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@CinderellaSoon:  How long have you been following the program that you’ve been on to lose the weight that you’ve lost?  Have you been depriving yourself of certain categories of foods, such as sugar and other carbs? Perhaps you’ve deprived yourself for such a long time that your body is now starting to crave them?

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Yeah, I think about food. The only thing that works for me is breaking the cycle and being miserable for a few days, then my brain goes back to normal. You just have to put on the brakes before you get too depressed about it.

Try taking 2-3 days of just WATER, veggies, and lean meats (aka low carb) to “break the addiction” and then get back on the horse! YOU CAN DO IT!!

Mind over mouth.

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@CinderellaSoon:  Oh, bless you. I could not ever do that. I’ve gained and lost and re-gained a lot of weight over my liftetime, but the one thing I would not be able to do is to give up whole categories of foods. I am someone who must have moderation and flexibility built into my eating plans. 

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I would try eating more protein. It might fill you up more so you don’t feel the need to snack so much. Have you tried protein shakes? You can get some pretty yummy chocolate ones that will fill up your stomach and fight your sweets craving. 

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I have struggled with food and eating my whole life, I am a binge eater and an emotional eater and growing up I was never really taught healthy eating habbits so my relationship with food is pretty unhealthy.  One thing that I am realizing (partly through forums like this) is that many people have these unhealthy relationships with food/eating- so it helps to know that other people are expriencing the same struggle.

I also struggle with hiding or sneaking food, and I think the minute you have to “sneak” that is a sign of big problem, I try to be honest about what I eat, even it I did eat 1/2 a carton of ice cream! Sh!t happens!

I think the important thing to remember is not to beat yourself up.  When you are laying in bed at night obsessing about what you ate try to change your thought pattern to something positive that you did- or something positive that you will do tomorrow.

It is also really helpful to keep a food journal.  If you are craving chips, you can look back in your book to see how long its been since you snacked on chips.  This might help you decide if you really want to consume those calories, or if you would rather not.

I also struggle with all or nothing or black and white thinking and find in my own expirience that when you are super strict with yourself binging on junk foods is a result.  It is not realistic to eat perfectly healthy all the time, there are going to be slip ups.  This is why I have found that Weight Watchers to be the healthiest weight loss tool for me, you can eat what you want without feeling guilty and it teaches you portion control.

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@CinderellaSoon:  are you exercising 5-6 times a week (at least 45 min for each session) and mixing cardio + strength together? There is absolutely no shortcut around working out (at that level, or even more), and there is no way you can lose weight correctly and keep it off if you only focus on diet. There shouldn’t be a single week between now and your wedding where you work out less than 4 times in the week, unless there is a phenomenally good reason.

If you work out consistently, you will crave those foods less. You won’t want to damage your diet because you will have spent so much time burning fat and calories through hard work and effort.

If it is a crazy obsession you have with junk food that you just cannot control mentally, working with a therapist or nutritionist may help you control your cravings better.

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I’m just finishing the 2nd day of a 21-day clean eating program (limited amounts of egg whites, lean protien, green vegetables, and a bit of fat (nuts, avacado) and it’s been REALLY hard.  I love to eat and drink (and my figure shows it!) but I’m close to my wedding and I want to look good!  I’ve also had a rough year and haven’t been taking care of myself and that’s not so healthy, either.

I’ve never thought so much about food in my life.  It’s depressing!  I’ve had issues with eating and my weight my whole life, so I know how hard your situation is. Before you binge or eat anything at all, stop, and ask yourself “why do I want to eat?” and “Would I eat vegetables right now?”, and write down the answers (seriously, it seems crazy but it helps with the impulse to emotionally eat).  If you’re truly hungry, eat vegetables or some grilled chicken (no junk) and then get outta there.    

Also, throw away the crap and stay AWAY from the kitchen during the times when you tend to binge or snack.  I will leave the house and walk my dog or go in my bedroom and read or something, ANYTHING, to reset my mind.  It’s really hard, like I get the same mental cravings of an addict, but I know it will get better.  

Hang in there, sister.  You can do it! 

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Random cravings like those you mentioned typically are indicators that you are not getting proper sleep and nutrition (from what you are eating).


Here are a couple of websites to help clue you in on what you are craving versus what your body is really needing:


BEST: http://www.naturopathyworks.com/pages/cravings.php

Just remember that the key to weight loss is not depriving yourself of foods your body needs but rather training it to crave and thrive on healthier options. You should never diet, instead change your habits and lifestyle. If you find yourself craving something naughty try to find a healthier alternative that you can eat to at least curb some of the intense craving. While I will never say a nectarine is the same as a donut or bag of oreos in deliciousness you eventually find yourself craving more nectarines and less likely to NEED those other options. It is a funny thing how we can rewire our brains.

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I want to suggest looking into the book wheat belly. It is very similar to paleo. It is difficult and requires will power, but I lost 20 pounds in 2 months with minimal exercise. Also, you get to eat cheese, nuts, etc. Also, look into using almond and coconut flours to bake things with. Both are very low I’m carbs, have protein, fiber, Etc. 

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I went through that over the past few months.  For be it’s a coping mechanism.  I have stop and I followed the 17 day diet and cut out most carbs.  I can truly say I no longer crave that stuff.  Good luck!!  You can do it!

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@CinderellaSoon:  First of all, Congratulations on your weight loss!  You have already lost a lot of weight and should be super proud of yourself. We all fall off the wagon sometimes, but you SHOULD NOT feel ashamed.

1). Please remember how wonderful you are. Your Fiance is marrying you because he loves you, fat, thin, naked, clothed, with hair and (after the wedding) will be contractually obligated to love you bald! Total honesty here, I struggle with my weight as well, but you need to refuse to let something like weight get in the way of you ENJOYING your life (or honeymoon!). I actually really like Jillian Michaels – not the biggest loser JM – but the normal one who is in her regular workout dvds, books, and podcast. One of the things I’ve heard her talk about is re-programming your brain to the way you think about yourself. I’m not a scientist so I’m obiously generalizing here, but when we are constantly negative about ourselves, our brain actually reinforces those neuron pathways. When we start forcing ourselves to think positively, it creates NEW pathways, and eventually thinking more affirmatively actually gets easier.

Try it. When you want to think something negative about yourself (/ catch yourself doing it), stop. Instead say/think something that is similar but actually positive. I.e., instead of “I’m a loser for falling off the bandwagon” you could say “I am strong and capable and have already lost a huge amoung of weight.”

2) Please don’t take diet pills. They are dangerous, and not good for your metabolism. If you’re going to take anything, I reccomend taking “Ally.” It’s expensive, but it’s the only FDA approved pill for a reason. Basically, it forces you to change your eating habits because once you take it, you can only eat something with so much fat in it. Honestly, I’m not sure if I think that’s a great idea because there are such a thing as “good fats” (nuts, avacados, etc in moderation.) But if you’ve been binging on nachos, etc. It might be what you need. 

3). Committ to yourself and your goal. You need to make an emotional connection to your goal. What is it that you want? Why? Do you want to be able to hike a mountain 6 months from now with DH? or even just look great in a bathing suit? Ok, well what will it feel like when you put on that bathing suit? What will the sun feel like on your body? What does it mean to you? Use this connection to get you through the tough times and stay committed to that goal. Girl, you’re getting married, you know how to committ! ; )

4). You actually just have to stop allowing yourself to obsess about food. This is tricky, but again, this is where the emotional connection comes in. For a while, it really is just a question of “Do I want these nachos right now or do I want the other, X goal?” or “Is this decision going to get me closer or farther away from my goal?”

5). Also, set yourself up for success, not failure. If you’re having a hard time avoiding Burger King at lunch.. Well, pack your lunch and take a different route to work. Don’t even drive by!

6). It’s actually not the healthiest, but it’s a big step up from soda. Have you ever tried club soda with a little bit of Crystal Light in it? They make all sorts of flavors of crystal Light (my favorite is Lemonade personally), and if you add it to club soda (I also suggest adding a few organic frozen berries for fun antioxidents and to make it pretty) it’s REALLY good. Zero calories and still has the bubbles so it feels like a treat. From there you could always add less and less crystal light to wean yourself to just drinking club soda. (This is what Darling Husband and I did. At first he thought I was crazy, but now loves club soda too!) And it’s a LOT cheaper than pop!

Look, in the end, it doesn’t really matter how much you weight. I’m sure that Darling Husband wants you to be the happiest, healthiest version of you so that you guys can enjoy your life together to the fullest extent possible. If you want to lose the weight, you can, you have already proven that. However, it’s also going to take a lot of soul searching to figure out why you’re sabotaging yourself, and what about losing the weight you might be afraid of. (For me, for example, I figured out that on some level I was afraid that my family and friends might actually judge me for being thinner and healthy because they aren’t). 

Good luck and lots of love!


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@blueskies7:  Oh yeah. This too. You absolutely must work out regularly. It helps with not just buring calories but also releasing endorphins that you probably have taught yourself to get from food (hence making the need to do it less) and will remind you just how strong you really are.

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