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I’ll play! 

1. Average electric/water/gas/etc bills? Electrical and gas are combined, about $150 in the summer (we have AC and it was hot last summer! Not sure yet if this will be normal) and $250-300 in the winter. Water/sewer/garbage about $100 a month

2. Mortgage Costs

  • mortgage amount $316 000 when we bought the house a year ago


  • amortization period (15, 20, 25 years, etc) we have a 30 year, which you can’t get anymore but we will move it up when the payments get too small. our broker advised getting the longest one. I think because you can move to more expensive payments but its harder (or you can’t?) get a shorter amortization?


  • interest rate – 2.9%


  • payment frequency (monthly, bi-weekly, accelerated bi-weekly, etc) accelerated bi-weekly


  • payment amount I am not sure the exact amount per payment but its about $1400 a month


  • Bonus: Who do you have your mortgage through? First national bank


3. % initial downpayment $80000

4. Size of your home (Sq feet)? 1600 plus a finished basement

5. How many stories is your home? 2 plus the basement

Don’t forget to account for property tax! It’s our biggest bill at $336 a month





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We are looking at buying a condo in YYC and it will break down give or take as so: 

Mortgage $1200 monthly for 25 yrs 5.2% down. 

Condo fees $230 incl heat water sewer fire and contents insurance. 

Electricity: $60/m

Property tax $120/m 

860sqft condo in the farthest away newest community of the burbs. 



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@ScottishMrs:  I’m posting to follow this. I plan to buy a house soon after the wedding and would like to read what everyone writes. I also live in Ontario, Canada (Toronto to be exact) and its crazy expensive here that we will probably have to look outside of the city to be able to afford anything

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commentingso I can find this later. We just bought a 2nd home and all the details are on a spread sheet at home. I’ll post tonight!

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1. Average electric/water/gas/etc bills?  We pay about $150 in electric, $40 in gas, $80 in water.

2. Mortgage Costs

  • mortgage amount – $250,000 divided into 2 sub-accounts ($100K and $150K).  We did this because Darling Husband has stock options that vest within the year so the $100K is only a 1 year term which we plan to pay down once the stock options vest.

  • amortization period (15, 20, 25 years, etc) – 25 years for both accounts.

  • interest rate – 3.29% on the 100K and 3.09% on the 150K

  • payment frequency (monthly, bi-weekly, accelerated bi-weekly, etc) – accelerated bi-weekly for both accounts.

  • payment amount – total about $600 bi-weekly, or $1,200 monthly.

  • Bonus: Who do you have your mortgage through?  We went through National Bank because we wanted the various sub-accounts and we took a HELOC as well so my Darling Husband can invest (see separate thread about the Smith Manoeuvre b/c this enables us to deduct the interest on the HELOC portion in our tax returns).

3. % initial downpayment – we paid about 75% down.

4. Size of your home (Sq feet)? 2400sqft.

5. How many stories is your home? 2 + basement 






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I live in the east coast, so things might be a bit cheaper here…but I’ll play anyways 🙂 We just moved in 6 weeks ago, so I don’t have averages for some because we haven’t gotten full billing cycles yet.


1. Our first electric bill was ~$240 for the last week of FEb, first 2 weeks of march. I would imagine, that it’s going to average about $250/month over the year when we go to equilized billing.

Haven’t gotten a water/sewage bill yet.

2. Mortgage Costs

  • mortgage amount $230,000 and some change
  • amortization period 25 yeras
  • interest rate 3.09%
  • payment frequency bi-weekly
  • payment amount $470/biweekly, $940/month (this does not include prperty tax!)
  • Bonus: Who do you have your mortgage through? RBC

3. I think we have 11.5% when all was said and done.

4. Size of your home (Sq feet)? Just a little over 1100 square feet, but add in the unfinished baement and it’s closer to 2100 sq ft

5. How many stories is your home? Split entry, so 2

yes, don’t  forget property tax! I estimate ours will be about $32-3500 on approx a quarter acre of land.
Also add in your closing costs. For us, they were just under $2500, but we knew the lawyer, so he gave us a little bit of a break!

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I’ll play, I live in the Durham region.

1. Electric -$120 (could be less, we aren’t very careful), gas – $125, water – $90 every 3 months, insurance – $90

2. Our mortgage amount was $294,000 last year. We put 10% down just over actually). Our mortgage payment is $825 bi-weekly, but that includes our property taxes (our bank pays our property taxes directly for us). 

Amortization rate – 25 years

Interest rate – 3 28%

Our mortgage is through scotia bank


4. Our home is 2500 square feet, and the property is fairly large (for the area we live) and we have an unground pool.

5. our home is 2 stories plus basement, there is 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.


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