(Closed) Can YOU tell the difference between a diamond and a diamond simulant?

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    steen425:  You wrote: “I went to a party recently and a girl had a lovely marquis cut stone in her ring and everyone was praising her gorgeous “diamond”. It was 1000% percent a moissanite, though. I wanted to talk to her about it, but I also didn’t want to “out” her for trying to pass it off as a diamond. It’s no skin off my ass what she does, but I was bummed I couldn’t geek out with a fellow moissy gal.”

    Keep in mind that some women don’t know their stones are non-diamond… If the fiancé isn’t completely open and transparent about his choice to get a moissanite or diamond simulant, the woman could be entirely in the dark. Some guys will actively lie, too. Which is incredibly foolish in my opinion, potentially hurtful, and worst of all, can put the woman in a bad spot in front of her more knowledgeable peers such that SHE comes off as the liar. 

    You definitely made the right choice not to bring it up, though! 

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    gangstarr:  What’s new. She has a real bug in her ass about any colourless stone that is not a diamond but someone might think is a diamond and such which always makes me wonder if she is another certain poster I remember and did not “forgotusername” at all.

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    gangstarr:   Well the longtime poster you are referencing was is passing off cz’s as diamonds. Cz’s  resemble real diamonds the most so they are harder to differentiate. 

    I can usually tell moissanite because of the splintery lines that emanate from the center like a pie cutting. I can see it in my moissanite and the pictures of F1’s and Fb. The Amora gem cut is harder to differentiate but I do see the white effect which gives it an odd non-diamond look in some pictures.  I still think the Amora gem is the way to go if you’re buying moissanite.

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    I can spot a moissanite since they’re all over IG, FB, etc. Also, I know what a diamond is worth so when someone I Know gets engaged with a 2 carat I know it’s not genuine if it’s above their income. Until I knew what a moissanite was though I was ALWAYS questing girls with big “diamonds” I just KNEW they couldn’t be real lol

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    RayKay:  She’s so unnecessarily rude. Who seeks out sim/alternate stone threads solely to shit on them? It’s the clear insecurity of a woman who has no ring, and needs to take that weird insecurity out on everyone else. 

    SoonMrsCrocker2:  I agree that in photos it’s easier to tell, but a passing glance from a distance, I doubt any of us are able to truly spot the difference. I mean, close up, staring for a bit, sure. I do agree that the only moissy that imitates a diamond well is the OEC cut. I have all three stones in different jewelry, and I’m actually a fan of each in its own way.

    But I will say that the people who “know based on income”…you know other people’s income?

    My job has me in yoga pants and a sweatshirt every day. My husband is in jeans and a work shirt.

    We make decent, but not great money. You’d never know we own a 3,100 sq ft five bedroom with three acres outright, and don’t even pay utilities (leased gas wells). You’d never know that we both graduated college with no loans whatsoever (military veterans), so even though we only make decent money, we have so little debt we’re extremely comfortable. 

    Now, DH’s parents are well to do (which has nothing to do with us – we don’t mooch). But Mother-In-Law wears a half carat, and Father-In-Law drives a 20 year old truck. Old money people, IME, find it distasteful to flaunt wealth. 

    My point is that while our income isn’t that high, we’re still able to afford things you might think we couldn’t, and people who are wealthy, like the inlaws, aren’t always displaying the outliers that might make you presume wealth. 

    It’s an absurd premise to go on.

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    I don’t think so…. but then again, no one I know has a moissanite / amora gem etc so haven’t actually seen one in real life. 

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    bento:  I didn’t mean for my remark to sound snobbish – it’s just that they aren’t that common in the UK yet and hardly any of my friends are engaged / married yet!

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    I live in a very rural area in wny most people in this area have small diamonds or no diamonds. I have owned both and worked in jewelry before… with that said moissanite is beautiful super duper glitter… idk anything about ashas. I’ve delt with cheap cz and diamonique and at times it’s very hard to tell the difference with the naked eye… unless it’s some ridiculous carat size or looks chincy no one knows and if they ask they have no class… just my thoughts 

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    sillylittlebee:  I can sometimes tell the difference in photos on this site, but only because I can sit here and stare at them, plus they are larger than real life.  I’ve only looked at my friends’ rings up close (just because we’re friends ) and if they all have anything but diamonds, then they’ve fooled me.

    I have a moissanite pendant and I have compared it to my sister’s diamond ring because they’re around the same size.  Obviously I could tell the difference when they’re right next to each other but no one has asked if my pendant is “real” or not, and if they did, I would tell them it’s a moissy as I’m not trying to pass it off as a diamond.  I bought it because I was curious to see what the hype was about.

    I also have moissy earings. They’re small, like 1/3ct each and they look more diamond-like since they’re small.  I bought them because I had a pair of real diamond studs and I lost one of them.  I also have a couple of bigger pairs of earings from Berricle (cz) and I think they are very diamond-like too.

    I think you would be absolutely fine with moissy earrings.  No one will question them unless they’re like 3ct each. 

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    gangstarr:  LOL I think I love you 😉

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    I have a Berricle band I bought to try out a 3mm eternity band for comfort before I purchased a diamond version as my wedding band. When I wear the Berricle band next to my engagement ring or next to the diamond eternity band, I can tell which one is a CZ. It looks more “flat white” (like the Starbucks drink, lol) and less dimensional than the diamonds.

    However, this is a CZ ring on my own hand viewed from a couple feet away next to diamonds. I’m not going to pretend I’m the diamond whisperer and can always tell diamonds from sims in pics or if I casually glimpsed a ring on someone else’s hand.

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    FantasticFawn:  I thought the same thing with the berricle CZ eternity. Ordered it and its just kind of lifeless.

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    sparklesalways:  I actually don’t mind it on its own, it just doesn’t look great next to a diamond. I use it as a sub-in for my engagement ring once in awhile.

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    zamorski:  Oh it does!!! I see what you mean. lol 

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