(Closed) Can't agree on baby name! Arghhhh!!!

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i guess just keep trying to find different names? Declan? do you like Dillon better? I dunno. If you absolutely hate the name i wouldn’t just give in. Compromise is important.

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You just keep going until you find a name you both like.  I don’t like Dylan either.  No parent should have to live with a name that he/she hates. 

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I had something similar going on bw my husband and myself… I wanted to incorporate both our mothers into our first (hypothetical) daughter… which would be Cecilia (my mothers given name) Anne (his mothers middle name)… Cecilia Anne and we would call her Sesy for short. So adorable… right? Nope!

HE HATED IT!!!! =o(

I tried to convince him for about 6 months and had to just deal with it. He really doesn’t like it and it wasn’t making a difference that I was practically on my knees begging for him to agree with it. I am very persistent but I know when to stop… LOL. I tried giving a couple weeks to lull on it and then would randomely say the same and he would just look at me like I was losing my mind… which I kind of was but I have sinse moved on.

If you absolutely CANNOT stand the name Dylan- then he can’t force you to pick that name. I think you should try to have him come up with 2 other boy names that he likes that ISNT DYLAN and you pick from those two. That would be a good compromise.

Good luck!

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Yorkshirerose1991:  Im due on the same date as you! Congrats!

I’m with you, i dislike Dylan. Ive never met a Dylan I’ve liked. I’d be telling my in laws that they can stay the hell out of it. Things you said before you actually had to make that decision dont need to come into play. I would try explaining to him that you cannot stand that name and you cannot imagine naming your kid a name you hate. You have to live with this choice forever and you should both be happy.


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I actually like the idea if Declan that PP mentioned. I think it’s a really modern name but not so modern that people would raise an eyebrow. I first heard of the name of Degrassi and I’ve liked it since.

I would try to come up with a compromise for the name. I wanted to name my daughter Jaylyn, and my ex boyfriend liked Jasmine, so we ended up with Jazz Lynn [two first names].

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I am sorry about all the typos! I have fat fingers and I am hungry so my brain isn’t functioning at 100% right now. I know I missed a word here and there and used the wrong spelling or completely the wrong word. Hope you can read through the mess. =o)

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Yorkshirerose1991:  My SO was fixated on the name Jackson. Every other boy’s name I brought up to him, he’d always say “it’s ok, but I like Jackson.” He said we had made the same agreement as you guys when we were dating, but I didn’t remember ever saying that, and we dated for 8 years before we got married, so I’m sure I said a LOT of things over the couse of dating that I couldn’t be held to.

In the end, I let him have the name, and I am glad I did. I think it helped him bond with our son because he was the one who named him. And he glows when people ask how we decided on the name (it’s actually his favorite singer), so I know that makes him proud

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Yorkshirerose1991:  I would wait until the baby arrives. Most likely both of you will be so happy and in love with your new little bundle the choice of a name will become a little easier. He may even give in a little after he sees how much work delivering a baby is!

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When I was pregnant with our daughter my husband decided she needed to be named Tabitha. It wasn’t a name I really liked (or hated)- but he had his heart set on it so I let him have it. And now she is 3 and that name suits her just fine. 

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Yorkshirerose1991:  Agree, that’s what I would do. And don’t feel bad for not caving, if you don’t like the name it’s not fair.

Pick out some names you both like then he’ll get the final say.

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Yorkshirerose1991:  I like all of those choices, except maybe Oscar, much better than Dylan.  Hope you two can work it out!!!!

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Yorkshirerose1991:  There is no way this shouldn’t be a mutual decision/agreement.

It’s easy to say “if you have a boy, you name him and if we have a girl, I’ll name her”- before you’re pregnnat.  But I think that’s a ridiculous thing to actually expect.

There were TONS of names that I loved for this baby- and my Darling Husband wasn’t into any of them.  There was no point in pressing them on him- we just crossed those off the list and kept searching.  We knew we needed to agree on a name- and it did finally happen- after I listed a million and a half names.  I suggested the first name, and he liked it.  He suggested a middle name- and I liked it, and they go well together.  We didn’t plan this- that was just how it happened.


Your husband and ESPECIALLY in-laws shouldn’t force you name your baby a name you’re not into.  Period.  As a matter of fact, your in-laws really shouldn’t have a say what-so-ever in the name the the process.  Turns out my in-laws (or at least FIL) doesn’t like the name we’ve chosen, but he’s going to have to live with it- it’s OUR baby.  DH is on board with me.

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Yorkshirerose1991:  I like Declan, but I don’t know anyone named that.  What about Camden?  For us, I picked both the girl and boy name, but both of them came from the family (middle and first) so I think that’s why it was easy for my husband to agree.  If he didn’t like a name I would not have named the child that, but he loved both names.  Is it possible that you look more into family names? (Not Dylan).  I’m not a big fan of Belle (too much beauty and the beast going on there).  But why is he so stuck on Dylan?

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