Canadian Bees – booking my inclusive venue, concerned about alcohol restrictions

posted 3 years ago in Canada
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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2017

These are pretty standard. They actually protect YOU from potential lawsuits.

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Blushing bee

valkyriejae :  I would take their rules at face value and assume they will follow them. If they end up being more flexible then they write in their info package, great, but if not then at least you knew ahead of time. The venue has the potential of increased liability when offering an open bar service, so they need to protect themselves as well as your guests.

As for some of your specific concerns: I hope they are carding your guests! The place could get shut down for serving underage people. Besides people who are 19+ who frequently get carded will know to bring their ID. As for no more than two drinks per order, I don’t see this as a big deal… a lot of time it is to make sure drinks don’t make it to underage people. The shots and stuff I have no idea about, but I think there is a difference of some fatherly type going up and asking for his scotch neat compared to a 20-year old asking of double shots if Patron.

Most of the venues we looked at in eastern Ontario didn’t actually let you do an all inclusive alcohol packages unless you were paying like $200pp. We ended up with a consumption bar, so while it looked like an open and to all our friends we actually paid per drink. A lot of those rules were in effect and I can honestly say we didn’t have one complaint. People were just happy they weren’t paying for booze (open bars are very uncommon in my circle/friends).

All I can say, is if you don’t really like them maybe it isn’t the venue for you?

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Busy bee

Not from Canada but those seems ordinary to me! I don’t think you need to worry about it.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: June 2017

Ontario bride here as well! I think these rules seem pretty standard to me, except for the 4 ice cube one? You could speak to the venue about why drinks with liquor need to have ice in them, and see if this will acutally be enforced (hopefully if you mention the father of the bride’s drink preferences, they should try to accomodate your wishes). The other rules, while they may be slightly annoying (e.g. I have been to my venue for dinner before and they ALWAYS card me, hopefully will not on my wedding day but if they do oh well) I’m sure your guests will understand and not be too put off by it. Out of curiosity, where is your venue? ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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Helper bee

I wouldn’t worry about it. Most bartenders use their own judgement about who to serve and how much to serve. Nobody will hate your wedding because they could only drink scotch on the rocks instead of neat. An open bar makes everybody happy regardless ๐Ÿ™‚

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Honey bee

Not Canadian, but at most venues here in my part of the US that is standard.  The carding and not serving visibly intoxicated people is standard and what EVERY bartender is supposed to be doing because venues/bartenders can be found liable should that person go out and drink and drive and injure someone. 

Many venues have a no shots policy.  The ice thing is probably to prevent people from getting around the shots policy (though it may be a legal thing).  My guess is if they see a 55 year old wanting a scotch neat, they’ll probably not be as stringent as a 20 year old ordering their tequila neat (but even if they are stringent, I’m going to guess your guests can find some other beverage to drink instead and it won’t be a big deal). 

And while the policy X drinks/half hour seems stringent, the reality is your bartender is going to be busy and generally not recognize repeat guests unless it’s really obvious so this isn’t the most enforceable thing.  They just want to make sure no one is coming up getting 8 drinks for the whole table (some of whom might be underage) or they aren’t pounding drinks.  If someone comes up and gets two more drinks for them and their spouse 20 minutes later, the bartender probably isn’t going to notice.  But they’ll probably notice the same 19 year old coming up four times in a row, two drinks at a time probably getting drinks for all the under 19 year olds.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

sapphire27 :  I read the 4 ice cube one to mean, not drinks WITH liquor, but a drink that is JUST liquor. In other words, they don’t do shots (which is standard), and since “whiskey, neat” is basically a shot served in a glass, they won’t do that. But will serve “whiskey, on ice.”

valkyriejae :  These all seem like standard stipulations for your benefit as well as the venue’s. I don’t know anyone who leaves the house without ID, whether they think they’ll be carded or not. I wouldn’t worry about it — venues rely a lot on customer referrals, they want you and your guests to have a good time. They’re not going to cut people off or be hardasses unless they really need to. No bartender likes having to do that.

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