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I feel you!  I’m 30 weeks and have had trouble sleeping almost this entire pregnancy, but it’s really starting to get ridiculous now.  I also was a stomach sleeper with a lot of movement throughout the night.  Now that I’m big, every time I try to move, it wakes me up!  UGH!

I have a C-shaped pregnancy pillow which does help… I like lying on my side with the bottom of the pillow between my legs, then leaning back on the long end of the pillow behind me.  It helps because it feels more like I’m lying on my back but I’m really not.

Lately it has been hard for me to lie flat in any position because the weight of the baby makes me feel like I can’t breathe and I also have awful reflux.  So I have a complicated system of additional pillows which prop me up.  Usually at some point in the night, I get rid of them all and lie flat on my side with just the pregnancy pillow and one head pillow.

I also get hot at night so I sleep with a cold water bottle at my feet, lol.

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Honey bee

You can still sleep on your back! You may just need to prop up with pillows a bit, but it’s doable. If you start to get dizzy, or your legs go numb, or the baby starts kicking lots and lots, then you’ll need to move, but sleeping on your back isn’t a 100% no go.

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Not a dr, but I am pretty sure the reason they say not to sleep in certain positions is because it can cut off blood flow and cause problems for you and baby.  This happened to me once during a long ultrasound where they were pressing on my belly.  I felt suddenly dizzy and overheated and sick, with a strong urge to sit up.  As soon as I sat up, I was fine.  In my opinion, you would know if this was happening to you, and the best position is likely the one where you are most comfortable.  They usually say lay on your left side because that is least likely to restrict blood vessels, but if you are uncomfortable, that is your body telling you to move to a new position for some reason.  I think it is good to listen to your body.

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Blushing bee

I remember it well! Once I hit the third trimester I had restless leg syndrome and constant leg cramps all.night.long. Between my constant shuffling legs, walking off cramps and peeing, I logged a lot of midnight miles. 

No advice unfortunately, nothing I did ever really helped me. On the plus side, I was a lack of sleep expert by the time my son was here. 

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llevinso :  I slept in our recliner almost every other day, for different reasons.  One day my hips would be killing me from sidelying.  Another I’d have major RLS and not want to bother my husband.  Then I’d get a nice attack of heartburn.  Even now that my little one has arrived and all my problems magically vanished, I still spend the night on the recliner sometimes… when he can’t sleep and needs to spend the night in his swing.  Give that a whirl if you have one, you can keep it upright enough not to worry about the cutoff vein.

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Sugar bee

Yep my hips felt horrible sleeping on my side. I would either put a pillow between my knees or prop pillows up behind me so I could sleep on my back. Memory foam on the mattress also helped. It drove me nuts when people would tell me to enjoy sleep now, since it will be non existent when baby comes. That earned many a middle finger from me. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

llevinso :  I swear it’s just your body getting used to sleep deprivation before the baby comes lol. The Snoogle was the only way I got sleep, but it still wasn’t an uninterrupted night. 

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My doctor told me to sleep in whatever position was comfortable, and if something was wrong my body would let me know. I slept flat on my back. I found it more comfortable to be propped up a little, though. I also sleep with a fan on my side of the bed, because I have been a hot sleeper all my life.

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Busy bee

I slept in my back through most of the last trimester. 

You will wake up and want to move if laying on your back causes any issues. 

You can also prop yourself slightly to one side with a pillow if necessary

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Helper bee
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Agree. You can totally sleep on your back. I’m 37 weeks and sleep on my back every night switching to sides whenever bc I’m just a restless sleeper. Dr never told me I couldn’t sleep on my back, it’s just a thing I’ve seen on the internet. I’m sure if it’s something you’re really not supposed to do they would have told me with the whole “no raw fish or soft cheese” talk lol. I also agree with pp that your body will tell you if something’s wrong. Ps sleeping on my left side is most uncomfortable bc of how she’s positioned so I don’t think it’s one size fits all p

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Ugh, I feel you OP.  I was a back and stomach sleeper before getting pregnant.  I’m 30 weeks now and definitely have a elaborate pillow system set up for sleeping.  I have a c-shaped pregnancy pillow, plus one normal pillow that goes under the top end for my head, another pillow at the bottom that goes between my legs (along with the bottom of the c-pillow) plus an extra firm pillow that’s propped on it’s side along the middle of the c-pillow to lean against.  It does pretty good.

I’ve also found that couches are WONDERFUL for sleeping.  They’re typically more firm than beds and the back is great for support.

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Busy bee

Im right there with you! Im 31 weeks this week and the only way I have managed to get any sleep with the heartburn and hip/back/leg/legament pain is getitng my hubby to go and buy me a recliner chair. I usually start the night off in the recliner, I manage to sleep on my side and ocassionally on my back and then by around 3.30am I’m up to pee for the second time and I usually can get a few hours in bed before it’s time to get up.

It has made a massive difference for me maybe something to consider!

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