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WeddingBells2014:  Yup. It’s a long story, but it was in court reporting. YEARS of hard work every day, passed the final major test, and nothing. There are extenuating circumstances (moving to a new state etc).

But I wanted you to know you’re not alone. My Fiance has been without work for 3 weeks, has had a couple interviews and a couple nibbles. He is older and I am concerned he will not get hired because he’s “old”. But anyway, just so you know you’re not alone…

Hang in there!

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WeddingBells2014:  I switched jobs recently (moving) so I understand how difficult the job search can be. First of all, don’t be intimidated by other applicants. Don’t just refuse to apply for a job because of who else is applying.

You can go ahead and find a minimum wage or part time job for now so you don’t eat into your savings but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your career search. Also, try finding a recruiter for your field, they can be very helpful.

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Finding a job is hard.  A lot of students don’t realize it (including myself when I graduated) and then are shocked when they realize it takes a lot of time and energy.  Finding a job can take months.  There’s no need to be so anxious about it.  Even very well qualified candidates have to search for a while.  It’s pretty uncommon for someone to get a job right away.

I found going through a temp agency was a great idea.  You can do it while you’re still searching for other jobs, and it allows you to get valuable experience for your resume.  Plus, the variety is fun.  Most temp jobs pay higher than minimum wage.

Also, I wanted to add that if your college has a career center, use them!  Even if it’s just another set of eyes looking at your resume/CV and cover letter, every little bit helps.  I casually help friends with their resumes and I’ve also sat on hiring committees before and I can’t even believe the amount of terrible resumes out there.  Not saying yours is, but I’m of the opinion that they can always be improved.

How are you searching?  Don’t just use the big search engines.  Lots of companies post on their own website and nothing else.  Also, don’t rule out non-profits, small businesses, etc.  Sometimes you have to dig a little.

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Are you on LinkedIn or some sort of social networking site?  Get your name and resume out there.  Jobs are hard to come by these days, so I’d suggest taking whatever you can get, even if it’s minimum wage, until you can find a job you truly want.

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WeddingBells2014:  I completely understand your frustration!  It is rough getting a job right out of college for some, and I was one of those, I wish I could have had a job lined up like my brother before graduation!  For me, I graduated and did not get a job until October.  I accepted a job in something I did not want to do at all, and I absolutely hated it, but it was a job.  I was able to then get a job in my field in the Spring of the following year.  So sometimes you just have to get some crap job, part time job, etc. until you can get into what you want.  I have been with my current firm for 3+ years and I love it, so it was worth all the aggravation and wait to get what I wanted.

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I graduated with my Bachelor’s in BA as well.  Where are you located?  Definitely reach out to recruiters – they can really help you get your foot in the door to some places!  Best of luck!!

PS:  Make sure when you’re submitting your resumes to positions, that you’re tailoring your resume to fit the position.  I’m not saying fudge it, I’m saying that if you have experience doing A, and the job posting mentions doing A, make sure you mention that you have experience doing A on your resume!

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Can you go back and get your MBA? Honestly everyone has a business degree anymore, having an MBA is almost necessary now. I think that’d be your best bet for the long run and still trying to work wherever you can while in school to get experience. 

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WeddingBells2014:  I have a completely different back ground from yours and our experiences are different as well, but I thought i should comment just to share what my job search was like. I’m an attorney in the US so the way getting a job works it that you must get an internship for your second year which hopefully will translate to a full time offer upon graduation and if you dont, you’re 98% screwed.

I sent out over 70 packets of resumes, cover letters, writing samples, and references. I applied to jobs i wasnt qualified for, jobs i was over qualified for, i just applied to for jobs because i needed one. Of that 70, I got 30 interviews, which means i got over 40 rejection letters. Man that left a bruised ego. I stopped opening letters for a while because it was just so depressing. Of those 30 interviews, I got 4 second round interviews, which meant that I got another 26 rejection letters! Just imagine what that could do for your self-esteem…. then one Thursday in September, I got a call saying that my current employer wanted to extend an offer… and I cried!! out of pure joy, i cried…. and said yes…

I wanted to give you my story to let you know that when you think that you have done enough, do some more. yes the rejection hurts but everyone gets rejected and its the natural process of going  through the interview process. and finally the most important to piece to hold on to is that you just need ONE. One person to take a chance on you, one person to say yes. JUST ONE!! for me it was 1 in 70… but i got 1, and i can tell you, it was the best feeling in the world!

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WeddingBells2014:  Join a local professional association and attend meetings.  Apply for everything, even things that aren’t quite exactly what you want because the longer you are enemployed, the more difficult it will be to secure a job.

I graduated from law school in May 2008 but I didn’t secure my first full time position as an attorney until October 2010.  By October 2008 I had my license to practice law but the large firms were closing whole divisions which filled the market with attorneys that had many years of experience which blasted my judicial internship out of the water.

I interviewed often but nothing was happening so I finally took a full time position at a doctor’s office answering phones, scheduling appointments, and verifying insurance.  On the side I completed a few pro bono cases and a few contracted jobs for some firms.  It took another two years before I was finally offered a full time position and the thing that sealed the job for me was my experience with medical records at the doctor’s office.

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Have you had someone experienced look over your cover letter too? A really great cover letter can get you in the door for an interview even if you have less experience than other applicants. Also don’t worry about full time worry limiting you. People have been figuring out how to go on job interviews while working full time for ages and it’s really not that hard (plus interviewers usually know this too and can set up a time that is easier, like near the end of the day or early before the other job starts).

Honestly a week long job search is nothing to worry over. I Was looking for work for 6 months once and I knew I’d find something eventually.  In the meantime try to stay in your field as much as possible even if it’s a “lower” job. Avoid call Centre and retail if you can (eg take any sort of office job over it) because it will add to your business experience and companies often have room for advancement. 

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WeddingBells2014:  One of the most flexible jobs out there is substitute teaching and they are almost always hiring! And usually pay a little bit better than minimum wage. I subbed when I was just out of college and I was always able to pick and choose what days I wanted to work and if I didn’t want to work that day, I didn’t even have to call in-I just didn’t accept a job that day. I’m sure every school district is different, but it wouldn’t hurt to check it out!

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WeddingBells2014:  Yes, I’m very frustrated that professors do this.  I graduated in 2009, which was somewhat toward the early part of the recession, and they basically told us as long as we have a good resume and a good GPA, we should be fine.  I assumed they’d stop giving out that advice since then!

The fact is that finding a job takes a lot of time and effort.  They shouldn’t try to sugarcoat things or make it seem like college graduates will have no trouble finding a job.  You will find one, but it will take some time.  You will most likely apply for a boatload of jobs before you get an offer.  This doesn’t reflect negatively on you, it’s just reality.

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend going to graduate school unless that’s what you want to do anyway.  Even those with Master’s degrees, PhD’s, JDs, etc., usually spend a good amount of time on the job search.

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