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clarissabee:  No one has called you spoiled or lazy. YOU used those words.


ETA: And quite frankly, you should get used to the bluntness. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows and participation trophies. People, especially those people such as employers or lenders are not going sugar coat a damn thing. They WILL call you spoiled and lazy if they see fit.

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I’m just going to say this because all of your threads end up the same way and you’re going to attack me unless I offer a unicorn I don’t have, so here goes.

I do think you have a problem with entitlement. I think this because you think your boyfriend paying for rent etc is something you are entitled to because you can’t afford it, yet you pressured him to get a bigger place. Lots of people can’t afford apartments, so they share housing or make due with less.

Then you said you needed a car, but it can’t be any car. Must be a new car. Must be a nice car.

now you are upset that banks won’t ignore their standards to give you a credit card. More entitlement.

Does it suck that you can’t find a credit card? Yes. But why should anyone give you credit when you have no income? I mean, I do not get this.

I don’t doubt you’re a nice girl who is in a difficult position because this isn’t your home country. But you seem to have a really tough time accepting reality and working with it. I second suggestions you see a counselor or pastor or therapist for support in this growth opportunity.

The bees have tried and tried to help you and your response is hardcore defense. It takes time to write a comment and try to identify resources to help a poster, and your replies are just more entitlement, frankly. 

best of luck to you.


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clarissabee:  “A decent car costs $50,000. My boyfriend, for example, has a car that cost around that. The car has lasted him 9 YEARS. Still no issues today, even mechanics are amazed. This is why I don’t want to buy a cheap car just because I’m desperate. Currently I have $25,000 in savings. If I buy a cheap crappy car for $15,000 I only have $10,000 left. It’s a lot.”

SMH.  Girl, you need to get a grip on reality.  You can get a very good, reliable car for well under $15,000.  Just because your boyfriend has extremely expensive taste in cars and obviously drives a luxury vehicle doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do things.

FWIW here is my car buying history

DH has an AWD 2007 Honda Element that he bought in 2009 for ~$17,000 USD.  It’s 9 years old and so far it has had no mechanical or reliability issues.  It’s a great car and is currently our only vehicle. 

I bought a Honda Civic new in 2003 for $20,000 CAD and had it for 10 years.  I never had a single mechanical issue other than regular maintenance.  Unforuntately one day someone ran into it at high speed resulting in it having to be written off, but honestly the car looked practically new for the whole 10 years.  I got $5,500 CAD for it from the insurance company.  Another fantastic car.

After I lost my Civic I bought a 2010 (?) Toyta Yaris in 2013 for $10,000 CAD.  I loved the car and also had zero issues with it, but had to sell it before I moved to the USA.  I sold the car 2 years later for $7,000.

I don’t know why you think that more basic cars are unreliable.  There are tons of great economy cars on the market that will just go and go for years.  These days you should really expect to get at MINIMUM of 10 years out of a car.  It’s not like back in the old days, these things are really well made now.

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You don’t want advice.  You want people to say, “Omg, poor you!  This is totally unfair.  You DO deserve credit.”  People have answered your question in a thousand different ways as to why YOU did not get approved but others did.  Yet you continue to insist that there are other people the same as you who did get approved, as if this somehow will either a) change your situation, or b) change our minds.  

First off, we are not the people you need to convince that you should be approved, convince the lenders.  And if the advice you are getting here (on a wedding forum) is not helpful, speak to a financial adviser.  

People are calling you entitled and irresponsible because you are ACTING entitled and irresponsible.  Maybe THAT approach to life does in fact affect your ability to build your credit.  Just a thought.  

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BalletParker:  +1000000. She gets $500-$1000 a month but doesn’t have to pay rent! Must be nice. Yet somehow no one is helping her at all! That’s just money she deserves, duh.

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I getting rid of Netflix and using the threads on the WB as my entertainment

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No one hates you. It’s just frustrating and hilarious that every post you start is exactly the same. You have a “problem” that’s really something you’ve done to yourself, you want advice on how to fix it, people tell you how to handle it, you get upset because you’re super special and their advice doesn’t apply to your super special situation, etc. 

I mean…what’s the point, exactly? Have you actually taken any steps toward improving your situation? Did you take a job with your sister’s cleaning company? Did you change your living situation with your boyfriend? Have you looked into a cheaper school, etc? You just post problem after problem and then get upset when people give you advice.

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clarissabee:  Nobody hates you. Nobody even knows you. People just get frustrated that you frequently ask for advice, but to every piece of advice, you don’t want to take it or don’t like it. Yet you keep asking. It’s like an endless circle of “What should I do?” and the responses are “Your options are X, Y, Z, even A, B, C” and you say “None of those options work, what should I do?” so people respond “The only options are those” and you say “but what should I do?” and on and on. 

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I am just going to throw this out there.

You are a credit risk. If a bank gives you credit and you default then those of us who share the same lender’s eat their loss with you by paying higher fees. I do not live like I do to support people who choose to spend, spend, spend. What happens if you don’t get a work visa and you go home? Does your debt follow you or do you simply walk away without any accountability for what you owe? 

And I had a credit card in college, but I also worked in high school and in college. And while I was working in college I also held an internship. Did I make a lot of money? No. You cannot compare yourself to others.

One last thing. You have said maybe you need to rethink the $50k car, but I don’t feel that you truly believe that. A car in that price range is a luxury car. I have a Honda that is fully paid for. It gets amazing gas mileage. Amazing. 43+ in the city. As much as I want and can afford to pay cash for a Tesla I will not buy one until I run my Honda into the ground. A lot of Toyota and Honda cars are very good cars and very nicely priced. And truly the last thing,  if you refuse to ride the bus because of all the sketchy people then where do you expect to park a $50k car and not have it broken into or vandalized? 

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clarissabee:  I know this is a waste of my time but here I go. No one hates you. You seems like you have alot going on and you need help. Real help. Not the kind of help a wedding board can give. Nothing is wrong with reaching out to a professional and talking about your issues. I am sure everyone would be very happy to hear things worked out for you and that is why people are taking the time to read and reply to all of your posts. 

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