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We are so off topic so i don’t think it even matters but:

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clarissabee:  BTW, for car loans, most Credit Unions will use the car value as a way to “secure” the loan. I bought my first car without a credit score and went the secured loan route.

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clarissabee:  My dear, this is actually the first post of yours I’ve seen. I hardly know you enough to hate you – I think I can say the same for other bees. You come across as very defensive and unable to accept feedback. I am truly sorry if you are stuggling – but this may not be the place for you to seek help. You may want to get a counsellor.

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clarissabee:  I didn’t read the rest of the thread so I’m not sure of the advice you’ve gotten but I love the Money Girl podcast.  She recently had tips for building credit when you don’t currently have any.  http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/credit/credit-bureau-expert-gives-insider-advice-on-building-credit. It may be helpful to listen since she had a guest from one of the credit reporting agencies that gave some great tips.

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Telling me “I can’t keep/hold a job” and calling me spoiled is not helpful. Telling me…hey, you need to change your priorites and improve/etc – that’s different.

Okay … You need to change your priorities and improve/etc.

Also, I know many college students with no income who still have a credit card. That is why I am upset and don’t understand why I get rejected.

How can you possibly continue to say this after 12 pages of bees explaining this to you? You are a BAD CREDIT RISK for all of the reasons many have already enumerated. A worse credit risk than the “many college students” you know who have credit cards. 

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BalletParker:  “unless I offer a unicorn” -made me giggle

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clarissabee:  see, I never called you a “bad person” or inferred it. In fact, I said I was sure you were a nice girl.

so it’s interesting that you took this from my post, and it says a lot about what the problem is. You’re inserting emotions into interactions with complete strangers and imagining they said things they didn’t. 

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clarissabee:  Hey OP. I think you need to shift both your priorities and your expectations. Primarily your expectations. I was an international student for many years (though in the other direction; US citizen in Europe), and I understand the struggles unique to international visa, employment laws, etc. 

Having said that; regarding prioritization, I think you need to focus on getting a job (there ARE internships out there!!) and start bringing in some income. That, not your lack of credit, is what’s going to hold you back in life.

If you think the cycle of “I have no credit so I can’t get credit” is bad, just wait until you try to enter the full time job market. The cycle of “I have no work experience and can’t get a job to give me work experience without work experience” is 1,000 times worse. 

Focus on getting that (paid) internship. Reprioritize. Credit is NOT the biggest hurdle in front of you. In fact, until you’re ready to buy your first home, credit really isn’t going to impact your life (as long as you’re not ruining your credit). 

In regards to your expectations – you CAN buy a good car for less than $15,000. In fact, you can buy a reasonable car for less than $5,000. Just like people don’t set out to buy their “forever home” the first time (they begin with a “starter home”) you need to shift your understanding of what a $15,000 car looks like. I’m nearly 30, married, and have a darn good job. I don’t drive a $15,000 car. 

In fact, I don’t know anyone who drove a $15,000 car right out of college, unless their parents bought it for them full stop.

I think this is one of the things other posters are getting hung up on – and why you’re coming off as spoiled. 

It’s like the girls who come onto the boards and complain that they want a 3 carat “quality” diamond, and ask questions about taking out a line of credit to pay for it. Everyone goes “huh? what’s this spoiled brat talking about? why would anyone take out a line of credit to get a $15,000 ring when they can easily afford a perfectly beautiful $5,000 ring.”

You do not need a $15k car. You do not need a line of credit to buy a good car. You DO need to focus on getting a paid internship in your field. You DO need to focus on bringing in some income of your own. Once you’re doing these things, the credit problem won’t even exist, because you’ll be a better candidate for credit cards. 

That’s what Bee’s are trying to tell you. Step back from the credit question and focus on the really important things, like supporting yourself.

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clarissabee:  “Why does everyone hate me on this website? I haven’t been mean or rude to anyone. I have been struggling these past weeks with my confidence a lot, and I have been trying to rebuild it and reading all of this just makes me feel worse about myself. I don’t understand what you guys get out of making me feel worse.”

I’m answering because you asked, I’m not trying to be nasty.

In all honesty, it’s because you come off as a little of touch.  For example, you have many people supporting you (your family and your boyfriend) yet you insist that you aren’t depending on anyone else.  It makes it seem as though you are not very self aware and I think that brings out the “tough love” in people.

You do seem like a very sweet person.  But I think that you could benefit from trying to take in the advice that people are giving you rather than fighting it.  Or, if you realize that you really aren’t interested in people’s advice, just start your post by saying “I just want to vent because I’m so frustrated.”  Then most people will just say, “That sucks, I’m sorry to hear it!” and not offer advice since you don’t want it.  People get antsy when you ask for advice then don’t seem to want to take it.

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clarissabee:  ….you have consistently started threads in the past that ask for advice/feedback about those other life choices. Most people have the ability to remember, and Bees tend to piece together all of the stuff you have discussed before in order to give better, more relevant advice. 

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