(Closed) Can’t stop eating junk. Advise please!

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The biggest thing for me: Keep it out of the house! And keep easy but healthy stuff around instead!

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First, and most importantly, I bet you look great no matter what.  But if you are really trying to train yourself better habits… drinking 1 slimfast meal replacement a day did a nice job teaching me what 200 calories felt like.  I also made a huge list of 100 calorie snacks that I liked (popcorn, string cheese, 2 fudgesickles).  With a little fitness every day, 1 replacement and a bunch of 100 cal snacks…I lost 12 pounds and only gained 2 back.

It is okay to eat whatever.  You just need to understand the calories you are taking in and perhaps burning.  I think slimfast just made a game of it for me.  I later bought some eat this and not that books that helped too since I eat out more than I should.  

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buy the book The Eat Clean Diet by tosca reno. its not a diet despite ots name. u eat more but u eat righy. i dont agree w diets like weight watchers or calorie counting

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Keep easy to grab snacks on hand!  I put almonds (with a few dark chocolate chips!) in small little containers that I can grab easily and take with me anywhere.  Same with baked pita chips and hummus, yummy and filling at the same time.

When you get home from the store, chop up veggies to snack on so it’s easier.  I’m a big potato chip person, and can’t stand the baked chips, but I’ve found Popchips to be an ok substitute.

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I agree with PP – Don’t keep what you don’t to eat in the house!!! AND, popchips – amazeballs. Esp. the salt & vinegar. Craisins, popcorn, hot drinks like coffee or lattes, string cheese, etc are great for me to grab. 

I also found that if I mentally think about how long I need to work out to burn off whatever I’ve got my eye on 😉 No brownie is worth 1.5 hrs of cardio. 

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That was me back in May-Aug.  I was house hunting and looking at venues every weekend all over the state (thank goodness MA is small) on top of being slammed at work and two grad classes.

I decided a long time ago to just not keep any unhealthy snacks around.  No chips, no cookies, nothing.  Its a double plus!  You save money on all that junk and its not around.  If I feel snacky, usually a glass of water will do.. or, hard candy or cough drops, just to have some taste.  I keep chobani in the fridge at work if I get hungry, not too bad for you and is actually pretty filling.

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#1 rule: Don’t buy junk in the first place. If it isn’t in the house, you can’t eat it.

#2 Plan your means for the week the weekend before. THen, you can have shopped or prepped specifically for those healthier meals, and you won’t be as tempted to grab fast food or order in.

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@SoontobeMsL, I was still living at home too. =)  Really cant help it in this real estate market if you want to be able to save enough to buy anything around here huh?  Out of sight, out of mind.  My parents didn’t really keep much junk food around, but there was always a bag of doritos or cookies on the table for my brother.  So if I reaaally had to have some, I’d just take as much as a hand could hold without dropping anything (so usually only like 4-6 doritos/chips, or allow 2 cookies), and only do it once or twice a week.  My dad can grab a bag and munch away at the whole thing without even realizing it, so now my mom has him pour out a little dish if he wants to snack so he can see how much hes really eating.  They love ice cream too, and I’ve taken this habit from my mom now – we dont scoop out a whole bowl – we take a big spoon, and eat *one* spoon full.  I found that if I take the spoon and just walk away from the kitchen, I’m really not that tempted to get anymore.

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Don’t go hungry! Eat every 2-3 hours. Hunger is the road to ruin.

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I agree with the PP – you can’t eat what’s not there.  Tell your parents to stop buying junk food – tell them it’s not healthy for the kids and for you!   You can always guilt trip them by saying, “don’t you want them to learn how to be healthy early on?”  😉

You can always get the mini bags of popcorn (100 calories) as a snack.  I think they’re perfect because you can force yourself to eat only a few at a time and the bag lasts for a little while.  Also drink lots of water!  Staying hydrated makes a huge difference in your appetite and your skin. 

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Don’t have junk around.  Plan your meals for the entire day and only bring what you planned to work.  Don’t stock the cupboards at home with any junk.  I have to go a step further and make sure that I don’t even have all the needed ingredients to bake junk.  LOL.  If it’s there and I know it’s there, chances are I’m going to eat it.  If I have a plan for what I will eat each day, chances are greater that I’ll stick to it. 

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@SoontobeMsL:I feel your pain. Sometimes i get so busy that i feel like im on a fast food diet lol. One of my tricks is that when im not really hungry but i want to eat, I pop a piece of chewing gum in my mouth or i’ll keep some hot tea or coffee close by to sip on which always makes me feel less hungry. Ide also advise you chose healthier versions of foods when buying groceries or snacks. For example- i still want to eat chocolate sometimes so I buy the little weight watchers candy packs and each chocolate piece is only like 30 calories or something. And i’ll get the oatmeal for breakfast isntead of the MCmuffin when im going through the drive through in the morning. I also really like these 90 calorie special K bars that are like granola bars when i want a snack. Oh and did i mention Skinny Cow ice cream? that stuff is gooood!

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