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Just my two cents..I’m not sure where you live, but preschool teachers here make approximately $10/hour. Not to offend anyone, but there are many jobs out there that don’t require a degree that will pay about the same.

I majored in Marriage and Family with a minor in Child Development and when I interviewed for a preschool job, they told me it would be $10/hour. I was making $11/hour +commission at an apartment complex.


If money doesn’t matter, go for it!!

🙂 Good luck!

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Do you want kids? How important is a career to you? One option would be a stay at home mom or start an in-home, certified day care. For as expensive as school is, I wouldn’t go unless you were sure. Student loabs suck.

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My Fiance is not military. But I dont have to work..I dont know how much your Fiance makes a year, mine makes $70,000-$80,000 a year.  We have 2 kiddos and are living pretty comfortably.  I plan to work once my oldest is in school.

That being said, if it is just the 2 of you I would finish your schooling.  Follow your Fiance advice, and TAKE YOUR TIME! I did not do that, and went and did one of those “get a job in 2 year” coillege courses with out thinking about what I was doing and now have $15,000 in student loan debt and a Hospitality Management diploma that is useless!  I could have went to school for nursing and have a great paying job right now! Ugh. Take your time. It is well worth it, and you are contributing…you are making a better future for both of you, even though it might take a few years!

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My Fiance is in the navy and once were married we will get BAH which will pay for your rent and such.  I just finished my phlebotomy certification and already have an associates in biology so have a decent career once were married, but I do know once I move to where is we will be living off of his pay alone and even after ouvillas are paid we will still be able to save about 800 a month, so you will definitely be fine.  I actually took a semester of dental hygiene school and HATED it! I may make less as a phlebotomist, but I would rather stick people with needles and test their blood any day rather then messing arround in their mouths!

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@bubblybride33:  First of all, congrats!!! Now for the burst-your-bubble-sorry-i’m-really-not-a-bitch part. I work in dentistry as a dental assistant. Dental Hygiene is a two year program after all of your pre-reqs and is extremely difficult to get into unless you have superior grades. It’s also a very, very intense pace, You’ll be seeing patients by the end of your first semester. The job market is completely saturated and it can be hard to find a job once you get out. It is an amazing career, however, and if you have the heart and drive for it, it’s so worth it.

I am a dental assistant and there are shorter programs out there for that. The money isn’t as good, but I LOVE what I do. You will see some amazing and more disgusting things than you ever thought possible, but it’s worth it to know you are helping people. 

I’m not a military wife, but my husband was making around $30,000 a year, with a $600 a month student loan bill, and we were saving up for a wedding… we made it work without me working while I was in school. It wasn’t easy and we gave up a lot of things, but we never did without. You won’t be going out to movies, but you can do redbox. You won’t be able to go out to eat as much, but you make do. 

Base your decisions on what is best for your future, not how hard it may be right now. You don’t ever want to have regrets about your schooling and career. Best of luck in your decisions, I know it won’t be easy!!

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I hope I didn’t come across harsh… I promise I meant it in the nicest way possible!!!

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I am a Stay-At-Home Wife (no kids), hubby is in the Navy (enlisted), and we are doing fine.  Like others have said, just take your time and save, save, save.  My hubby and I have a spending plan, save $1k/month, and can still afford frivolous purchases a few times a year.  We have no debt aside from his car loan.  We have no plans for me to go to school (though this may change later), but he is interested in using his GI Bill to get his Bachelors.

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@bubblybride33:  If you do it with a VERY good sense of control, and joint money management, yes you can do it. My BFF and I met around the same time, both Marine wives. She was working and making $10/HR and he was an E3 @ 3 years(he was about to get out, so about normal for his MOS).

My then-H, was an E2 @ 2 years(who’d recently been busted down, without my knowledge-long story). I wasn’t working as I’d literally JUST moved there. But, she got me on with her, making $9/HR.

WE learned, bringing in about $1100/mo on our own(IDR offhand), that the guys thought WE could pay the bills(living in base housing), while they blew “their” money. No, No, No. Just, STAHP!

So, we both quit. Our other friend/neighbor, was a Stay-At-Home Mom with a 6 mo old. BFF had a then 3 year old, and I had no kids. We were all able to stay home(we were dumb with joint accounts, b/c we’d deposit money, and they’d take it out asap!). The neighbor’s husband was an E2 with barely over a year. They did struggle, b/c he spent money(sometimes on women). But we 2 older girls would help, by taking turns “feeding the herd” LOL. We always had her do our pasta or taco nights, and one of us would take the bigger meal loads.

I break it down like this, based on the pay of my XH E2/3 years(right after we’d married).

Net pay-$1300.00+$262 BAS

Housing-Free(base housing)
Utilities-Free(see above)
Cable-$80(internet and TV)
Phones-$150(2 lines, Sprint when they were still Nextel actually. Saved with the D2C thing)
Groceries-$300(he often took lunch, or if he had duty, I’d cook up something for them, so it raised our food costs. Not bad, considering I’d fed 10+ guys at once several times a month!)
Car Insurance-$150(2 cars, full coverage on both)
Car Payments-$575.00(for 2, 1 brand new, 1 used)
Gas-$150 Est.(when I wasn’t working, around $200 when I was, 1 fill up each car, per week)
Vehicle Maint-$30(car washes, wiper blades etc. Not a monthly thing, but still)

$127-Left over(usually bowling, or movies)


So you can see, that my income was considered the bill paying money(except our cars came out on allotment). he’d withdraw as much as possible($400 back then w/NFCU), and then use his card to bottom his account, leaving me hanging in the balance with bounced insurance, Commisary purchases, C6 purchases. Aside from cheating, HTG financial was our issue.

You have to be smart with the money. If not, you’re screwed. But, when I quit work, I took his debit card from him. I got tired of ALL the money being gone, and I couldn’t afford freaking scrubs for work! which worked, b/c his 1st Sgt knew our issues, and supported my decision. The night he got paid, I’d go fill his car up, and give him $20 for lunch. Most days he was home by 11, so no need to buy lunch. If he actually needed his card, I’d make him bring me back a receipt, and I would also log online to make sure if he wasn’t sneaking money.

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MY ex-DH and I lived very comfortably off of just his income, from the time he was en E-2 up until our divorce when he was an E-4. I was a Stay-At-Home Mom the majority of that.

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We are foreign service and move every 2 years.  My career is basically the worst possible choice for this lifestyle so we end up living off my husband’s salary most of the time because it is impossible for me to work in my field overseas.  I have done some other jobs but they pay less and it is kinda depressing wasting my education.  So – my advice, no matter if it is a certificate or traditional BA, is to pick a career field that allows you to move and quickly find a job.  Maybe something that is always available on military bases and has a flexible schedule (for kids?).  Talk to other spouses in your FI’s unit and see what they think would work best.  Experienced wives living the life you are going to be living will be your best resource!  

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@MrsMaskatoBe:  Seriously! I HAVE a BA in Carly Childhood Education, and I make $13/hr! That puts me in the top 30% of ECE workers.

Do it because you love it, NOT for the money!

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My husband’s Air Force, we got married the day I graduated w/my B.A. (he was deploying). Have I “used” my degree yet? No. Part my own doing, part, it’s just hard with what we’ve done since being married. I haven’t worked since 2011. Living on 1 income can be done but you have to be smart, BUDGET, sacrifice some things & realize the difference between wants & needs. It all depends on what is important to you & your husband.  For us, we wanted out of debt. So that was our goal & I can honestly say, we’ve done that to a certain extent (I think everyone has some debt). And we raised his credit score significantly. Good luck with whatever you decide & congratulations! 

(A great book to read is “Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover.” Best wedding present we ever received! )

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@BrandNewBride:  i understand that! I did work at a non profit for 13 an hour because I loved it and the nature of work, not the money. I knew going into my field that I wasn’t going to make tons of money. 

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