(Closed) Canadian Bees – When did you get your ultrasounds/screening?

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You can opt in for the IPS screening. Integrated prenatal screening I believe it’s called. You get an ultrasound and blood test at 11-13 weeks and a follow up blood test at 15-20 weeks. The results are used to give you a risk for genetic disorders such as Downs Syndrome and other trisomies. The ultrasound is called a NT or nuchal translucency scan and measures fluid behind baby’s neck. Most people I know do opt in for this procedure.

You also have an anatomy scan at around 20 weeks where they look at and count everything to make sure baby is developing properly. You can find out gender usually then. 

Some people can also have a dating scan around 7-8 weeks if they aren’t sure exactly when baby was conceived. I had an u/s at 7 and at 9 weeks because I had just had a mc 2 months prior to conceiving again and they wanted to make sure everything was developing properly. 

i am just 15 weeks and have a regular doctor’s appointment today. She will listen to the heart beat and also discuss OB options. I will see an OB in the next few weeks. My best friend started seeing an OB around 17 weeks. 

Take all this with a grain of salt though. I’m sure things are different across Canada, but if you aren’t offered the IPS screening, ask about it. I’ve heard some doctors only offer it to some women (like over 35 years old) but its available to all. Best wishes throughout your pregnancy. 

I just scrolled up to see where in Canada you are and I’m in London too! 

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@delight:  +1 Im from london too yay =) thats awesome! that we can all be supportive to one another.

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@Serey:  Amazing! Are you pregnant too? What has your u/s schedule been like?

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@bunnymama:  PP has given a very good recap of care!

I personally had an ultrasound at 6w4d for dating (even though I knew FOR SURE when I conceived, doc still wanted one done and I was ok with seeing baby early!), IPS screening (which is optional) at 12 weeks and then anatomy scan at 20 weeks. There shouldn’t be any others unless there is a question of size or positioning.

I went to my family doctor at about 5 weeks to confirm (I know right, like my 8-10 pee sticks weren’t enough) and she started seeing me once a month to do my weight, blood pressure and urine sample. Around 10 weeks or so she did a physical exam and they do a pap as well if you’re due for one. Starting at about 14 weeks she added in fundal measurements and heartbeat check with the doppler (but no physical exam every time).

I’ll be 24 weeks tomorrow and I see my OB for the first time today. I’m told that the timeframe you get moved to an OB is totally dependant on the OB you’re going to see. I didn’t expect to go until later on, but my doctor sent over my referral for their information and he decided to take over right away. You’ll also be asked to do a glucose challenge to check for gestational diabetes between 24-28 weeks. I think I’ll probably end up doing mine today after my appointment according to my SIL who used the same OB.

Then I think starting around 30-32 weeks you go every 2 weeks and at 36 weeks you start to see the OB weekly with internal exams to check for dilation.

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We opted into the NT scan at 12 weeks. Had the anatomy scan at 19 weeks and that’s it. I’m 33 weeks now, any further u/s would only be if there were concerns. My doctor didn’t order a dating u/s for me, as I was certain of my dates and didn’t want any more u/s than necessary. It’s my understanding that the norm in Canada is 2-3 u/s per pregnancy, in normal, low-risk cases.

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I had dating around 8 weeks because I got pregnant on the pill but that’s my a normal ultrasound. I had my 12 week NT scan… Baby wouldn’t cooperate so I had to go back for another at 13 weeks (this isnt normal either) and then my 20 week scan. I am not 24 weeks and do not think there are anymore to get unless there’s a problem

Also my dr never confirmed my pregnancy lol not even a urine test. She said store tests are just as accurate these days 


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I had a dating ultrasound at 9 weeks (because of long cycles). I opted out (but was offered) the IPS screen between 11-13 weeks. Now, I’m going for my anatomy scan at 19 weeks. After that, I’m not sure when the ultrasounds are.

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