(Closed) Can't help but laugh at this FB post… Would you?

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Haha a lot of these replies are awesome!

I’ll start by saying I’m one of the laziest Facebook users ever.  I rarely post anything (pictures or otherwise), leave the same profile picture up for years (my previous profile picture was literally up for 5 years before I bothered to change it), and I usually just do a quick scroll through my feed.  I’ll comment on or like certain pictures or statuses, but I usually reserve that for my closer friends.

Since I’m obviously a super lazy Facebook user, I have never bothered to block certain people from my feed.  I always think I’ll take the time to do it, but then I get distracted or bored and log out.  So when I actually do take the time to read through my feed more carefully (these times are few and far between), I am always amused at the random shit people post for all to see.  (And maybe that’s a reason not to block them?)

Some recent things that made me go, “WTF?”:

– A girl I went to high school with posts a ton of pictures.  Some of them are legitimately cool or interesting, but most of them are random selfies with an “artistic” flair … Basically this means she thinks she’s a supermodel.  She’s not ugly, but she’s no supermodel.

– The same girl mentioned above also posts a lot of Pic Stitch photos.  I downloaded the app to my phone, and it’s actually kind of fun to play with.  My complaint here is that she does a Pic Stitch photo for everything she does.  It’s like: “Quiet night in with music!” and then a Pic Stitch photo featuring an “artistic” selfie, a wine bottle, and her iPod.  It’s like, “Thanks for the visual.  I would never know what “a quiet night in with music” referred to without the pictures!”  Haha.  Maybe I’m just mean, though.

– Another girl I went to high school with posts ridiculously close up selfies all the time.  I think she changes her profile picture at least twice a day (so does the Pic Stitch girl) because I constantly see “X changed their profile picture” on my feed.  I then scroll down a bit and see “X changed their profile picture” again.  Sometimes these profile picture updates are within 30 minutes of one another.  Yikes.  She also constantly mentions how pretty and beautiful she is.  She’s a cute girl, but she seems to think she’s much better looking than she actually is.

– Oh, and close-up selfie girl and Pic Stitch girl post a shit ton of hashtags in every status.  I like to think they’ve linked their Twitter and Facebook accounts, but I kind of think they just do it because they think it’s cool.

– A friend from high school’s mom added me (and a bunch of our other high school friends) on Facebook a while back, and I don’t think she quite gets it.  She posts constantly and most of the posts are incoherent … It’s like she hit “submit” before she finished her thought or something.  She also likes every single thing everyone posts.  Someone might say something like, “I’ve been so sick all week.  I can’t keep any food down and I’m exhausted!” and she’ll like it.  I see this and think, “So you like that X has been puking her guts out all week?”  Like I said, I’m sure she just doesn’t get it, but that still cracks me up.

– I also have several people who love to share every detail of their lives (including way Too Much Information stuff).  I’m an incredibly open person (with close friends and family) in real life and I’ll post a lot of personal things on the Bee, but sharing that kind of stuff on Facebook with your 300+ “friends” is just too much for me.  I think some of it is done solely for attention, particularly from one girl I went to high school with.  Sometimes, though, it makes me a little sad because I wonder if they just genuinely don’t have anyone they’re close to in real life that they can talk to.

– This is probably the thing that makes me most confused, though: People who address their Facebook statuses to people who don’t use Facebook.  To clarify, I’ll give a recent example.  My future mother-in-law (whom I love dearly, but she still did this so I have to use the example!) posted on my fiance’s birthday, “Happy birthday [insert name here]!  I love you and hope you have a great day!”  That’s sweet, but he deleted his Facebook almost 3 years ago.  He very rarely looks at my feed when I’m logged in, and if he does, it’s usually because I’m showing him a cute picture of his nieces that was posted. He has never seen the status his mom made on his birthday (and she knows he doesn’t have Facebook).  I just find that odd.

There are probably other things I could think of, but these immediately came to mind.  I actually spent some time reading through my feed the other day, so I’m sure that’s why there were so many things that stood out as weird, annoying, and/or amusing.  Every time I take the time to read through everything I remember why I don’t use Facebook more often.

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@alotlikelove:  I think we all have people on our friends list like that lol.


I have an aunt who gives a play by play of her day. She will post numerous ones through out the day.

Example: Going to take my medicine, play POGO, take a shower, and then Im going to bed. Goonight FB!


or is she is going to be on for an extended period she’ll let everyone know what she is doing and they can reach her by phone.


Bless her heart! 🙂

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Oh, and, I have an uncle who posts EVERYTHING he’s doing, including what he’s eating. 

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This is the best board ever!  This shit is hilarious, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this.  

I hate when people like photos about Jesus or sick babies or whatever else and if you ignore them you are going to hell or don’t care.  Nothing is going to change whether I like that photo or not.  

Another person on FB, admittedly he is my cousin, is soooooo in love with this girl he has known for about 3 months, which would be fine except for that he tags her in 700 million mushy, lovey dovey photos a day.  

Another person posts everything she’s cleaned so far that day, and everything she is about to clean.  I get that you are a stay at home mom, but I don’t need to know what you’ve cleaned every day.  I’d rather see cute photos of your kids.

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One of my FB friends posted a while back:

“Owwww! Box just dropped on my foot! Hurts so dam [sic] bad.”

Uh, did you just live update your FB to tell the world this? Is that the first thing you thought when you dropped a box on your foot? Oh, this would be a great FB update!


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I had to remove my Father-In-Law from my news feed because the things he likes were grossing me out. Things along the lines of “FiL likes Fantasy Girl Entertainment” or “FIL likes bikini mud wresting”.Frown


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One of my favorites is “Running so late for work!” 

Um…. so don’t facebook!

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@BruinBeeMPH:  I’ve got one of those too! I ended up blocking her because it drives me NUTS.

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The workout ones drive me nuts, as does this girl I call Eeyore because EVERYTHING is doom and gloom. Like, fair enough if you actually are undergoing something horrible but she whines about things that absolutely everyone hates, like the weekend being over, and acts like it’s some severe form of suffering that only she endures.

That, and her updates happen several times a day and go like this:

“Late for work :(“

“On the way to work”

“Seven hours to go at work”

“Bored at work”

“Lunch break”

“Oh customers LOLZ”

“Two hours of work”

etc. What are you doing at work that you have so much free time to spend on Facebook!

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@allyfally:  You had a Snapewife?  I was hoping Snapewives were just a joke, but this is the internet, and I should know better.

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I’ve tagged Fiance and myself at a military recruitment office (just for laughs, since we’re both WAY too chubby and lazy to join). I like to occasionally do silly stuff like that. Part of me has the overwhelming urge to post ‘in the bathroom. note to self: buy more air freshener…’ or something off the wall. 😀

And yes, I have a cousin, and an acquaintance, that post every trip to the gym, every jog/run session, etc.

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I think I’m THAT friend! I’m always posting pics of my cats or dogs lol! But wait, those are cute right? Right guys???

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