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<h2>7-Day Notice</h2>

For instances where the eviction is for noncompliance with the rental agreement but a cure is possible or permissible, a 7 Day Eviction Notice is given, also called “Notice of Noncompliance, Seven Day Notice to Cure.” It must contain what act or omission constitutes the noncompliance and that the lease will be terminated unless the tenant cures the breach within the 7 days.

The tenant must be advised that the same breach or noncompliance within the following 12-months will result in a termination without the opportunity to cure the noncompliance.

Examples of noncompliance might mean having unauthorized persons or pets living on the property, the tenant is accumulating trash or otherwise not keeping the premises in a healthy condition, or operating an unauthorized business.

There is also a 7-day notice for termination for evictions where a cure of the breach or violation is not possible or permitted. These Florida eviction notices would apply in cases where the tenant has committed a criminal act, destroyed or damaged the premises, or continued with an unreasonable disturbance or nuisance.


Looks like they are perfectly within their legal rights if they have complaints filed. I would make sure you take extra care cleaning up after your pets in the future to be safe, and I wouldn’t even clean the ATV at home. Looks like someone is looking for an excuse to complain but your apartment doesn’t actually want to get rid of you. 

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jessicaxo11 :  I hope you are able to work things out and stay at your place. 

That being said, you and your fiancé, need to clean up the dog shit EVERYTIME, not just when it’s convenient or suits you. People who don’t clean up after their dogs really irritate me. It’s a health hazard and it’s disgusting.  I once stepped in a pile of dog shit, wearing flip flops, at a condo complex I lived at. If I had known which neighbor was responsible, I absolutely would’ve complained about them. 

Also, as a dog lover this bothers me. People who don’t clean up after their dogs are part of the reason many landlords won’t rent to pet owners. It makes it way more difficult for responsible pet owners. 

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I’m a city dweller and I’m not gonna give someone slack if they don’t pick up after their dog 10 times out of 10. 8 of 10 doesn’t cut it. Being late isn’t an excuse.   Carry a small baggie of kitty litter in case your dog gets diarreah– it makes it a LOT easier to clean up (I have 2 rottweilers so I know all about cleaning up gross things, those are big dogs and when they’re sick, it is big sick). Don’t assume you’re the only ones who got the 7-day notices and don’t try to deflect. Just accept that you have to do better in that regard, no more excuses, because it is really not fair at all to your neighbors and it’s disrespectful of your community.

As for the ATV, I would suggest asking the apartment management to clarify the rules. Even if you understand the rules clearly, asking them to spend 5 minutes with you talking about the rules shows them that you want to be in compliance, and that impression will go a long way when it comes to future complaints. If you show them that you’re putting forth a good faith effort, they might not automatically blame you if they do get another complaint.

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I used to work for a management company (2 actually) for about 7 years. In Wisconsin, vs the “7 day notice” we have a 5 day notice. Unfortunately one of my tasks was mailing and posting these 5-day notices and they certainly are intended to intimidate residents! Our five day notice serves as a kind of three strike warning system. In order for you to receive any lease termination or eviction would most likely elicit more than one of these warnings, if not 3… tenants could receive 10 different 5 day notices here and as long as they are for different lease violations, a lease cannot be terminated.

I’m quoting all of this from Wisconsin so things could be completely different down there haha. Regardless of where you live, find your lease and see what it says about 7 Days lease violations! I can’t imagine any state not giving tenants a chance to correct whatever “violation” there was. You sound like the ideal tenant! (Pay & on time) Landlords try to retain people like you for as long as possible! 

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jessicaxo11 :  8 out of 10 times, means you are leaving dog poop around your apartment complex at least 6 times a month? Think about if every pet owner in your neighborhood did this. It doesn’t matter if there are other people who never clean up, or clean up less frequently- if you know who they are, feel free to file a complaint about them! 

I feel like you are justifying not cleaning up, by saying you take the dog to some out of the way location where no one ever goes….but if that’s the case, how did someone see you and complain about it?

What type of dog do you have? If it’s a larger breed, it might as well be a grown man taking a poop and leaving it in your apartment complex grounds. (I have a small dog, but still clean up 100% of the time.) I get that it can be a hassle.  If you can’t commit to cleaning up after your dog 100% of the time, plunk down the $$$ for a dog walker who will. 

Seriously, there’s no justifying this. Obviously it bothers your neighbors or they wouldn’t have complained about you- unless you think someone is unfairly persecuting you? Recognize that you made a mistake (everyone does.) Commit to changing the behavior and being a better neighbor going forward.

The alternative option is to buy a house on a large lot in a private area and then you can do whatever you want with your dog poop and ATV.

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Yeah I don’t think it’s acceptable to leave dog poo even once. And you absolutely have to pick up diarrhoea. If another dog or child comes into contact with that then it could make them very sick. Not to mention it’s disgusting. I hope you sort everything out OP. But I recommend you leave your excuses out of it and change your ways. 

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