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Helper bee
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I hear ya on this one – although ear plugs work for me for the most part. I go to bed before Darling Husband and usually, if i’m already asleep, I don’t hear him, but occasionally he still wakes me up at night.

I googled solutions, and the few that came up were:

dental appliance. This keeps  the lower jaw forward and keeps the tongue from falling to the back of the mouth.

I think there is a numbing spray or something.

there is a surgery as well, but that seems a bit extreme.

I find when Darling Husband has only one pillow, rather than 2-3  that he likes, he’s less likely to snore.

At sears, there is a snoring pillow – I dunno if it works, but it’s there. I guess it’s supposed to position and “hold” the head in a specific way?

I’ll keep tabs on this too to see if anyone else has suggestions.

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Buzzing bee
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What about a white noise machine or a fan? That might be just enough of a cover so you can sleep.

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My SO has restless legs & periodic limb movement disorder, and if we sleep in the same bed, I’m often woken up multiple times by the bed shaking from him moving his legs in his sleep. I get soooo crabby and overemotional without sleep, and it was causing us to fight a lot more. What has worked for us was to sleep in separate bedrooms when his legs were feeling crazy… I know you wrote that you think it is making you more distant from each other, but for us, we felt so much better and were able to be more loving towards each other after we both got a good nights sleep. In order to stay connected, he will “tuck me in” to bed and we cuddle until one of us gets tired, and I will slip over to his bed in the morning for a few minutes before I get ready for work.


I hope you find something that works for you guys!

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Buzzing bee
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I’ve seen those dental applianced on T.V.  I don’t know if they work but it seems like it would be worth a try.

My best friend’s husband sleeps in the basement during the week because of his snoring.  That way both of them can sleep.  They sleep together in the master bedroom on the weekends because neither of them has to wake up early and go to work.  

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Bee Keeper
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My brother and his wife had this problem.  My brother finally went to the dr. who sent him for a sleep study. He has very bad sleep apnea.  They gave this machine thing that fits over his face and no more snoring.  Now they both get rest.

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Busy Beekeeper
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OMG I’m so glad you started this thread, I was going to start one today too.

I’m having the same problem. My Fiance snores like crazy. I started wearing ear plugs and even with that I can’t sleep cuz I can still hear him snore. If I try to nudge him for him to stop I can bitched at that I woke him up, argghh… He snores in every single position which is nuts!

I’ve asked him to try those strips to see if it would help, hopefully it will help. I’ll keep you updated. I’ll def keep checking these posts to see what else is recommended. Good luck

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Bee Keeper
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Same problem here. My husband only snores a few periods a year (month or two at a time) and right now is one of them. (It is from congestion-he gets this often!) Since Sunday, he has been sleeping in the guest room. Otherwise, I was not getting ANY sleep. The last few nights I have actually slept and we are both happy. Do I like sleeping apart? No! But is it more important for me to get a good sleep and not wake up every 10 minutes. YES!!! We have white noise (loud fan) and it doesn’t help me, as I’m a light sleeper. This is our only solution! Oh, forgot to mention he tried the breathe right strips, too. They didn’t do anything. This is a very common problem and I hope you can find a solution that works for you. I feel ya. Good luck!!

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Busy bee
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Has he tried those Breathe Right nose strips? I don’t know how much they actually work for snoring but they seriously make your feel like your nose’s capacity has doubled.

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Bumble bee
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I have this problem too.  But I refuse to sleep apart from him.  

I happened upon a solution by accident.  I’m not sure I can really recommend this long term, as I’m guessing it’s probably not all that good for you.  I’ve been doing it for more than a year with no adverse affects (at least that I know of).  

One night, my hay fever was really bad right before bed. I took two Benadryl y) and was asleep BEFORE he started to snore.   I didn’t think much of it until the next time I felt I needed them late at night. I realized the next morning that I had again fallen right to sleep.

Now I take two Benadryl about 20 minutes before I plan to go to bed every night. They make me sleepy enough that I either fall asleep despite the snoring or that I fall asleep before he even starts.

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Busy bee
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Fiance snores while lying on his back and it drives me crazy. We keep a small fan running during the night for white noise. Usually when he starts to snore I give him a light jab and he’ll roll over on his side

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Honey bee
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lol sorry, I’m the snorer in our relationship.  Fiance has to fall asleep before me, otherwise he can’t sleep otherwise he goes to another room.  Also he’ll kick me or wake me up if I’m on my back. I don’t have any other advice because that’s what works for us!

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