(Closed) Can we do a “Waiting Bee Intro, Part 2”?

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Sugar bee
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User Name: sostobe

Location: Toronto, ON

Age: 31

Occupation: Crisis Management

SO’s age: 33

SO’s Occupation: Emergency Planning (see a theme?)

How you met: A ski club.

Relationship length: 6 months.

A few words to describe yourself: Type A, adrenaline junkie, high strung, nerdy, 

A few words to describe your SO:  Intelligent, athletic, goofy, cheesy, family-oriented

Interests: skiing, mountain biking, high ropes, travelling, kayaking, ziplining, volunteering, camping, photography, 

Kids?/Pets?: We are true DINKS, double income, no kids.  We are getting a puppy after ski season ends, if we can ever agree on a breed.

Guilty pleasures: bad reality tv shows

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Don’t let life pass you by while you wait. 


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Blushing bee
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User Name: nutmeg36 (nickname in high school plus random numbers)


Location: Central Maine


Age: 25


Occupation: Customer Service Representative


SO’s age: 22


SO’s Occupation: Grocery Stocker


How you met: We met at church. He played guitar on the worship team.


Relationship length: 6 months (when you know, you know)


A few words to describe yourself: happy, a planner, devoted auntie, loyal, family oriented


A few words to describe your SO: smart, handsome, nice, quiet, tall, compassionate


Interests: Sewing, Crafty stuff, spending time with my family


Kids?/Pets?: Just a monster kitten named Taco


Guilty pleasures: wedding things (Pinterest, Weddingbee), Bad television, ice cream sandwiches


WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Enjoy now.


Comments (for longer story if you wish):


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Blushing bee
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User Name: Warhol_Girl89

Location: London, UK

Age: 24

Occupation: Junior Consultant 

SO’s age: 25

SO’s Occupation: Data Analyst

How you met: We went to the same University. It was love at first sight as we locked eyes on the highstreet on our way to the same pub. 

Relationship length: Five years in January ’14

A few words to describe yourself: Redhed, quirky, art lover, book lover, feminist. 

A few words to describe your SO:  Clever, patient, hilarious, weird, rockstar. 

Interests: Reading, writing, fine art, cinema, rock music. Embroidery.

Kids?/Pets?: Nope ๐Ÿ™‚ Neither of us are ready for kids any time soon (though we have discussed it, don’t worry!). We also live in a tiny London flat soit would be cruel to have a pet. We’d both love a cat some day, though. 

Guilty pleasures: Weddings! …and cigarettes, which I should be quitting…

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): It will be so worth it!

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Busy bee
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User Name: FurtureMrsJefferson…hoping if I will it, it will happen, haha. 


Location: Colorado


Age: 25


Occupation: Nanny


SO’s age: 25


SO’s Occupation: Network Engineer


How you met: In high school actually! But we were just friends ๐Ÿ™‚ Reconnected in 2009.


Relationship length: 2.5 years


A few words to describe yourself: Happy, Organized and Loves to travel


A few words to describe your SO: Logical, very loving, very dedicated to anything he does.


Interests: I love psychology, its the area of study for my masters, so its all I have time to be interested in right now ๐Ÿ™‚  SO likes football, coaches little league and plays flag football on Sundays.


Kids?/Pets?: One little Maltese/Yorkie fur baby ๐Ÿ™‚ She turns 2 in a week!


Guilty pleasures: Television! When I get a weekend off from studying Netflix is my best friend.


WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Sadly, I don’t have any wisdom…I need some! I hateeee waiting. I was bitten the bug a few months ago and now its all I can think about! We have looked at rings together (once) but nothing since then.








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Helper bee

User Name: EyeLoveKitties

Location: Bi-Coastal, can’t wait to be settled! 

Age: 23

Occupation: Work from home

SO’s age: 28

SO’s Occupation: Computer programmer, former military

How you met: Online… 

Relationship length: A little over 2 years

A few words to describe yourself: Eclectic, ADHD lol!

A few words to describe your SO: Type A personality, outdoorsy, smart

Interests: Animals, crafts, thrift shopping

Kids?/Pets?: I have 3 cats! Childfree by choice and plan to stay that way

Guilty pleasures: Chicken McNuggets and true crime shows

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Keep yourself busy and have your own life, it will happen before you know it!

Comments (for longer story if you wish): Looking forward to chatting with all you ladies!

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