(Closed) Can we do a “Waiting Bee Intro, Part 2”?

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User Name: theEguarantee

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Age: 24

Occupation: GIS Technician

SO’s age: 25

SO’s Occupation: Auto Body Tech

How you met: SO is into cars, and I had a friend who was also. They would have these car shows in parking lots late at night. I tagged along one night. We were hanging out, I was talking to one group of friends, he was talking to another, but we were standing next to each other. All of a sudden, his wallet fell out of his pocket, so I picked it up, handed it to him, and we started talking! The night ended with me taking his phone to put my number in it, then he did the same with mine! 

Relationship length: 8 years, 3 months

A few words to describe yourself: I find myself to be pretty hilarious. I love to make people laugh. I’m a people pleaser & do my best not to start any controversy.

A few words to describe your SO: He’s also quite hilarious! We crack each other up constantly. He likes to keep a badazz personality, but he’s got the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met.

Interests: I love LSU and Saints football. I recently started jogging, and surprisingly, I’m growing to love it! My favorite times are going to dinner with my friends, spending time with my family, and chill movie nights at home with SO.

Kids?/Pets?: no kids…. but we have a pet on the way! We’re on a waitlist for a Savannah kitten. We should have him home sometime in June!

Guilty pleasures: Maury. Cadbury Eggs. 

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Theres no amount of time I wouldn’t wait for a man who makes my world complete. 


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Hope it’s okay to join in πŸ™‚


User Name: MaidMarian

Location: South of the UK

Age: 21

Occupation: I work in a coffee shop

SO’s age: 27

SO’s Occupation: Also works in a coffee shop (but training to be an accountant)

How you met: At an anime convention in my hometown, he tried to engage my friend in conversation but she just ignored him (haha). So I felt bad and we ended up exchanging bbms.

Relationship length: Month shy of 2 years.

A few words to describe yourself: I like to think I’m creative (do a lot of art and sewing), I’m pretty quiet and enjoy being indoors, when I’m excited I can get pretty bouncy.

A few words to describe your SO: He’s insanely outgoing and will make friends anywhere, he’s also super nerdy and loves his gaming but he is very kind to me and puts up with my crazy.

Interests: I love making things, pictures, food, toys and do what I can to make my BF happy (that mostly involves making cake XD). I also enjoy ‘nerdy’ things such as anime, sci-fi and dabble in some gaming.

Kids?/Pets?: I have one syrian hamster, Bernadette. While BF lives with 4 cats and some frogs/reptiles (though they all belong to other family members).

Guilty pleasures: I love me some trashy telly XD Wedding shows mostly.

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Adding a moustache to something will instanly make it cooler.

Comments (for longer story if you wish): I think there is a chance that I will be engaged by our third anniversary, just have to try not to assume too much in the meantime πŸ™‚

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Hello All! πŸ™‚  Here’s my introduction:

User Name: Spitfire.  Just something totally random I came up with that wasn’t already taken.

Location: Green Bay, WI at the moment

Age: 35

Occupation:  Administrative Assistant (stuck in Secretarial purgatory)

SO’s age: 36

SO’s Occupation: Sales

How you met: On match.com; he winked first

Relationship length: Just had two year anniversary of our first date

A few words to describe yourself: I am a pretty creative person, I value compassion and treating others well.  I love horror movies, 80’s stuff (music, movies, but dear god, not the fashion! bluch!), and above all, Star Wars.  I have a pinup style Princess Leia tattoo. πŸ™‚

A few words to describe your SO: A wonderful, caring, supportive, honest man.  I count myself lucky to have him everyday.  He loves most of the same things I do…but he’s a collector.  Funny, he collects things, gets onto something else and sells what he’s previously collected to collect the new thing.

Interests: Sewing, makeup, Star Wars, video games.

Kids?/Pets?: We have 2 cats and 2 chinchillas.  No hairless babies for us.

Guilty pleasures:  Chick flicks, supernatural romance novels.

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence):  Everything happens for a reason.

Comments (for longer story if you wish): My boyfriend and I were both recovering from pretty catastrophic relationships, but we were both determined to find our person.  We had a very slow go of things, but over the last 6 months, we have both admitted to the fact that we’re in it for the long haul. Unfortunately, my boyfriend has been unemployed for a few months, so we’ve put off engagement until he can get some gainful employment.  πŸ™‚



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Hi, I have just joined the hive today after some extensive lurking and since I’m not engaged yet that’s a great place to start πŸ™‚


User Name: MsMeow (because SO calls me “kitten”)

Location: Slovenia

Age: 28

Occupation:  lawyer (currently unemployed and studying for that nightmare of a bar exam)

SO’s age: 32

SO’s Occupation: lawyer 

How you met: at work! *gasp* we only started dating once we were no longer coworkers though

Relationship length: just under 2 years

A few words to describe yourself: very! Type A, petite, DIY-mad, lover of all things vintage, antique or just old (including music), in love with my SO, shoes and all things shiny

A few words to describe your SO: loving, helpful, funny, driven, careeristic, handsome but doesn’t know it, morally upright, loves cats and everything that can be plugged into an electric socket 

Interests: criminal law, dancing, making things (jewelry etc.), reading (Jane Austen!), everything vintage, non-mainstream music

Kids?/Pets? an almost 17-year-old dog; SO would love to have a cat but I’m allergic πŸ™

Guilty pleasures: stopping dead in front of jewelry shops and squeeling “ooo shiny!”, shoes, chocolate

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Good things come to those who wait!

Comments (for longer story if you wish): I’ve known SO was the one since our second date but we’ve both had our hearts broken before so we didn’t want to rush things. Also, his parents are divorced and I think it makes him a bit nervous about marriage. We have had some serious marriage talks though and have a timeline. We’ll be moving in together as soon as I pass my stupid bar exam – and I have a feeling that’s when he plans on officially proposing πŸ™‚ 

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Hi guys! I’ve actually been on the bee, posting and everything, for a while now, but I never seemed to post on here, so I suppose I will!! πŸ™‚

User Name: LeonardLady

Location: Virginia

Age: 23

Occupation: Nanny/Personal Assistant

SO’s age: 29

SO’s Occupation: Social work

How you met: We worked together, but didn’t get together until 2 years later πŸ™‚

Relationship length: We’ve been dating for over a year, but its not ‘officially’ a year until June 8th (though we never dated anyone else between that time)

A few words to describe yourself: Quiet yet loud, caring, obnoxious

A few words to describe your SO: Helpful, genuine, stubborn, hospitable

Interests: Music! Playing classical. Not listening to crap.

Kids?/Pets?: Two hermit crabs, a dog, and a cat! πŸ™‚

Guilty pleasures: Those ABC Family shows like Pretty Little Liars, Make It Or Break It, Switched at Birth, etc.

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Just hang in there, ladies! It will be here before you know it!


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User Name: Danori (its Dan and Lori together…cheezy i know)

Location: Calgary/airdrie, Canada


Occupation: I am director of operations and clinical coordinator for an agency that works with profoundly disabled kids

SO’s age:39

SO’s Occupation: Writer

How you met: First i turned him down on POF then I hit on him on OkCupid.

Relationship length:1 year

A few words to describe yourself: I am peaceful, calm and funny. I am very outgoing and passionate about everything I do. I love family, cooking, travel and learning. I love to read.

A few words to describe your SO: My baby is funny. So funny he routinely makes me cry from laughing so hard. He is very neat, tall, attentive and sweet. He’s been through a lot so he appreciates thoughtful conversation and genuine people.

Interests: Skating, comedy clubs, shooting pool, kids, travel

Kids?/Pets?: Kids…yes…combined we have Marina (21), Alyssa(20), Nikkita(13), Dylan(13), Hayden(12), Alex and Nicky(11) and Josh(10), plus little wee Logan(7) and Reese(6). Some homemade and some adopted πŸ™‚

Pets-3dogs, 2cats, 1 rabbit

Guilty pleasures: shoes, hair pieces (yup you read that right) and Glee.

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Enjoy the journey…dont focus on the destination. Live in the moment.

Comments (for longer story if you wish): Dan and I are blending two already huge families. We havent just talked about marriage in some vague way..we have selected rings, planned so many details, discussed dates, we even call each other fiance in private…we are just waiting to tell the kids and for him to officially propose. He wants to ask our kids first, my mom and then pop the question properly…so I wait…as patiently as i can…not telling everyone i know that i am getting married!!!

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User Name: EternalRomance74

Location: Washington DC area

Age: 38

Occupation: Grad Student & Work at an Addictions-Rehab Center

SO’s age: 36

SO’s Occupation: Accounting

How you met: Through a mutual acquaintance

Relationship length: almost 6 months

A few words to describe yourself:

A few words to describe your SO:


Kids?/Pets?: I have 3 Kids

Guilty pleasures:

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence):

Comments (for longer story if you wish): We talked on the phone for 3 months before we met face-to-face. I adore the way we fell in love because it was with each other’s Hearts first… the physical attraction was a bonus!


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User Name: pocketfox

Location: Toronto, ON

Age: 25, 26 in April

Occupation: Arts administration

SO’s age: 30

SO’s Occupation: Currently between jobs, in a training program for people with Asperger’s Syndrome

How you met: Online

Relationship length: Just over 2 and a half years

A few words to describe yourself: Organized, passionate, eager

A few words to describe your SO: Talkative, caring, funny

Interests: Reading, hockey

Kids?/Pets?: A 20 month old cat

Guilty pleasures: Anything red velvet

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Patience is a virtue, good things come to those who wait. Enjoy the journey on the way to the destination

Comments (for longer story if you wish):

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  • Wedding: October 2014

User Name: slpbee 

Location: Northeast PA

Age: 24

Occupation: Speech-Language Pathologist

SO’s age: 25

SO’s Occupation: Special Ed Teacher

How you met: Through work- however both from the same area, didn’t know each other until we started working together

Relationship length: 1.5 years

A few words to describe yourself: family-oriented, caring, positive thinker, planner…however my stubborness (the tarus in me) and impatience often get in the way- which I continue to work on

A few words to describe your SO: family-oriented, driven, emotional, passionate, supportive

Interests: reading, running

Kids?/Pets?: No children yet but we would love to have 2 or 3. We are currently the proud owners of a rescue dog!

Guilty pleasures: Myself: chocolate, tv show- spartacus πŸ˜‰ SO: sweets

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): I keep reminding myself that it will happen when the timing is right. I often need to take a step back and evaluate if I am being a “waiting beezilla”- becoming too controlling/pushy/demanding. I recommend the ‘shut it up pact’ that other bees have used. It truly works!!

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User Name: cranraspberry

Location: MA

Age: 28

Occupation: Marketing

SO’s age: 26

SO’s Occupation: Military

How you met: online! I’m actually considering sending OkCupid a thank you note for bringing us together, although I did stumble on his profile by pure accident/luck

Relationship length: 3.5 years or so

A few words to describe yourself: I’m pretty quiet and reserved, unless you make me mad, haha. Oh, and my age always amazes people – apparently I look much younger (feel about 18, too!)

A few words to describe your SO: the smartest and most amazing man I have ever met. He is also the world’s greatest cook AND looks absolutely stunning in his uniform

Interests: I have a little bit of an internet addiction going on, so I spend waaay too much free time online. Other than that I really enjoy food and wine, hiking and giving my dog belly rubs <3

Kids?/Pets?: yes! My adorable Corgi. No kids, and we’re not planning on any of our own.

Guilty pleasures: wine, cheese and a chick flick when I’m alone for the weekend. Also a spa manicure when I can afford it!

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): If it is right, everything will work out. If it isn’t meant to be, trust me, it is all for the better.

Comments (for longer story if you wish): I’ve had a pretty bad experience with an ex who was one of those “we’ll get married some day, but I can’t tell you when as I’m not ready now” types. I spent almost 5 years waiting and finally left, only to meet my amazing current boyfriend. It’s such a huge relief to be with a man who keeps saying things like “Do you think we should do X at our wedding?”! He has also already asked for my ring size, so I’m hoping it will happen in the next 6 months or so. πŸ™‚

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User Name: vivalasylvia

Location: Chicago

Age: 26

Occupation: Account Manager

SO’s age: 27

SO’s Occupation: Dispatcher

How you met: Church retreat

Relationship length: 2.5 years

A few words to describe yourself: Foodie, love photography, love my dog, family, and friends.

A few words to describe your SO: Rugged, tall, gives the best hugs, & always brings a smile to my face πŸ™‚

Interests: Fashion, photography, and trying out new restaurants

Kids?/Pets?: No kids / 1 dog – Schipperke, the other love of my life πŸ™‚

Guilty pleasures: Probably candies. πŸ™

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): 

Comments (for longer story if you wish):

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[Comment moderated for privacy purposes]

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User Name: DreamingofDiamonds

Location: Southern California

Age: 26

Occupation: Graphic Design/Product Design

SO’s age: 27

SO’s Occupation: Finance Manager

How you met: Watching college football – we both went to University of Washington

Relationship length: 3.5 years

A few words to describe yourself: I love my BF, living by the beach, my dog, baking, modeling…

A few words to describe your SO: Extremely ambitious, sweet (to me anyways – have heard he’s rather ruthless at work), very confident

Interests: Kind of put those in describe myself… oops!

Kids?/Pets?: No kids / 1 dog – Macy is our 60 lbs of love!  She’s a Setter Mix that we recued about 1.5 years ago

Guilty pleasures: Champagne

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence) If the waiting is driving you crazy, start doing the planning.  That is if you think the proposal is imminent.  Start going to the gym.  Decide on wedding colors.  It all keeps you occupied and optimistic.  Also, if you’re anxious, talk to your guy and get an idea of the timeline.  Or do what I did and tell him you’d like to be engaged by June and tell him to figure it out haha.

Comments (for longer story if you wish) I don’t think I’ll be waiting too much longer.  I kind of told him that I want to be engaged by June and he better get his butt in gear.  After that he took me to a couple jewelry stores to look at settings.  In the end, it sounds like he’s going to have the ring custom made since I’m pretty picky and found something wrong with every setting I looked at.  I know for a fact that he’s picked out the center diamond.  I guess I just have to wait for the ring to be made and for him to propose!  I’m so excited and kind of dying waiting at this point since I know it’s so soon.

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User Name: aithinne

Location: New Orleans LA

Age: 35

Occupation: glorified secretary

SO’s age: 29

SO’s Occupation: student/movie usher/artist

How you met: at a dinner with mutual friends

Relationship length: 2 years, 9 months

A few words to describe yourself: dorky, social butterfly, thoughtful

A few words to describe your SO: shy, sweet, true gentleman, dorky

Interests: reading, writing, home improvement shows

Kids?/Pets?: Well, I have 2 from a previous marriage, but they live with their dad.

Guilty pleasures: romance books, survivor, bachelor, wedding shows

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): I have none, I’m joining to learn some.

Comments (for longer story if you wish): I suck at these things. πŸ™‚


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User Name: mnieman

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

SO’s age: 24

SO’s Occupation: Personal Trainer/Student

How you met: He bacame my personal trainer when old trainer got fired

Relationship length: 1 years, 6 months

A few words to describe yourself: loving, caring, joyful

A few words to describe your SO: shy, gentlemen, funloving

Interests: workingout, Tennis, hanging with my baby sister

Kids?/Pets?: 1 dog and 1 cat

Guilty pleasures: Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, Coffee

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Enjoy Every Moment of your realationship

Comments (for longer story if you wish): Can’t think of any

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