(Closed) Can Women be Chauvinistic Too??

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  • poll: Do you Think Women Can be Chauvinistic?
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    Yes, I feel guilty for some of the things I prefer in Life : (5 votes)
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    I do think that there is a certain judgement passed on women who choose to be stay at home moms, for instance. Of course, it varies regionally/socio-economically/culturally. For instance, my decision to get married (at 25) was troublesome for some of my colleagues from University because they assumed that I would neglect my own career in order to start a family. Though they would never verbalize their disagreement, it’s pretty evident in the way they express their “disappointment” in women who “put themselves second”.

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    Women who chooses (Stay at home moms) instead of “real” work are being viewed as inferior. I see that all the time, the disgust on some women’s faces is just appalling! Women have fought fore the right to work outside the home and a lot of women think we all should be working outside the home because we fought so hard for that right. 

    I disagree on this. Stay at home mothers have their way of rasing children and working mothers have their way… I wish all women would respect other women on this sensitive subject of working vs stay home.

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    @Petite_Fraise:  This. If I remember right, you and I are from the same place, and there’s definitely this kind of feeling (toward marriage in general in some ways, and perhaps especially for younger women). I’m in the last part of my PhD program and I know there are many in my department who think I’m wasting it all by moving to live with my fiance while he finishes his.

    That said, I don’t feel guilty about any of the choices I’ve made with my life. And I don’t think other women should, either, especially when it comes to what decisions they make about having children and about caring for children.

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    @kittyface:  Definitely  where we are from is a particularly “anti-marriage” region. A decent majority of the population views marriage as a kind of bourgeois and inherently misogynistic concept. Most people do not get married, they just have kids outside of marriage and those who do get married are usually from a minority cultural demographic (Italian, Greek, Portuguese,  Jewish, etc.). But to be an educated woman getting married before the age of 30-35, you are usually perceived by other educated women as giving up on your “own goals”.

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    Some women are convinced that what they’re doing is right so they want you to A. not get married and work and be independent OR B. do what women are “supposed” to do and get married and have kids.

    Funny, I used to be in the no marriage category but having met my amazing Fiance people have commented that I’ve “come around” – you know, now I’m normal cause I’m getting married.  They’ve also commented that I’m “giving in to the institution.”  So women on both sides put pressure on others to do what they’re doing, like its some kind of confirmation that they’re “right.”  When really, its none of their business and there is no right.  Its interesting though that some women can actually fight from a pretty sexist standpoint not realizing that it harms themselves.

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    Your poll didn’t have a good option for me so I didn’t vote. My opinion is yes women can be chauvinistic just as much as men are. 

    A quick search on wikipedia gives this in terms of female chauvinism:

    Female chauvinism is the symmetrical attitude that women are superior to men. The term female chauvinism has been adopted by critics of some types or aspects of feminism; second-wave feminist Betty Friedan is a notable example.[13] Ariel Levy used the term in similar, but opposite sense in her book, Female Chauvinist Pigs, in which she argues that many young women in the United States and beyond are replicating male chauvinism and older misogynist stereotypes.[14]“”

    Many women do feel superior to men, or at the very least come across that way, and many men still feel superior to women. So both sexes can be chauvinistic, but I think it’s more publicly accepted if women are rather then if men are. If a man expects his wife to be the old traditional housewife, he’s chauvinistic. On the other hand a women expecting her husband to get with the times and be a house husband is also very chauvinistic. 

    Many people would just claim feminism instead of the more accurate term of chauvinist.


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    To answer the question…

    chauvinism viewed generally as misogeny by men, is called misandry in women. So yes I do believe women can be just as chauvinistic and misandrist as men.

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    Your poll options don’t really answer the question. 

    I think women should be on equal footing with men.  I think most people don’t view them that way.  My fiance’s brother told me the other day that women who go back to work after having children love their careers more than their children.  My fiance thinks our children will grow up with anxiety disorders if I don’t stay home with them (not reaaaallly cause I was like, are you kidding me??).  If you analyze commercials on tv, you’ll realize that the existing paradigm in this country (and really in the West) is that women are the homemakers and men are the breadwinners.  I rally against that — I think women and men should perform both roles equally.  That does not make me a chauvinist, and it does not mean I’m a “femi-nazi.”  It just means I want women to be considered equal.

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    I think there is some seriously awful judgement from women on women who choose a different life course than theirs.  The point of the feminist movement to me was to allow women to decide what they wanted to do with their life not be told what they have to do. I’m a woman who is young, married, a nurse and wants to be a stay at home mom when we have kids until they go to school but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in women’s equality or that a women who choses to get married older or stay single or work outside the home or never have kids are wrong. Just that they had different priorities than me. It drives me crazy to see the horrible way other women are towards each other when we finally got the men to get a clue. 

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    I’m sure theres a different term for it

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    @drummerbride:  Yes, this!!

    I think women can also think men are superior to women but I’ve always imagined this is because they have been beaten down in life.

    That being said I think TONS of women in the U.S. think women are better than men. Sadly, pop culture encourages this sort of thinking. One has only to watch those commercials with incompetent men taking care of children/housework or the ones where the woman is doing all the work and the men are watching beer on the couch.

    I really do believe that one of the major reasons the Western world is failing is because we have abandoned our men and that an increasing amount of men are not living up to their responsibilities. But that’s just opening up a can of worms…


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    the “macho bitches” are the women I look up to. on that same note I look down on those who adhere to and accept traditional roles. I might not verbalize my thoughts explicitlly but my feelings and judgement on the matter certainly occur.

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