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uhhhhhhh now i can’t stop looking either!

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Helper bee

So much for sleeping lol  Now I can’t stop looking!
Speaking of weight loss, I saw SO’s mom today and she noticed I dropped some weight.  About 8 pounds ๐Ÿ™‚  Goal is 80-100 so I’m no where near the end but it was nice someone noticed :3 

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Hey there, I have a great ass and thights workout (supersets) that’ll kill your legs. I have other ideas if you’d like them as I am a PE teacher.

Please keep in mind – no feet over toes, sit down as much as possible and push through your heels.

Split squat (15 per leg)

Walking lunges (30 all up, alternate legs.. obviously as you are walking ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Lateral squat (out to side) – 40 in a row (20 each side, come back to middle in between)

Low pulse squats (sitting on chair) – 10 “pulses” – 10 times!

Narrow squats x 12 (Feet 6 inches apart)


The first time you do this you won’t be able to walk for about 3 days!! The next time it hurts for about 2 days, then it only gets easier from there.


If you want to hear more let me know!


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Helper bee
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Oh my word!

I’m going to hit the gym so hard later! Just 10kg’s dammit!

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Sugar bee
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I looked at this site and yes, the before and after photos are very extreme in some cases. I know that this can be motivating, but I also just want to offer a word of caution. As someone who used to look at sites like this a lot, it can be really counter productive, and there is really a very fine (often non-existent) line between motivational “before and after” photos and something that really is pro-ana or pro-mia under the surface. 

It’s great to try to strive for better health, and to see the progress other people has made is a great way to push yourself. However, looking at a good chunk of those before and after photos, its clear that the weightloss is not exercise induced. Otherwise, they would look like their muscles and general proportions had changed as well. Yes, diet is probably 40% of weight loss (I know people weight it differently, i tend to think 40% diet, 40% exercise, and 20% motivation and mental health), but you cannot sustainably lose weight without throwing down on an exercise mat 5-6 days a week. Dropping your calories without exercise will ultimately just wreck your body.

As you look for motivation, just remember to be kind to yourself. Comparing with other people and their experiences is really easy to do, but in the end you really have no idea what they’re going through, whether they’re becoming more or less healthy, or even if they’re remotely happy.  




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Sugar bee
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@Paiger8: That said, DEFINITELY take a “before” photo for yourself. Even if you are the only person that ever sees it. Sometimes it will be really hard to see the changes you’re going through but the before picture will be empiracle proof. 

I also really reccomend taking measurements of your body once a week or bi-weekly. If you’re working out hard, you might not lose a lot of weight, but it will help you note the progress as well because your body will change.

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Blushing bee
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Um that site made me cry. lol I know how those girls feel in their after pics. Perfect motivation to get that feeling back! The B&A’s just on this board were motivating me but to see so many at once and recognize those smiles as ones I once had! Hell yeah! Off to work out! 

@Mrs.LemonDrop:  As someone that has lost 75lbs properly in the past I saw very few girls ( more like 1) on the 1st page at least that screamed ED to me. My proportions stay the same when I lose weight and I don’t bulk up, just get tight with saggy skin from being a bigger me. I can also say that when people say things that make it sound as if you have a somewhat quick success you probably have an ED, it can really screw up healthy weight loss. The second someone said I was getting too skinny(at 164 mind you) I quit because I didn’t want people to think that crap of me. Thin lines everywhere ; )

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Bumble bee
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While it might be tempting to keep googling thinspiration photos, I agree with the PPs who mentioned that a lot of those sites skirt dangerously close to pro-ana and pro-mia frames of mind.  I’m not saying all do, just keep that in mind.

One other idea is to take your measurements on a regular basis as you ramp up your workout routine.  I’ve been working really hard since January to get where I am now, and there is a significant visible difference from then until now, but I have only “lost” seven pounds.  Don’t get the number on the scale get you down if it isn’t decreasing as rapidly as you had hoped.

And finally – if you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up.  We ALL have off days, we all have cheat days, and we all cheat on non-cheat days from time to time.  Just keep working at it!

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Bumble bee
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Inspiration and motivation are both great things, but just a word of caution here – “thinspiration” is a pro-ana term and it’s probably not healthy to use it or search for it.

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Buzzing bee
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I always thought thinspo sites were just pro-ana sites in disguise…..

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Busy bee
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Those ladies look great and have clearly worked hard for it. I would have chosen a different title for that blog because I see “Thinspiration” as a negative term. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Health, not thinness, should be the motivation for diet and exercise.

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