(Closed) Can we do a “Waiting Bee Intro, Part 2”?

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: April 2014

Location: Ottawa, ON

Age: 26

Occupation: Student (Hopefully an Occupational Therapist someday)

SO’s age: 28

SO’s Occupation: Graphic Designer

How you met: He was visiting his brother in Halifax, where I lived and was friends with his brother. We hooked up that night and then made excuses to visit each other. Within like 8 months of meeting I’d moved halfway across the country and into his apartment.

Relationship length: 3+ years

A few words to describe yourself: Control freak (so…waiting is killing me, haha), close to my family, ready to be done school and start actually helping people.

A few words to describe your SO: Dedicated in every aspect of his life, to me, work, his friends and family. Kind, a bit scatterbrained at times. Good at everything he tries.

Interests: Reading, my charity foundation (Hailey’s Dreams)

Kids?/Pets?: A beagle/lab puppy named Charlie

Guilty pleasures: Chips, terrible wedding tv shows, comedy biographies

Comments (for longer story if you wish): Waiting (not so patiently) for the ring. Intending to be engaged within 6 months (hoping for it to be asap, of course!)

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

User Name: MissCountryGirl727 

Location: North Carolina

Age: 28

Occupation: Quality Control Lab Tech 

SO’s age: 28

SO’s Occupation: Computer Programer/Video game designer

How you met: I was in college, just moved to a new apartment where I didn’t know anyone.  One day I was walking my dog and he yelled from the balcony above my apartment “You sure have a pretty dog!” and came down the stairs and introduced himself.  A few months later, we made it official and have been together ever since!

Relationship length: 6.5 years

A few words to describe yourself: Outgoing, open-minded, love to laugh. I worry too much and over-analyze everything! LOL

A few words to describe your SO: Smart, easy-going, great sense of humor. In my opinion, he doesn’t worry enough, so we end up balancing each other out! LOL

Interests:  Camping, fishing, reading, being creative and crafty

Kids?/Pets?: We have 2 cats that are my babies, my dog now resides at my parent’s house because he is a restricted breed at our current apartment (he’s a deaf pitbull) and will come back to live with us when we buy our house soon.

Guilty pleasures: Chocolate, Jersey Shore 

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Refrain from talking or nagging your SO about a proposal, trust him to plan out the perfect way to ask you! πŸ™‚


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Blushing bee

User Name: Mz_HyProfyl

Location: Midwest

Age: 24 (will be 25 in May)

Occupation: Credit Customer Service Rep

SO’s age: 24 (will be 25 in March)

SO’s Occupation: Investigation Specialist/Student

How you met: Freshman Year in college. My roommate (former friend) was dating his roommate (who we both are still good friends with). So we we’re bound to met sooner or later.

Relationship length: 6 years, 2 months, 5 days and counting 

A few words to describe yourself: Loving, Social Butterfly and Loving

A few words to describe your SO: Head strong, hardworking, Independent

Interests: Horror Movies, R&B Music

Kids?/Pets?: 2 girls: 5 yrs old and 11 months/ no pets yet

Guilty pleasures: Anything Wedding related and Cheesecake

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): “There is a light at the end of the tunnel”

Comments (for longer story if you wish): I’m ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS a bridesmaid, and never the Bride. I’m just ready to take the next step, and keep my family moving forward.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: November 2014

User Name: annabat1

Location: Illinois

Age: 22

Occupation: Student college senior. I work at a tuxedo store currently

SO’s age: 22

SO’s Occupation: student- college senior. does work in IT

How you met: In a college art class first semester freshman year. We hung out for a few months, and then started dating. Within the first week we had already let it slip out that we loved each other. I know that sounds silly, but its how we felt, and that love has only grown more since

Relationship length: 3 years

A few words to describe yourself: Determined, kind, good listener, observant

A few words to describe your SO: Kindest human I have ever met, most patient, very loving

Interests:  Horseback riding, my sorority, friends, movies.

Kids?/Pets?: We have a hedgehog, who currently has to live with my parents because it turns out I have a bad allergy to him =(

Guilty pleasures: Glee, grey’s anatomy 

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Trust that he will have a plan for the proposal, and that its okay that it is out of your hands

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: April 2015

User Name: sealevels

Location: Pennsylvania

Age: 24

Occupation: I’m a mental health counselor.

SO’s age: 30

SO’s Occupation: He works for the courts.

How you met:
At a hockey game. He literally was right under my nose.

Relationship length: 3 years, 7 months, 1 week, and 4 days…

A few words to describe yourself: Impatient, compassionate, fiery, resilient.

A few words to describe your SO: Friendly, great sense of humor, a big ‘ol softie once he warms up to you. Fun-loving and attentive.

Interests:  Gardening, books, hockey, and writing.

Kids?/Pets?: He has a dog, but we don’t live together. Ha.

Guilty pleasures: Wedding shows, Sex and the City.

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): You tell me? LOL.

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User Name: KooBear

Location: Ohio

Age: 25

Occupation: Legal Drug Dealer

SO’s age: 26

SO’s Occupation: Teeth driller

How you met: My friend dragged me to his prof. fraternity semi-formal. I almost did not go.  

Relationship length:  3 years

A few words to describe yourself: direct, silly, overly clumsy, and likes to drink a bit too much wine (esp. red).

A few words to describe your SO: funny, thinks he’s a rapper, handsome, and utterly adorable in my eyes.

Interests: Anything that involves the preparation and cumsumption of delicious food….and wine (I sound like glutton lol)

Kids?/Pets?: Not yet! Hoping to adopt a cute little puppy one day! 

Guilty pleasures:  a good glass of cabernet savignon! 

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): It’s okay to have one of those moments….you all know what I mean

Comments (for longer story if you wish):

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User Name: everythingwasgold

Location: Australia

Age: 21

Occupation: Student

SO’s age: 20

SO’s Occupation: Student

How you met: We attended the same senior high school, although our realationship started just before we graduated.

Relationship length: 3 years

A few words to describe yourself: Creative, silly, I worry alot and I talk too much!

A few words to describe your SO: Shy at first, fun, easy going and puts up with all my talking!

Interests: Design and fitness

Kids?/Pets?: I want both in the future

Guilty pleasures: Crime TV shows (Bones, Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU)

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Don’t worry, he does listen to every tiny detail you say a million times πŸ™‚

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Worker bee

Username:  ditzkitten

Location: Brooklyn

 Age: 19

Occupation: Student

SOs Age: 22

SOs Occupation: Artist

How You Met: Mutual friends

Realationship Length: 3 years

Describe Yourself: sweet, stubborn, loyal, generous, nerdy, affectionate

Describe SO: loving, smart, stubborn, understanding, funny, creative, athletic, handsome, strong

Interests: Art, theatre, cooking, martial arts, reading, food

Kids/Pets: nope

Guilty Pleasures: weddingbee, sleeping in, all the tv

Words of Wisdom: Don’t let your anticipation of the future distract you from the joys on now.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2014

User Name: Bookaholic

Location: Ontario Canada (but from Newfoundland)

Age: 24

Occupation: Law Student 

SO’s age: 25

SO’s Occupation: Student 

How you met: In high school we both went on the same school trip to Europe

Relationship length: 7.5 years

A few words to describe yourself:  Driven, romtaic, and right now so impatient it hurts

A few words to describe your SO: easy going, nerdy, kind

Interests: Contact Sports, reading , history, camping 

Kids?/Pets?: Nope but I’m dying for a puppy

Guilty pleasures: wedding board on pintrest


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Blushing bee

Just realized I never did one of these!

User Name: Ciel

Location: Western Massachusetts

Age: 30

Occupation: museum consultant

SO’s age: 28

SO’s Occupation: too specific to mention

How you met: Sat down next to him in a restaurant on Valentines Day- we hit it off and became incredible friends… and VOILA, love πŸ™‚

Relationship length: 1 year

A few words to describe yourself: geek, shy, serious, contemplative, tender-hearted

A few words to describe your SO: outgoing, happy, goofy, sweet, caring, strong, generous, smart

Interests: reading, travel, gadgets, hiking the great outdoors, computers

Kids?/Pets?: no kids, one Black Labrador (2 years old)

Guilty pleasures: mac & cheese, lazy saturday mornings

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): focus on building a marriage, not on planning a wedding

Comments (for longer story if you wish): 

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User Name: waspilla

Location: scotland

Age: 27

Occupation: high school teacher

SO’s age: 28

SO’s Occupation: air traffic controller

How you met: he was rowing some silly charity boat race, i was on the side cheering. he said hi…. 

Relationship length: 6 years

A few words to describe yourself: thoughtful and caring, but in a way that doesn’t beat around the bush. 

A few words to describe your SO: amazing… although quite clearly lazy as well. 

Interests: music stuff

Kids?/Pets?: nope

Guilty pleasures: watching tv in the bath (can only do this when SO is not around as he would never allow his laptop anywhere near the bathroom!) 

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): perspective is hard to find, but it is so very useful when it is found.

Comments (for longer story if you wish): been with SO for 6 years. two years ago his job moved him and he asked me to leave my job, move cities and live with him- naively i did – on the condition we’d be married within two years. two years later i don’t even have a ring. unfortunately i haven’t coped with this very well and have displayed every single distressing symptom of the agony of waiting (arguments, the why questions, self-doubt, insecurities, self-blame, self-pity, the secret crying, the uncontrollable crying, the jealousy, the shame – and the torture of knowing that all these outbursts only make it harder for him to ask me to be his forever) i love him though. nice to know theres a few girls waiting with me. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2014

User Name: mistress_anne

Location: Virginia

Age: 30

Occupation: grad student

SO’s age: 25

SO’s Occupation: grad student

How you met: an online Tolkien forum

Relationship length: about 2 years

A few words to describe yourself: Meticulous, intelligent, fabulous.

A few words to describe your SO: Kind, intelligent, funny, creative.

Interests: Medieval history, knitting, cooking, travel, ballet, Tolkien.

Kids?/Pets?: 2 cats, Henry and Eleanor.

Guilty pleasures: Bad period dramas, romance novels, anything sparkly.

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Be mindful and live in the moment — don’t shortchange the present by longing for the future.


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  • Wedding: December 2013

User Name: StellabyStarlight

Location: SoCal

Age: 27

Occupation: Data Entry/Admin

SO’s age: 33

SO’s Occupation: Respiratory Therapy

How you met: Road trip adventure with friends for volunteer work.

Relationship length: past the 3.5 year mark, nearing 4 years.

A few words to describe yourself: friendly, loves art galleries, bookstores, bakeries, coffee shops & traveling.

A few words to describe your SO: romantic, spontaneous, funny, my best friend, a source of strength and stability, my everything πŸ™‚

Interests: Traveling the world together, chocolate & coffee, rollercoasters, massages & cruises.

Kids?/Pets?: No pets. We’re undecided about kids.

Guilty pleasures: bargain shopping, romcoms, K-drama haha, being food addicts, Restaurant Week!

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence):  “Love is long-suffering and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, does not get puffed up, does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interest, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury…It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.” – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.  

Comments (for longer story if you wish): 3 months into a long distance relationship & still going strong πŸ™‚ SO gave me a timeline of an upcoming proposal & marriage in 2013. Crazy…I need a place to collect my thoughts & gather ideas, so here I am πŸ™‚ Nice to meet all you beautiful bees! 

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User Name: bunny eyes 

Location: Washington, DC

Age: 28

Occupation: manager (insurance)

SO’s age: 31

SO’s Occupation: government employee (DOD)

How you met: at a bar

Relationship length: 1.5 years

A few words to describe yourself: funny, loyal, smart, hard working and sexy!

A few words to describe your SO: same as above!

Interests: football, fashion, travel, law

Kids?/Pets?: 1 dog 

Guilty pleasures: the real housewives, sex and the city, and now wedding bee

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): good things come to those who wait! 


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User Name: layladylay

Location: British Columbia

Age: 20

Occupation: Visitor Information Counsellor/Student

SO’s age: 23

SO’s Occupation: Agriculture Research Assistant

How you met: We sat beside each other at a play.

Relationship length: 1 year 7 months

A few words to describe yourself: I’m pretty laid back. I’m almost done my BA degree and I’m semi-outgoing if you get me in the right situation.

A few words to describe your SO: Loves the outdoors, definitely offbeat and pretty much a total hippie.

Interests: Reading, watching movies/shows, playing video games, and painting my nails.

Kids?/Pets?: No kidlets, 2 lovely cats.

Guilty pleasures: spending way too much time on weddingbee and pinterest planning my dream wedding.


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