(Closed) Can't seem to lose weight…needing some THINspiration from my fellow Bees!

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maybe I’m being too sensitive, but your title might be triggering to girls that have or are recovering from EDs (specifically, the word “thinspiration”- wasn’t expecting to see that on the Bee). Not trying to be a party pooper, please post away, just thought you should know

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You can do it! I am an avid Weight Watchers cheerleader, we have a support board on here! 

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I have lost 70 pounds before. You just have to have dedication and once you decide just stick with it!!

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I agree.  “thinspiration” has a particular connotation that isn’t healthy.

Nonetheless OP, you can do this!  Diet makes a much, much bigger difference than does exercise.  Even if you can’t exercise, you can eat lean healthy delicious meals. 

Here’s a general meal plan that works for me. I try to eat eat an egg + egg whites for breakfast, a giant salad with lots of veggies / avocado / craisins / grilled chicken for lunch, and some form of healthy stir fry or soup / stew for dinner.  If you make one big batch of grilled chicken and a big crockpot of stew or wok of stir fry per week, it’s super easy and healthy.

(The best way to do grilled chicken that I’ve found is to buy breasts on sale, freeze the extra with marinade in big ziplocks, then thaw them, and broil them in a pan on each side for ~5 minutes.  For soup, any kind of broth-based soup or stew with a decent amount of veggies will be pretty damn healthy.  A crock pot is key here!)

Good luck!  You can do this.  Don’t let your lack of exercise get you into a funk.  You can still regulate your diet and drop a ton of weight and look gorgeous on your wedding day!!!

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Thinspiration will just drag down your self esteem.  Trust me, avoid it at all costs.  Focus on eating healthy and eventually you will have a healthy body to match your healthy habits.  I’d recommend LoseIt.  It’s an app you can add to your phone or just log on your computer if you’d rather.  It’s a really simple (and free!) way to keep track of your calories.  Check out the forums there, the people are so knowledgeable about weight loss.  They’ll be able to give you some concrete advice on how much you should be eating if you can’t exercise right now.  http://forums.loseit.com/forums/list.page

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@MissThespian:  Thinspiration is frequently used on pro eating disorder boards and sites (yes, these sadly exist). In that context it is usually pictures of very unhealthy women.

I know that wasn’t your intention though ๐Ÿ™‚

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Water exercises would be a wonderful thing if there was someplace that you could go.  It is non weighbearing and a good workout.  Even if all you did was walking laps.  Check into a therapy healthplex type setting, your insurance might even pay for it (possibly for therapy? because of your bone conditon.  ask your doctor’s office for a recommendation)  Good luck!

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@farawayviolet:  I had never heard about the thinspiration thing before, I was wondering what the issue with the thread title was… that’s so sad. Definitely NOT something I will be looking up. 

@lolot:  Great diet suggestions. Totally agree that reforming eating habits can make a big difference even if exercise isn’t possible at the moment. Gotta love the crock pot- a few times a year I break it out and go a little nuts preparing lots of freezable food and packing it into single portion-sized containers to store in the freezer. Basically the type of stuff that lolot recommended- veggie stews, chili, bean soups, curries, even pasta works fine. I’m way too lazy to prep lunch to take to work every day- being able to just toss a pre-made meal into my lunch bag has made it a lot easier to eat better!

Stick with it and don’t give up… changing even the smallest habits will add up over the long run!

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I swear by the South Beach diet. I can have all kinds of cheese, and a tablespoon of peanut butter and a glass of milk was what i had for dessert this evening.

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@MissThespian:  I am so sorry to hear about your condition! I too gained weight since being with my SO…though more so because of grad school than him. One way I stopped and have begun reversing the trend is cutting out processes grains (bread, pasta, etc) and drastically cutting processes starches and sugars. Start drinking tea with no dairy or sugar just honey and lemon (esp black and green).The tea helps replace the flavor of cokes and fights inflamation.

I have found zuchini pasta is amazing! Just cooking my food has helped me lose when I can’t exercise or walk due to work load. When I do have a spare moment I try tp choose active activities like walking or gardening or even the occasional skate!

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Like a previous poster said weightloss is really 80% diet and only 20% exercise. I went from 265 lbs to about 125lbs a few years ago just by counting my calories and I didn’t start exercising until about the last few lbs. I HATED exercise. 


I’m so sorry to hear about your condition, but please don’t let your being unable to really exercise discourage you… it is completely possible…. you just have to work with what you can do ๐Ÿ™‚ Any movement is going to burn calories, so please keep that in mind.  Walking and water exercises are both extremely good exercises if you can.

I don’t know if you are, but I’m DEFINITELY one of those people who can’t completely cut out the junk food.  I have to have a little or else I’ll binge on it later.  The first things that worked for me where to just simply start cutting out (or atleast WAY back on) one bad thing at a time.  First I cut out fast food, and if I absolutely had to get it, I’d get just the burger or chicken sandwich… no fries.

Then I cut out diet soda. I was shocked how much weight I dropped just cutting out DIET soda. It made me crave sugary stuff like crazy so I ended up eating a lot more even the soda has no calories.

Other than that my tips would be:

– Count the calories, and you can still incorporate a little junk food if you need to, just make sure it fits into your calorie alotment for the day.

– Move as much as you can. Every little bit helps, and it will add up.

– Fiber and protien is awesome! The combination of a high protien high fiber meal will fill me up for hours! If I don’t have protein with a meal I will be hungry very soon after. And don’t be afraid of fats… just make sure they are good fats! (nuts, olive oil, canola oil)

– Also if you can tolerate caffiene, I really recommend green tea and black coffee. It will really help boost your metabolism!


Good Luck! You can do this. Just take it one step at a time, and don’t beat yourself up if you slip a little. Just try to do better next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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@MissThespian:  I am so sorry you are going through this. I would highly reccommend counseling to you. You need to get to the root cause of your eating disorder.  Many times our physical transformation need to start with our mental transformation.  I was an emotional eater.  I had to deal with the issues that caused me to turn to food and then I had to choose a new way to deal with my emotions instead of turning to food. It’s a process, but counseling is worth it.  Health is worth it.  I sincerely wish you the best.

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