(Closed) Can We Just Vent about Neighbors and Tell Stories?!

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Helper bee
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Before she got kicked out for blackmailing the maintenance man when he turned her down for sexual favors, our pleasant neighbor was running a one woman brothel/drug den out of her townhouse(that we share a wall with)! Haha it was a constant stream of men at all hours of the day/night. They would only stay for about 30 minutes, smoke a cigarette on the porch and leave using the back door, even though they parked on the street-next to the front door. Early mornings when I left for work I would see her prancing to the garbage bins in her tiny kimono robe and heels to dump a huge bouquet of roses. She and her guests smoked weed all day, every day and it was constantly stinking up our house. After she left the maintenance crew told us when they went in to do repairs, she had an actual smoking circle set up in her basement haha.

Probably the best part about the whole story is, before she moved in an older man in his shiny Lexus(which totally doesn’t fit in in our neighborhood) stopped me in my parking lot. He explained how he was some financial lawyer and his daughter was moving in and he was worried that it was a rough neighborhood and wanted to know if I’d had any problems. Little did he know, his daughter would end up being the biggest problem on the street!!

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Sugar bee
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Our neighbors have like 8 people living in their 3 bedroom house. Its kind of weird because they are all adults in their 30’s. Half of their driveway is our property and they let their trash come into our yard constantly. We’ve threatened to build a privacy fence and then they won’t be able to get to their garage but apperently they don’t care. They park 3 of their 12 cars in their front yard like red necks. And one of them has a friend who picks them up every day. Instead of getting out of her car and knocking on their door, or calling them from her cell phone she honks the horn like 8 times. They bought a pool for their back yard which takes up the entire back yard last summer and didn’t put chlorine in the water or clean the pool regularly because the water was green by the end of summer. And one of them put new tailpipes on their truck and its LOUD. Of course their car is parked literally 6 inches from our walls and the first time they started their truck it made the walls shake. We’ve complained to the city but they don’t do anything. We’re putting our house up for sale (for other reasons not just the neighbors. Mostly we just need a bigger house and don’t want our kids going to this school district). Hopefully our house sells quickly and we get the house we are currently interested in.

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Honey bee
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@icetea:  “But it appears their backyard is a giant pirate ship.  And when they’re out there they hover like 2 feet over the fence”

I died laughing, for some reason I imagined them literally hovering, like you have magical alien pirate neighbors or something.

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Busy bee

@Eight6Eleven:  oh my gosh! Your cursed neighbours gave me goosebumps! How awful 🙁

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Bumble bee
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OMG that is ridiculous!!!

My fiance is living with his mom for awhile until we close on our house, and despite the fact that we live in a normal suburb of Pittsburgh, her neighbor is a 100% jackass redneck.

He has a GIANT CV antenna on the corner of his roof. The thing has gotta be 60 feet tall. It sways so badly in the wind, I swear it’s going to topple over. It’s such an eye sore. And he has it “anchored” by those goofy zip ties and that’s it. 

His house and car are both covered in duct tape. Seriously, he has patched holes in the gutters and the roof with duct tape. The entire dashboard of his, like, 1992 Beretta is duct tape. The windows of the garage are “repaired” with duct tape.

He has a big, old, clunky truck with TONS of rust all over it but he brags about the thing like it’s a Mercedes.

He “enclosed” the front porch himself and it looks terrible. There’s clutter and …. antlers …. everywhere.

When he put a fence in the backyard, he faced the ugly side towards his neighbors.

He built a “covered porch” onto the back of the house that resembles a lean to you’d see on Survivor.

He built not one but 2 sheds in his tiny little yard that look like total crap. They are crooked and the wood is not even finished. It looks like petrified wood salvaged from a shipwreck.

His backyard and garage are OVERFLOWING with junk — rusty air conditioners, rusty bed frames, milk crates, cardboard boxes, cinder blocks, car parts, old tires. Once he left the gate open and my fiance and I spotted multiple (get ready for this) training potties in the yard. Like, those little plastic potties they use to potty train kids? He’s got, like, 6 of them randomly stacked in his yard. He’s in his 50’s and the only kid that ever comes around is his step daughter’s infant son.

Some of this junk is spilling out into the space next to my fiance’s mom’s garage and the tires were gathering water which in the summer is a breeding ground for mosquitos. 

When this guy shovels snow, he throws it onto his neighbor’s yard. Same thing when he cuts the grass. The clippings end up in his neighbor’s yard and he doesn’t pick them up. 

Oh he also dug a trench to “divert” water from his garage …. so now it runs underneath his neighbor’s garage!!!

My fiance has called the borough several times but they keep insisting there’s nothing they can do. And talking to the guy doesn’t help either.


























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Oh my, these stories make me feel better.

I used to live in a duplex that sat about 10 feet from the neighbors house.  Now this house was tiny, maybe 600 square feet and they had 3 big loud dogs.  They would put the dogs out in a kennel with a cement floor right outside my kitchen window most of the day (even though neither of them seemed to work), and the dogs would pee and poop and all the smells would come right into my house, along with the flies.  Every once in a great while, the guy would come out and hose down the kennel and all the gross water would run under the fence onto my sidewalk…lovely.

Then, they had some repair workers doing something in the crawl space under their house for a few days, and when they were done they didn’t close up the crawl space.  Over the next few weeks I saw their cat going in and out of the crawl space since it was right outside by back door.

 So one day while I was at work, the lady decided to call the cops and tell them I have been crawling around under her house at night!  The cops of course didn’t believe her, but it turns out she was friends with my landlord and my landlord kicked me out…good riddance!


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Helper bee
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Yikes… Worst for me was someone calling the fire department when we had a very small, contained fire in the backyard, with 2 people watching it with a hose on hand even. I mean, it was in a metal fore pit with a screened grate top! Pissed me off. Also, they just wasted the fire departments time and resources.

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Bumble bee
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Can someone please explain why children are up until 3 or 4am everynight running and jumping like that are outside??? My neighbors are off the chain and dont have a clue about common decency. When my children were small we had a “whine down time” at a certain time of the night the house would quiet down. They would have their baths and would be watching TV but 7pm and bed at 8pm on a school night.

These idiots dont got to bed until the wee hours of morning and when you confront them they yes you to death and close the door only to continue the BS. I have resorted to just praying them way at some point they will leave. My oldest is 27 and younger than the mother of these children, but I have had to talk her out of going up there. She is not one for talking and we dont need to put hands on someone when I can just pray them away. hahaha

The things we deal with when you own and others rent.

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Honey bee
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Well, I used to have a neighbor that tried to poison my dogs twice. Luckily, he was arrested for something unrelated, he won’t be out for quite some time and his grandparents told me he’s not allowed back at their house when he does get out. 

My other neighbor is really passive aggressive about things. Both of our houses are on a hill, and her yard is lower than mine, so any time it rains both of our yards flood, but hers sits longer. She makes constant passive aggressive remarks about me installing gutters so her yard doesn’t flood that much. We had over a foot of rain recently and she came outside when I was (she also watches from her kitchen window to see when I’m outside) and she told me that maybe I should put up some gutters because all of the water from my yard drained into hers. I can’t afford to put up gutters right now and it’s not like my yard doesn’t flood either. She’s also passive aggressive about my dogs too. They don’t really bark at anything, but when her grandkids come over they yell and beat on the fence, so they do bark some. It’s just annoying. She says that she can tell my puppy is getting older because of the way he barks all the time. It’s ridiculous because she tries to sound really nice about it but it’s so obvious… 

I’d much rather have her than my neighbor’s grandson though any day. 

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Busy bee
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@MissChelly:  our neighbours are all pretty great. there’s this one young college kid that lives across from us and constantly has people over. i knocked on his door one night at 3am because they were being obnoxiously loud, and i felt so OLD. and there’s one guy that was off his meds on one of the lower floors (we live in condos) and he rubbed feces all over the walls in the gym bathroom, apparently. so that was kinda weird. lol

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Bumble bee

@MissChelly:  For the most part, our neighbors have always been good, although there was one lady my family couldn’t stand. When I was 9, we moved to a trailer park and stayed for about 2 years. One lady down the road was racist and hated my family because we were friends with a black family that lived across the feild behind our trailer; me and the oldest girl were friends and my mom and her mom were close. So this lady decided to tell my mom that she’d seen me out in the bushes behind our trailer basically performing sexual acts with the two little boys (who were around 13-ish), I guess hoping my mom would cut off contact with the family? I was freaking nine years old, and a really good kid, so my mom basically laughed her off of our property.

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Blushing bee
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I have a neighbor who doesn’t clean up after their dog.  Oh, and it isn’t just on the grass.  Their front walk (and mine) were littered with dog logs.  Not to mention their deck.

Did I mention this was during the summer, when we consistently had 100 degree plus temperatures and no rain?  It stank SOOOOO bad.

I complained.  They still don’t dispose of their dog’s business.  They just take him out to where no one actually walks.

We also have some college kids who think that letting their guests park in our driveway is just fine.

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Sugar bee
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Our downstairs neighbor came upstairs and knocked on our door two weeks after we moved in together (first time in an apartment on my own for me), and requested that we stop walking at night because she didn’t like the noise. Like seriously, she wanted up to stop walking around. I told her my aunt had died the night before, which is why I was up that night and she shrugged her shoulders (jerk). She blasts the TV when we walk in our apartment now, but not as bad as she used to… I suppose because eventually I called the landlord about it (I was miserable in that apartment because of her until I called him)
We just hiss when we refer to her now (pretty sure she’s a vampire).

Next door neighbors seem to really like slamming things around, and they argue in the bathroom with the shower on? That’s a bit strange (we can hear them through the wall) They’re having a baby soon so maybe they’ll stop shoving tables against the wall or whatever they’re doing. Oh, and maybe the 24/7 bird they have will stop singing the same thing every five minutes when the baby comes.

It’s really not too bad. I do want to have a house though. We’re trying!

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