(Closed) Can We Just Vent about Neighbors and Tell Stories?!

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When I was growing up we had neighbors who were pretty nice people. My sister was friends with their son. They also had two dogs. One was super-sweet. The other was a hellion.

They would let it out into their yard without a leash or a line because, and I quote, “She growls at us if we try to tie her out.” There was no fence between our houses so if we were outside when the dog was let out it would come tearing after us barking and growling. We were terrified. We’d go running into the house and have to stay inside until the owners called the dog back in. She would menace people walking by on the sidewalks, too.

The son said the dog growled and snapped at everyone in the family except for his dad. He had a little sister who was just a toddler and the dog would snap at her, too. But they still kept the dog around because they insisted that if they just kept giving it “love” it would behave better. Right.

Things got worse when I was in high school and we got our own dog. The neighbors’ dog would come after our dog every chance it got. It got to be where we had to check every time we let our dog out to make sure their dog wasn’t out, too. I asked them again and again to put their dog on a leash or line when they let it out so that it wouldn’t come into our yard. They never listened.

One day I came home from school and let our dog into the backyard to go potty. A few minutes later I heard a horrible snarling. They had let their dog out and it had come into our yard and attacked my dog, who hid underneath our back porch to try to get away from the beast. I flipped out and managed to chase their dog back into its own yard and the mom got it back inside. I had to crawl under my porch (in the mud because it had rained earlier) and drag my dog out because she was too scared to come out on her own.

She was filthy so I started to give her a bath and found THREE wounds from the attack. One on her neck and two on her leg. I took her to the vet and she had to get stitches and antibiotics and a rabies shot. Poor girl.

The husband did come over and reimburse me for the vet bill so that was nice. He also asked us not to report the attack because apparently the dog already had a record and they didn’t want it put down. A few months later I guess they had another close call, this time the dog tried to attack a child walking down the sidewalk, and they finally sent it away to live on his mom’s farm.

The real kicker? The dog’s name was Angel. Ha!

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My SO and I are currently living separately and he is sharing a 4 bedroom apartment to save money. His one roommate smokes pot all day long and basically hotboxes the whole apartment, and his other roommate turns up the TV in the living room to ear-splitting levels. He had a HORROR MOVIE playing full blast at 3 AM one time, so all we would hear for hours was SCREAMING AND SCREAMING. 

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My neighbors across the street are in an 4-plex.  For a while they were constantly parking in front of my mailbox, to the point where I would only get my mail once or twice a week.  When I called the police, they told me there was nothing they could do unless the car was parked there for more than 3 days straight.  Well this was never the case because I swear they were selling dope or something because there were cars in and out of there all the time, and it wasn’t just one car blocking my mailbox.  I put a “no parking” sign on my mailbox and it was destroyed by them.  Finally after repeatedly calling the police, they finally told me if I had another vehicle, I should park on the street in front of my house.  I did as they suggested, but this only pissed the neighbors off.  They started blocking my driveway, and on Mother’s Day last year, I was in my front yard planting flowers, minding my own business, when one of these neighbors yelled at me and asked if they could park in my driveway since I wasn’t parked there.  He didn’t give me the chance (before he ran into his apartment building) to tell him that that’s what the police told me to do, that I had a car in my garage so it’s not like my driveway wasn’t being used, and he had a parking spot behind the complex that he chose not to park in).  One morning, I parked one of my vehicles there and went to work.  My then fiance told me that this same neighbor that yelled at me came to my house and asked my husband why he couldn’t park there (where my other vehicle was parked).  My husband nicely explained to him that we don’t get our mail if we don’t park there and that’s what the police told us to do.  This guy rambled on and started yelling at my husband who told him that he could park in his driveway just as easily as we could and that there’s nothing that says a homeowner can’t park on the street.  He started yelling at my husband to the point where my husband stepped out of the house towards this man and told him if he didn’t get off the property he would be calling the police.  A few days later the guy finally apologized and has been nice ever since.  He must’ve spread the word because nobody blocks my mailbox anymore.  It was awful for a while there.  I even considered moving because I was starting to become nervous that they would assault me if my husband wasn’t outside with me.  Why do neighbors have to be such jerks? 

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