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1. True! Ovulation tests tell you when you’re about to ovulate so you can plan your BDing better. Temping tells you when you’ve already ovulated. We just BD a lot around that time. haha.

2. About to ovulate.

3. Hmm I’m not sure on this one. This is my first cycle of using OPKs and just figuring it out myself.

4. If that’s about the time you ovulate, then yep! BD all the time! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you don’t have a regular 28 – 30 day cycle those days may not apply to you.

Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy BDing.

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1.  Opk tests register a spike inlutenizing hormone which indicates ovulation is likely to occur in the next 12-24 hours.  Then after ovulation an egg survives 12-36 hours so opk can give you an indication of a fertile window for 2 days. Also I found them useful for future cycles. Good to know you ovulate on day 17 not standard 14, or to identify a short luteal phase, or if you’re not ovulatin at all. Dh and I (tmi) do it every other day from cd7 to arrival of AF just to cover all our bases. 

2. Pretty much answered in 1 ๐Ÿ™‚

Its possible you just missed the spike or your urine wasn’t concentrated enough. I wouldn’t worry at this point. 

4.  Best is whatever works for you!  But yes the more you get it on in general the better. 

Hope that helps. Feel free to pm anytime. After a year I’m semi-well versed in ttc. Good luck!!

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During my pre-conception visit my OB/GYN told me that if all the tests and temp taking is too overwhelming that if I just waited a couple days after my period stopped and then had sex every other day until I started to feel like I was going to start my period that I would be covered.  (FYI that is a LOT of sex!!!!  I don’t know how people have sex every day… when do they cook and do dishes and get laundry done….lol).

He wanted me to chart for 3 months to see if I was ovulating and if he could determine when during the cycle.  He said OPK were a waste of money until you’ve figured out basically when you ovulate – he’s had patients take 10 of them and show nothing because they are figuring on an “average” cycle when they are not average…. so if you temp/chart for 3-4 months and get an idea of how long your cycle is and when you ovulate…. THEN you can start using the OPK to make sure.

Bascially – sperm can live for 4-5 days and the egg can live 1-2 days….. so the every other day method covers you on both ends.  If you have sex on Tues / ovulate on Wed / sex on Thursday you should either get pregnant from the sperm still inside from Tues sex or the Wed sex should catch it before you discharge the egg.  If you have viable sperm and viable egg and the sperm gets into the vagina there would be no way to not get pregnant (as long as everything *works*).


But this is only my first full month of TTC (I also have a 12 year old), so I’m not sure I know anything!!!!!!

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