vegas. I’ve had her for over 7 years and I don’t know what I’d do without her. My fiance and I have decided that, instead of getting each other gifts for Christmas this year, we are going to adopt another dog from one of our local shelters and that will be our present πŸ™‚

Guilty pleasures: Pinterest, Duck Dynasty, sweet tea, Harry Potter nerdom, tattoos, breakfast burritos, Ewan McGregor, anything chocolate.

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Relax and live in the moment. When the moment finally comes, the waiting all seems worth it.

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User Name: LivingInPink99

Location: Chicago

Age: 22

Occupation: Social Worker

SO’s age: 24

SO’s Occupation: Cable Guy

How you met:  at a wedding…he knew the groom, I knew the bride! 

Relationship length:  just shy of a year and a half

A few words to describe yourself: Sassy, quick, and shopping addicted

A few words to describe your SO: Sweet, balanced, and funny

Interests: reading, DIY, trashy reality tv

Kids?/Pets?: none. If we could ever decide on a kind of dog, we’ll get one of those soon!

Guilty pleasures: pedicures, reality tv, trashy gossip magazines


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User Name: PermaStudent

Location: Ontario, Canada

Age: 24

Occupation: Student (massage therapy)

SO’s age: 24

SO’s Occupation: Heating & cooling tech

How you met: We worked together when we were 16, but didn’t know each other, and went to different highschools in the same town. We ended up getting introduced when my best friend started dating his best friend (we were 17 then)… our friends broke up a few months later, and 7 years later, we are still kickin! πŸ™‚

Relationship length: Going on 7 years

A few words to describe yourself: I’m friendly, outgoing, outdoorsy, and enjoy a good glass of wine! I can also be sarcastic, stubborn and have a bit of a temper.. Gotta take the bad with the good πŸ˜‰

A few words to describe your SO:  He has a great sense of humor, has the most BEAUTIFUL green eyes, and treats me like gold πŸ™‚ Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky!

Interests: Reading, hiking, horseback riding, movies, my dogs

Kids?/Pets?: No kids! Just my two Bouviers. 

Guilty pleasures: Wine, chick flicks (shhh!!), and a good book

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): I’m currently waiting! I know it will be worth it πŸ™‚

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User Name: FoundMrWright (his last name)

Location: Colorado

Age: 23

Occupation: CNA, part time Cosmetologist, and soon will be going back to school to be an Occupational Therapist Assistant and to finish up the last 3 semesters of my bachelors in visual art.

SO’s age:  23 in January

SO’s Occupation: Security Guard, going to school for software engineering

How you met: online

Relationship length: 3 years, 8 months

A few words to describe yourself: creative, intuitive, introverted, easy going, and reasonable.    

A few words to describe your SO: protective, realistic, ambitious, never gives up, all or nothing kind of guy

Interests: Wine and remodeling our house (we’re painting the kitchen right now)

2 cats, Scotch (12+years) and Butcher (1.5years), and a 20 year old Umbrella Cockatoo named Snowman.

Guilty pleasures:
Ice Cream, Dexter, Weeds, and Walking Dead, shopping sales, and RING PORN!

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Try not to compare yourself to others, your time will come!

Comments (for longer story if you wish): I think I have a couple more months left of waiting… He proposed without a ring about 3 years ago, but we went through a couple unemployments and pretty stressful times so we decided to call off the engagement and just work on our relationship and being financially stable. But we talked a couple nights ago and I think I’m getting a tax return ering!

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User Name: slombard87

Location: Maine

Age: 25

Occupation: Secretary at a non-profit

SO’s age: 28

SO’s Occupation: Emergency dispatcher

How you met: High school

Relationship length: 4.5 years

A few words to describe yourself: An outdoorsy girly-girl.  A typical taurus, hot headed but passionate!

A few words to describe your SO:  A country boy.  Great sense of humor and adventurous.  Very old fashioned and romantic.  The most gorgeous, piercing green eyes I’ve ever seen! 

Interests:  Anything outdoors!  Hunting, fishing, atv-ing, camping, hiking

Kids?/Pets?: 2 cats (Bullet, 4 and Maisy, kitten) and 1 dog (Chance, 2 year old german shepherd mix)

Guilty pleasures: Drinking a few glasses of wine and watching Kardashian re-runs, though SO would deny it! 

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Every relationship is beautiful and unique, don’t try to make yours fit into someone else’s mold.

Comments (for longer story if you wish): SO and I met in high school.  I had a MAJOR crush on him, but he said I was too young!  We reconnected a few years later while I was in college, and have been inseparable ever since.  We’ve picked out a ring and even a venue, now it’s a waiting game!  But there’s no one else I’d rather be waiting for πŸ™‚

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User Name: Stellarsays

Location: Australia πŸ™‚

Age: 25

Occupation: Teacher

SO’s age: 25

SO’s Occupation: It’s complicated

How you met: International relations conference, six years ago

Relationship length: Officially? 7 months

A few words to describe yourself: Nerdy in every aspect, I am reserved and accepting generally. Only those closest to me get to see my whimsical, passionate side πŸ™‚

A few words to describe your SO: He hides how compassionate and accepting he is behind cynicism and wit. He never fails to make me laugh. He’s really caring and hard-working.

Interests: D&D, videogames, literature, psychology, writing, drawing

Kids?/Pets?: A cat, purebred burmese.

Guilty pleasures: Grey’s Anatomy

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): You’re not lost until you’re sick of wandering round. Until then, it still counts as exploring. So explore a little.

Comments (for longer story if you wish):  I say ‘officially’ because things have sparked between us multiple times over the six years, but the timing was never right for one or the other of us so while there was spark, it never made it to ‘official relationship’. Now the timing is right, and here we are, and it’s perfect.

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User Name: louloubelle84

Location: florida

Age: 28

Occupation: teacher

SO’s age: 29

SO’s Occupation: college admissions

How you met: we used to work together

Relationship length: 3 years

A few words to describe yourself: sensitive, thoughtful, reserved

A few words to describe your SO: funny, intelligent, caring

Interests: reading, photography, scrapbooking, crafting

Kids?/Pets?: no kids, 2 cats

Guilty pleasures: teen dramas

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Patience is a virtue!

Comments (for longer story if you wish): I thought an engagement was around the corner, but it turns out I may have a while to wait, so I thought it was time I joined in! We’ve both gone through a divorce, and he’s not ready to get married again. I love him, so I’m not going anywhere. 

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User Name: SweetCheeryPie

Location: Canberra, Australia

Age: 20

Occupation: Checkout Chick, Supermarket

SO’s age: 27 (:P)

SO’s Occupation: Graphic Designer

How you met: Historical Ballroom Dancing (7 years ago)

Relationship length: 2 1/2 Years (of courting)

A few words to describe yourself: Spirited, Ladylike, Not Ordinary, Excitable

A few words to describe your SO: Gentlemanly, Outgoing, Reliable, Happy 

Interests: Modern Jive (Ceroc), Other Dance, Kendo, Sewing, Drawing, Horse Riding, Costuming

Kids?/Pets?: SO has 2 kitties (Tobi and Toni)

Guilty pleasures: Wedding Planning, Chocolate

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Seek the happiness of the those around you and your own happiness will follow.  


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User Name: KSnow1

Location: Walker, LA

Age: 27 (28 next month)

Occupation: Insurance Producer

SO’s age: 32

SO’s Occupation: Electrician

How you met: Online

Relationship length: 6 months

A few words to describe yourself: Optimistic, Goofy, Compassionate

A few words to describe your SO: Adorable, Caring, Hardworking

Interests: Football, Cars, Live Music

Kids?/Pets?: We have 2 kitties… Pierre and Porter

Guilty pleasures: Wine!

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Vent to your friends and not your SO so that he doesnt think you’re insane! haha

Comments (for longer story if you wish):

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User Name: loose_seal (Arrested Development reference πŸ™‚

Location: Midwest

Age: 27

Occupation: Writer

SO’s age: (almost) 29

SO’s Occupation: Sales

How you met: Karaoke night at a dive bar

Relationship length: 1 year

A few words to describe yourself: analytical, feminist, introvert, vegetarian, bleeding-heart, adventurous, city-girl

A few words to describe your SO: loyal, traditional, stable, loving, goofy, picky, happy-go-lucky, country-boy

Interests: yoga, writing, reading, science, medicine, cooking, home-making, hiking, off-the-beaten-path travel, film, human rights

Kids?/Pets?: future: want three kids, and a dog that won’t make my SO sneeze!

Guilty pleasures: beer and super greasy deep dish pizza while watching House

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): have a sane, calm conversation about timelines early enough in the relationship, and don’t move in too soon.

Comments (for longer story if you wish):  Met and instantly fell for each other, did the whole joined-at-hip thing, laid on the line what I wanted… might have to marry in the courthouse very soon for health insurance, which is hard for both of us for different reasons.  Deeply stupidly cutely grossly in love.  He’s a little gun-shy about everything (I-love-yous, cohabiting, making promises, plans, were all a little hard for him in all his relationships), and deeply concerned with family and tradition and is expected to have a large wedding.  

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User Name: IslandGirl6

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Age: 21

Occupation: Medical Laboratory Technologist

SO’s age: 21

SO’s Occupation: Civil Engineer

How you met: We met in our last year of highschool and we’ve been together ever since. Well sort of together, we have been apart for several months throughout our relationship due to being at different univeristies.

Relationship length: 4 years

A few words to describe yourself: Friendly, quiet, sarcastic

A few words to describe your SO:  Happy, quiet, gentle, all around great person to be with and even better to be in love with πŸ™‚

Interests: Hiking, reading, science, and photography

Kids?/Pets?: Nope! 

Guilty pleasures: Chocolate is probably the worst but I do like to watch girly movies and gossip!

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): As hard as it is to be patient, it will be worth the wait in the end πŸ™‚

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User Name: BretonVirgniia (It’s my first and middle name but I have a typo lol)

Location: Toronto

Age: 24

Occupation: I plan major conferences and events for a massive Travel company.

SO’s age: 31

SO’s Occupation: He is a travel agent

How you met: We met at work! We were in the same training class and he kept insisting we have lunch. Glad we did!

Relationship length: 2 years

A few words to describe yourself: I am brutally honest and upfront. A little bit sarcastic. I am loyal and generous.

A few words to describe your SO: Giving – honestly never have known someone who gives me so much time, respect, love, etc. Hilarious…what wouldn’t this guy do to make me laugh?!! Understanding, he really gets me or at least tries to.

Interests: 1940/50s vintage culture, swing dancing, Burlesque, pin ups, veganism, cooking, theatre.

Kids?/Pets?: An English Bulldog! Francine! Kids hopefully by 2014.

Guilty pleasures: vegetating on the sofa, watching bad tv and eating soy icecream. allll the time.

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Don’t rush your SO. When it’s right it’ll happen.

Comments (for longer story if you wish):

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