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I am so sorry ๐Ÿ™ i understand where you’re coming from, i am very emotional too, i cry easily, i have trouble hiding my emotions. occasionally i would cry at work, but in the bathroom so no one could see me, i didn’t have a very stressful job (just data entry and filing mainly) but got stressed out really easily. i went to the doctor and got diagnosed with depression, i have been seeing a psychiatrist for about 6 months, and that has really helped me. is that an option for you? talking it out helps a lot!

if you want to, feel free to PM me

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I went through that and it only really resolved itself when I found a new job. Possibly look at what is really upsetting you: is it the wedding being over? Do you hate your job? Do you have issues with your manager? Do you have issues with your self esteem?

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I totally cried for 3 days last week- morning, noon and night. I felt like I was going seriously crazy because I couldn’t control it. I am definitely an emotional person, but this was over the top. Luckily, in my case, it seems to be related to my period. It was late and I think my hormones must have been going really crazy. Once I got my period, my emotional state returned to normal. Thank God! Could it be hormonal for you?

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Sorry i don’t have any helpful advice for you OP but this was really strange for me because I’ve had a horrible time at work since I got back from my honeymoon also. I never put it to Post Wedding Blues, but perhaps you are right! I did quit my job, just last Friday and get to start a new exciting role next week! If you’re unhappy at work it’s time you look for a new job. Life is too short.

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Sure it could be part of the fact that you are coming off a Wedding & Honeymoon high (isn’t that an amazing part of your life) natural to be so in awe of it.

But more than likely, after having such a GREAT thing happen to you, you’ve come back to reality and can now SEE just how appalling the situation at work really is.

Being out of the fray gave you a whole new perspective.

Sorry… you are going thru this.

Over the course of my career I’ve had all kinds of jobs… some great ones, some ok ones, and some memorable BECAUSE of all awful they were (be it the job, the boss, or the workplace drama)

Life is short… ya really don’t need to bog yourself down in bad stuff

I realize that jobs can be hard to come by right now… BUT it seriously sounds like you should start looking for a new one (really not unusual for newlyweds to see themselves in a NEW light / place in life, and recreate themselves)

That is… unless in the “restructuring” you think there might be a good reason to stay on… I know that when companies go thru this stuff it can suck… (been there done that)

BUT down the road you might end up in a better position… or there may be a buy-out coming and if you leave now, you won’t qualify for it (that happened to me once… I pulled the trigger too soon… just couldn’t cope anymore… if I had held on for another 60 days or so, I would have seen a year’s salary offered for leaving… Oh well)

In any case, you don’t need the aggravation / stress.  And could be out doing something else you would LOVE so much more than this.  So don’t feel bad if you do decide to jump ship.

Hope this helps (( HUGS ))


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I am emotional too and I am soo sorry you are having these feelings my heart truly goes out to you. I know it is more important to try to seek counseling to get an understanding of why you are so emotional. It could be coming down of the emotional high of getting married, the job and its transition, or your unhappiness of what is going on. Either way  it is unhealthy to feel this way everyday. Please seek professional help because it is important to have good mental health.

Take care

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You’ll feel better if you update your resume, and every time your get sad send out an application. It’s a reminder that your job does not own you, and you do have options. 

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It seems to me you might be with wedding blues, yes..complicated by the work stress!!!! I felt terrible a couple of weeks ago and for me what worked was TIME and 2 weeks holidays at the beach (wedding and honeymoon in June, holidays in August). I guess now isn’t the right time to take some time off, right? Try and have a good time during the weekend, go somewhere where you can truly, truly relax and then yes, try and find a new job!!! Good luck!

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Maybe you keep too much inside. I always talk to my mom in these situations. Thougt sometimes it seems that she does not quite understand my case, but as long as there is someone listening and someone you love….

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I’ve been in that situation with a job before. I felt like such a screw up because it seemed like everybody else thought it was just fine, but I couldn’t stand the politics, or being jerked around (constantly changing my job description, pay cycles, etc.) I just hated it so much.

It’s time to look for a new job.

Even just looking will help, because it means you’re taking positive steps toward making it better.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eat well, exercise, and take a few minutes when you get home to do something that helps you unwind. Read a book for half an hour, or do some yoga or something. You probably can’t eliminate your job as a source of stress until you find a new one, but you can do some things to help yourself cope with it better. (For me, running helps a lot.)

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