(Closed) Can you spot a moissanite (versus diamond) in real life?

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@capergrrl:  Is the moissy the top one? 

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@valintine:  I don’t think it can be explained in words.  They just “look” different!  🙂  I could tell immediately when I saw my friend’s ring.  The way they refract light is completely different.  The facet pattern is different, and I am a little obsessed with diamonds so I’m familiar with every cut of stone, lol!  Again, I most likely could never tell at passing glance, but since it was my friend’s ring I was really looking at it.  

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It is like a spinel and a sapphire look different!!  But they are both blue.  Some people, lots of people, will think they are both sapphire.  But anyone thats spends enough time looking at these things will see the subtle difference.  My husband is a car guy, and can you pretty much tell what every single car is on the road, from just a glance…inlcuding the year and model…  because he likes cars and pays attention to them!!  People that like jewelry are likley the same. But the amount that all of us here spend looking at things is not normal, lol.  Most people will not know.

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@Daisy_Mae:  interesting! i didn’t know that. 🙂 i’m learning a lot from this discussion.

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@walnutgirl:  yup, the one with the bling is the moissy. The side stones are diamonds. A lot more color to the moissy stone than the diamond. Both are just gorgeous in person 🙂

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@MrsBroccoli:  They do look slightly different, but only people who know about moissanites can usually spot them. I bet the stones used for the 20/20 show were big stones and the women knew about moissanite since the point of it was to pick out the 3 different stones. if someone on the street showed people their ring most women would not know a difference because they aren’t being asked to tell them if it is a moissanit or a diamond. and yes the stones refract light differently, but when i put my stone up to all different lights i do not get that rainbow effect all over my finger. it may look like that with a loose stone, but not on my finger. Also if you look at JUST the two stones, not the light its giving off behind it (which i just said you cant see on my finger) the stones seriously look identical and I bet if that was the only thing you could see you would not be able to point that out. And that is the distance most people on the street get to most women’s rings.

so yes it can be noticeable, but only when people are educated on the differences and get a close look at the ring.

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 I dont really get any of this. why if you get something other than a diamond is it considered “fake”????  I wanted a moissanite bc I LOVE everything about them. I Didnt want it to PRETEND it was a diamond or try and pass it off as one. It seems like so many assume that if you have anything other than a diamond you’re being fake. A MOISSANITE IS A MOISSANITE NOT A DIAMOND so how inthe world is it considerd a “fake diamond?”  It is a stone of its own. Just because some people choose them over diamond doesn’t mean they’re choosing a fake stone, it means they’re choosing a moissanite lol.  


I choose a moissanite bc I LOVE to see this….

The fire is amazing 



Btw I’ve never seen it look plastic (I have an Amora so maybe that’s why ..not sure)

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Okay– so I have an unenhanced moissanite from the days of yore (before enhancements, Amora, etc) was available, and moissanite was unheard of. 

I’ve taken it to numerous jewelers for cleanings, prong checks, etc and every single one has raved about what a gorgeous diamond I have. They’ve even used their laser tester. Only one’s face turned pale (this was recently) and she started asking me where the ring was from. I told her it was a moissanite and she said “thank god! I wanted to make sure you weren’t being fooled.” I attribute that to how popular moissy is now and jewelers probably know more about them.

At the end of the day– who cares? The ring is a symbol of love and they both sparkle. I personally love the rainbow colors that shoot from my ring (and I do think they look slightly different than diamonds, but it’s so subtle it’s almost indistinguishable) and I wouldn’t care if anyone knew it wasn’t a diamond. Mine is one carat round. I feel lucky to have found a stone that is in my opinion more beauitful than a diamond and alot friendlier to my wallet.

I think where you see a lot more differences is in the huge cuts and funky shapes.

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