(Closed) Can you tell moissanite is not a diamond?

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butterfly67 :  right? People here are so full of bs hahaha. Any jeweler would tell you you need to look at the gem under a lens to see. Granted this thread is really old so I think if you’re comparing an old moissy that reflects light it might be more noticeable. The new moissanite stones are gorgeous and you can never tell them apart.

Plus in real life you don’t have two identically cut and sized stones next to each other to compare them. 

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If you’re not getting a diamond, I would absolutely get a moissanite! They’re the second-hardest gemstone (diamond is the first), so you can wear the jewelery without damaging it. They have a lot of fire and brillance, so they really sparkle! And moissanite doesn’t dull and get dirty like other gemstones, so you don’t have to clean it very often. Here’s a video of people trying to figure out the difference between diamond and moissanite, this was helpful for me when I was considering moissanite! 


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I know this is an old thread but as it’s been revived I thought I’d chip in with my thoughts. I chose a moissy and everyone around me has assumed it’s a diamond. I haven’t let people think it is a diamond and have told them all about moissanite if they talk about my ring but it’s just the case that people think it is diamond. Admittedly I’m in the uk where moissanite isn’t common but then again nor are superb quality diamonds. Most people have average diamonds: lower colour, less quality cut, less clarity etc so I guess people aren’t as educated about the 4 Cs. I took my ring to my local jeweller to have it resized and when I told him he wasn’t a diamond, and he looked at it under the loupe, his exact comment was “now I see why they cause so much trouble”. When I asked him to explain he said, “it looks so much like a diamond but costs so much less it’s causing jewellers trouble. They’re losing their profits. That’s why jewellers don’t like them.” His assistant agreed that under their lights, without the use of a loupe or tester they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Personally I love my moissanite because I wanted something that wasn’t mined and wasn’t exploitative,  (as much as possible), and I can rest easy because of that. 

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Just wanted to add my thoughts to this thread.

I believe most people can’t tell the difference, especially where I am in the UK where hardly anyone has seen a moissanite.

When I went to Hatton garden (diamond sellers in London) a diamond appraisal saw my ring in daylight and under shop lights and claimed it was the best “replica” she’d ever seen.

BUT having watched countless videos of moissanites vs diamonds and having seen large sizes of both in real life, I can confidently say that I can tell the difference between the two in daylight and only daylight. There’s the splintery cut of the F1 moissanites but also the light moves differently through a diamond, to give it a more “lively” appearance or maybe this is what they call depth? I’m not describing it very well but I can tell the difference, given a few seconds up close in daylight.

I can also pick out a new CZ from a moissanite/diamond.

Appearance wise I prefer a diamond to a moissanite, but I think for the price difference moissanites are an amazing alternative!


edit: just to add that the large diamonds I have seen are high quality ones, so since I have never seen a poor quality diamond in real life I can’t say if I can tell it was diamond

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I have 2 Ctw Neo Moissanite earrings, which I wear with my 0.5 diamonds. I honestly can’t see much difference! Obviously the moissy has a bit more flare! Nothing serious. They pair well!

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I can’t tell. Got my girlfriend one that has a center stone that is Moissanite and over 1 ct. and two diamonds that total almost .5 carat. So, it’s 1.5 total. The actual diamonds are smaller so it’s hard to compare but I can’t tell the difference. By the way, I paid just $850 and it was appraised at three times that. That’s after I told the jeweler the center stone was moissanite. Good deal? Also, do you all  think it’s weird that I got this simply as a gift and not an engagement ring. I don’t make much money but wanted to get her something nice. Do you think so ladies? She has not seen it yet as it’s a Christmas gift. Your thoughts please. 

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radiotodd1 :  I think it’s a sweet thought, but if I were getting a ring from my SO that had colorless stones of any kind…I’d want it to be an engagement ring. That’s just me, though! I am sure she will appreciate it 🙂

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radiotodd1 :  Unless this was an agreed upon gift and something she asked for knowing there wouldn’t be the big question, I’d say it’s fine. But if you haven’t discussed it previously, she will be very confused and probably very heartbroken. “Not making a lot of money” but then spending $850 on a nonengagement ring sends very mixed signals. A pendant or bracelet would probably have been more practical. 

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