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How about on your lunch break or other breaks at work you walk a few laps around the building? Take the stairs rather than the elevator. Take a break and do some stretches.

I gained back the weight I lost before the wedding so I’ve started back in on the 30 Day Shred which I love because it’s only 20 minutes. We also try to keep healthy snacks like homemade hummus and veggies or lavash crackers around rather than jumping for chips or whatever.

I also pretty much get all of our recipes from Skinnytaste.com, her stuff is DELICIOUS and super healthy (and she includes all the WW points if you’re on that plan). We have loved every single thing we’ve made off her site.

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I gained a lot of weight after the wedding as well and I have found that the only thing that really works well for me diet wise is Weight Watchers. I like that it gives you the room to eat stuff like fries and chocolate (which I crave, a lot) just have to do it moderation. I use my smart phone when I am out and about to keep track of points.  I also work out a little, I use EA Sports Active for the Wii since it is easy and it only takes 20 minutes, I can do it in the house and don’t have to leave.

The biggest help for me is that Darling Husband is so supportive and helps me keep track of my points, he will work out with me if I am lacking the motivation. He is honestly really great about everything and he knows that I want to lose the weight, so he supports me in that, yes sometimes it hurts when he says “So how many points you have left?’ when I’m eating a fudge bar but I know he is doing what I asked him to do.

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Busy Beekeeper

I’ve struggled with obesity for most of my life (I’m 5’6″ – the highest weight around 230 – maybe more, I refused to step on a scale), I went down the high 160’s (in prep for friend’s wedding – I didn’t want to be the ‘fat’ Bridesmaid or Best Man anymore).  I maintained that for about 5 years and then had some health/stress issues, and started dating Darling Husband (going out more, working out less) and found myself at almost 190 pounds at the time I got engaged.  I couldn’t find motivation to work out – even thought the wedding was looming and I knew dress shopping was going to be a nightmare.  Having a long (14 month) engagement was probably part of the problem – it wasn’t until 7 months out I got serious and got down to 145 for the wedding.  I never ‘found’ the motivation – I just made myself change one day.  

Kind of random -but I’m realizing I equate it to getting out of bed in the morning.  I love sleeping and snuggling in my cozy bed.  I’m 99.9% of the time late to work, because I stay in bed too long.  To get out of bed – I just HAVE to do it.  I sometimes have a little pep talk with myself:  “self, you aren’t going to stay in bed all day and you have to go to work – so, just DO it.”  It’s kind of ridiculous – but getting serious about losing weight is kind of the same thing for me.  There’s no ‘magic’ motivation – it’s pretty much being sick of how my body/life IS and just deciding that TODAY will be different.

Since I’ve struggled with weight all my life, it’s a DAILY effort for me.  Post-wedding has been the MOST CHALLENGING period – because there’s no event to look towards (which has been key to my 2 major weight loss periods).  Coming to the boards for support has REALLY helped me think through things – including how I view food, etc.

The other thing that is CHANGING my life is following an eating plan like this:


I don’t weigh or measure my food, I’m no longer scared that what I eat is going to make me blow up, I know I’m eating much healthier than I ever have before – and, I’m actually sad about how much I used to push myself because I was fueling my body in a crazy fashion (very low-fat, high carb, so-so protein) and doing crazy cardio at the gym.


@ams12:  when you lose the 3 pounds and then put it back on – what are you doing differently?  I’m guessing it’s diet related – at least, that’s always my downfall.  That insanity workout is a good one – but I’m guessing you aren’t fueling your body enough which is why you don’t have the energy.  Doing simple things like jump rope or sit ups/pushups/squats and reps of those is a good way to get some exercise in.  If you are eating a lot of junk, you aren’t going to see the scale budge until you are ready to get rid of it.  

I gained 15 pounds the 8 weeks after the wedding (I went crazy, eating too much on the honeymoon and eating WAY too many processed sugary foods).  I’ve been working since January to get it off – I only recently realized that I needed to cut out fruit because of how my body responds to sugar… and that’s been a lifesaver and I’m starting to see progress again and am 3 pounds away from my wedding weight and have 18 pounds left to get to my goal weight of 130.

re: DH’s snacks – I totally know what you mean.  That was definitely part of my post-wedding weight gain (BBQ chips, mini-peanut butter cups – you name it – I was in snack heaven).  As I’ve changed my eating habits – we’ve had less and less junk in the house.  It’s certainly helped to not have it on-hand.  If you find yourself being tempted by it – have him move it to a less obvious area of the kitchen – like, instead of it being in the pantry, where you first look – put it in the top corner cupboard or something – so you don’t see it all the time.

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take a walk.. everyday just do a little walking.. It really helps. Dont be so down on yourself the weight will come off, ya just gotta make it 🙂

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Hey there! i got the womens health videos called “look better nakid” theres three options 1. cardio or 2. strength its only 20 minutes plus 5 min warm up/cooldown its a good way to start because its only 20 minutes the days i feel energized i do option 3 which is both sections a total of 50 minutes.  The workout video is good not too intense but enough to kick start a work out routine.  Good Luck!!

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