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I use Netfile software, so it does a lot automatically.  I assume you’re doing the similar, not like, a paper return by hand.

  • We are supposed to file a joint/linked return, correct? Yes, you’ll do your tax return as “married”.  It’ll get you to specify the date and if you’re using software it’ll automatically pro-rate things.
  • Are we supposed to claim the full rent on both returns or just one? And what about the part of the year prior to marriage/living together where we each had our own rents? It seems we still each do our own return here, we just note that we’re married and it’ll figure things out.
  • Are we supposed to only have our own T4s, T4A, etc on our returns or do we put them all together?  Each of your personal returns on your own form.
  • I was a student last year and did not have a job at any point during the year, does that mean that my husband can list me as a dependant or is that only for children (we have none)?  Again, I think the software will do this for you if you made less than the basic personal amount.
  • My parents used to claim my tuition and education expenses on their taxes because it results in a higher return than it would have if I had claimed them myself, does anyone know if I should have my husband claim them now in order to get a larger return, or will it not matter anymore?  It depends.  My parents always gave me the resulting return from my tuition amount.  If yours do the same, and it works out better for you, or if they actually pay your tutition and you feel they’re entitled to it, then you stil could.  If they don’t care, and just wanted somebody to get some use out of it, you could get your husband to claim it and keep the return for yourselves.


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@ScottishMrs:  My software has a button that just says something like “optimize my return”, and then it automatically moves all my charitable donations or any other transferable deductions to him (since he makes more money).  If yours doesn’t, I’d put whatever is a deduction that could be either of yours on whomever makes more money manually.  Rent doesn’t claim for anything in BC (unless you run a home based business, then you can deduct a portion), so I’m not sure specifically about rent, but I’d assume you’d claim rent that was irrelevant to him on your own claim.

Yep, he can claim your return, and being married the gov’t pretty much assumes joint coffers, so go ahead and use it to pay your next tuition.  You could certainly claim his, but why would you if you make no money?  He wants all the deductions he possibly can.

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@ScottishMrs:  There’s a few tax myths that I see occurring here.

In Canada, you cannot file a joint return, only separate.  If the definition of married or common law is met, you have to state that status.

It doesn’t matter who claims tuition credits.  They are a tax credit, not a tax deduction:

Differences in Non-Refundable Tax Credits and Tax Deductions

I used to think the same thing for the longest time!

I’ve never been able to claim rent on taxes, that might be a provincial thing.

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