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I had braces when I was in highschool (over 10 years ago), with a permanent retainer placed in afterwards (basically a wire glued to my teeth to keep them in place)

But since then I have had my wisdom teeth removed, so if the glue on my permanent retainer comes off (which it does), my teeth will shift.

Because of the shift, I have had to wear a pop-in retainer three times, and one time, I actually had to wear braces again for a couple of months.

In fact, I am currently wearing a retainer now to perfect my smile again. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

It really isn’t that bad. Laughing

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I’m getting the clear braces in a few weeks and can’t wait. I have a degree of crossbite and the dentist says it can be corrected in about 6-9 months. SO didn’t seem too excited about the idea LOL, but for me, the time to get braces is now or never.

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I had braces in high school and then again in college. My teeth shifted after I got my wisdom teeth out (like @MrsMermaid: said, it can happen). I was sad to get them a second time, but most people didn’t notice them at all. Even from hs to college, there were a lot of advances in brace technology like clear braces and Invisalign.

Your mouth will likely be sore when they put the braces on, and every time you have an appointment and you adjust them. But they will give you wax you can put on the braces and you can eat soft foods and soon enough you will feel ok. Smile

My best advice is to take really good care of your teeth when you have your braces! It’s a pain but be sure to floss regularly and brush a lot. It was definitely well worth it, in my opinion. I get compliments ALL the time about my smile. Sealed

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I’m a dental therapist and I work in an orthodontic practice and put A LOT of braces on people! Ask me ANYTHING πŸ™‚

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@raisedonrobbery:  I had braces from 8th grade through junior year of high school, so not adult braces, but I can add my insight. Braces definitely hurt when they put them on, and when they tighten/adjust them at each appointment for about 1-2 days afterwards. My favorite pain reliever to help manage through those couple days was aleve. It tended to work better than advil/tylenol for me. Also, don’t do things like crunch down on lollipops, that’s a sure way to break a bracket! πŸ™‚

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I’m 24 and I’m coming up on my one year with braces! They’re not so bad. I look really young anyway so I always get the “You’re MARRIED?! You look so young!” or “You are NOT 24…” lol It’s annoying but not as annoying as I thought it would be!

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I am 31 and got my braces last year I have 7 months to GO!!!!!!!! (will have them for 2 years total).

To be honest it doesn’t hurt when they put them on but it does hurt that night, I remember thinking that first night “OMG what have I done”  just take some pain meds and it will get better!  I will say that getting braces was the BEST thing that I have ever done I do not regret anything but wishing I had had them done sooner but I’m having to pay for them so things came first (house, kid)

A good tip: Buy LOTS of that WAX!!! You can get it at wal-mart its the handiest thing ever!  Eventally you will get to the point that you won’t need it.

I have full clear upper braces and full silver lower braces, I have a triangle bands to correct my bite. I was told I would have to have 4 teeth removed BUT I REFUSED.  This has worked for me I am not going to have any issues from not haveing them removed so I think it was a great decision on my part.  

I have been debating on the permanent retainer I have heard that it will make cavities – jury still out of that one.  

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I have braces right now!  I’ve had them for almost 2 years and am getting them off at the end of this month (CANNOT WAIT)!  This is my second time in braces, I wore them for 3 years when I was a teenager.

Though I am ridiculously ready to have them taken off, it’s not been a bad experience at all.  Very little pain and amazing progress.  I have clear just on the top 6 teeth too…I love the clear.

I REALLY recommend a Sonicare toothbrush and a Waterpik.  The electric toothbrush really helps prevent staining, and since it is SO difficult to floss with braces on the Waterpik has been a lifesaver (it’s a machine that sprays water through your teeth to get out anything you miss). 

Oh, and there is a forum called ArchWired specificially for adults with braces that has been incredibly helpful for me during this journey.  You’ll find a ton of information and the boards stay pretty active.

Good luck! πŸ™‚ 

ETA:  I actually had braces on my wedding day…eek! I hated it but honestly you cannot even tell in the photos, so that’s how clear the clear brackets really are!

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@raisedonrobbery:  I’m getting them put on in a month and a half and I’m 30! 

My only concern is the receding gum line possibility. My dentist told me that risk increases with age. I’m going to have traditional (ugly) braces put on because my dental insurance will cover about 2k. They don’t cover a single penny if I go with the invisible ones.

 Which kind are you getting?

 I’m so happy you posted, I felt like the only person in this boat. My wisdom teeth came in way late in life and crowded my mouth. I had straight teeth all through HS and my early 20’s. Never imagined I would need braces at 30.

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@raisedonrobbery:  Hi! Sorry I took so long to reply.

Before I even got my braces, my orthodontist had to insert spacers at the back of my mouth (on my molars) so that there would be enough space for the braces that wrap around your last teeth. I found that hurt much more than when I got the actual braces two weeks later!

The braces I had, I would go to the orthodontist every two weeks, and he would replace the mini elastics which kept the wire in place (it was the wire moving my teeth). After those appointments, my teeth would hurt, but after a day, I would be okay. Interestingly, my pop in retainer hurts more right now than the braces did. Braces move your teeth more gently in my opinion, where as the retainer tries to just jam your teeth back to where they should be.

As for the cost of the permanent retainer, I am not sure about the cost. Beacuse (a) my parents paid for it cause I was 15, and (b) i believe the price was an all inclusive price for getting my teeth straight.

I wore my braces for two years the first time. Movement was not immediate, and thank god, it would REALLY hurt if the teeth moved that quick.

I hope this info helps! Good luck!

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