(Closed) Can you tell moissanite is not a diamond?

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@mrsbruff2b: that’s what I’d guess, because the left one seems to be sparkling more, but I had to re-watch the vid several times. and the extra sparkles could just be due to being on the finger that tilts more! wish I knew for certain, it sure is a mystery. sorry gals I don’t know myself! I thought you guys would know and be able to enlighten me haha.

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I can’t tell, but I don’t pay attention and/or care enough to think about it. Lo.

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I’ve only really seen it in photos on the bee. Sometimes I can tell and sometimes I can’t. That greenish tint is a dead giveaway. I think the lighting is a huge factor for moissy.

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I have a Moissanite and I have diamonds and they are not much different I think I can only tell because I know they are not the same. And as for the greenish tint I have a UNenhanced Moissy and it has never looked green tinted. Slightly yellow yes and only in overcast rainy gross weather.

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I can’t tell the differenice. I have a pair of 1/4 moissanite studs and my mom has about the same in diamond stud earrings. Mine are sparklier yah but I guess it’s hard to compare in earrings because we have no idea what quality her diamond earrings are. 

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@patchy: I’ve never seen a moissanite in person, but from knowing the cut is different and the double refraction, I would say the left is moissanite and the right is a real diamond.  You can especially tell when the light hits the facets.  The facets on the right look like the cut of a Round Brilliant.  The facets on the left appear smaller and therefore ends up looking like it ‘sparkles’ more.  The center depth of the left one looks off too and appears flatter.  Both look beautiful, though and would say most people would not know unless they examine the stones closely.

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Blushing bee

I have a Mira moissy and it changes in color in different lighting.  Sometimes it has a blue tinge, sounds weird but when i take my dog for a walk something about the lighting outdoors in direct sunlight makes it look kinda blue.  It also often looks completely clear and colorless, and then when i work (at a restaurant) it goes crazy (sparkles like mad!).And the thing about moissy sparkle is that it refracts more colors than a diamond- whereas i believe diamonds dont refract much color(forgive me if im wrong its just what i have heard and observed).

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Sugar Beekeeper

Yes, I can typically. The bigger the moissanite the more obvious it is (to me) that it isn’t a diamond. In fact as I have mentioned in previous posts there is a lady I see at Starbucks that has a larger moissanite that is beyond obvious.

That being said a ring is different than a smaller pair of earrings. I don’t think on your ears one could tell as much as say your hand. You mentioned a 1.25 carat (is that how they measure moissanite….?) that to me would be obvious. However, the typical person in the real world doesn’t know about moissanite so I think you could safely bet that most wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

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@Fallicious1012: make sure that if you do change your mind and get a diamond, don’t pay 10k for a 1.25, even one of good quality.  a good quality 1.25+ (for ex E-G, ideal, SI – depending on your preferences of what ‘good’ is) should be around 6-7500 in my experience looking online and buying direct from importers without storefronts.  (ie, the people who sell to the stores, not the ‘stores’ with wholesale in the name).  though in the end, it’s all about what you are willing to pay after you see it.  

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I had never heard of Moissanite before i joined WB, but i asked at my local jewellers if they had some for me to look at.  I live in England and Moissanite is not popular here,  so they didnt have any, but the jeweller did tell me she once had a Moissanite ring in the shop,  that a lady wanted to sell.  She said it was almost impossible to tell a diamond from a Moissanite, and only a trained eye or using a jewellers loupe could tell the difference.  The lady selling the ring didnt know if it was a diamond or not as she had been given it as an E ring and now wanted to sell it. but i think she was expecting that it WAS a diamond. 

In fact she told me that all the tests they did on the stone,  it passed as a diamond apart from the  final test they did. so they almost paid this lady diamond price for a Moissanite until one final test!  

I dont know anything about Moissanites, have never seen one, but have read here that if anything,  they sparkle more than a diamond,  and this could be the tell tale sign that it isnt actually a diamond.  

Saying that, i love sparkle!  but i did not get a Moissanite . but only because it is not readily available in England and it would have to be imported,  with import charges  and tax and duty,  it would have worked out the same price as a buying a diamond …

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@Raggedy Anne: I live in Scotland and recently bought a ring from MoissaniteCo, when they ship it they put ‘costume jewellery under $100’ so you don’t get charged any tax or VAT. So I just paid the website price.
Also, if you google ‘love moissanite’ it is a shop in Yorkshire that sells it 🙂

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Yes i did think of that too,  but the problem i thought of is,  if they say on the package that its costume jewellery worth $100,  and it gets lost in transit,   then $100  is all you can claim for it on their insurance.  i was worried about that.  


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