(Closed) Cant wear my ring :( causing Itchy Red Irritation …Anyone else?

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You can develop allergies as an adult. I didn’t used to be allergic to latex, but now I am.

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I would go to the doctor on that one.  Rashes like that are funny.  At the age of 20 I suddenly became allergic to everything with scents in it.  Detergents, lotions, bodywash, everything.  A doctor might have an idea of what it is.

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Buzzing bee

me! I don’t think mine is an allergy though because mine are platinum. Stuff probably just gets stuck in it. It just started happening this year even though I’ve worn the rings for awhile now. Over two years for the engagement ring and 1+for the wedding ring. As a matter of fact, I was just sitting here scratching. Mine gets really dry and scaly looking too. I just try to keep it off at night after I shower and apply cortozone 10 at the very first sign of itching and that helps. I carry a tube around with me in my purse. I don’t get the bumps much now, but it still is red and itchy. One thing I read is to clean the rings reeeeally well incase there is bacteria or buildup in them causing the problem. They said to boil it with amonia and I think vinegar? It didn’t make a difference for me though.

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Worker bee

It sounds like you’re allergic to gold.  Most white gold rings are (yellow) gold, plated in rhodium.  The rhodium makes it look white and shiny.  You’ve worn the rings for a while with no problem, but now the rhodium is starting to wear off, exposing the gold, which is why you’ve suddenly developed a rash to the ring.

This happened to a friend of mine and the jeweller just replated in it rhodium – problem solved.  You’re supposed to have white gold replated every few years, and if you’re allergic to gold you might want to think about having it replated every 12months.  I would take it to your jeweller for replating and hopefully that cures the rash!

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Honey bee
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Have your rings rhodium plated. That should help if it is an alergy.  Tell the jeweler that you’re having an alergic reaction and request double plating.

When you’re wearing your rings, make sure your finger is always dry under your rings. Don’t put them on when your lotion is fresh, wait for the lotion to soak in, and then dust your finger with a powder like Gold Bond.  Don’t use anything with perfumes in it.  Moisture can cause rashes under thick rings, and if you have several rings soldered together, this might be what’s causing it.

If these things don’t help, then definitely see a doctor about it.


Good luck!

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I had problems like that before with the ring my Fiance got me before we were engaged. Wore it for years with out taking it off and never had problem but then one day I got a red line under it. It was really itchy and had a bump or two, puffy,  and would get dry and flaky. I finally pin pointed that it was due to a eucalyptus scrub I would use on my feet. It would get trapped under it and irritate my finger. Nothing else ever bothered me just that one thing. I have taking my rings off now when using it and washed them thoroughly and have not had the problem again in the past year. So I would say something is probably getting under your ring to cause the irritation, not an allergy to the metal, since you have never had a problem before. Good luck.

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Could it be the solder?

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This is just my experience… I developed a nickel allergy with age (and repeated exposure to the substance).  It got so bad that my face/neck swelled up when I had braces because of the nickel in the wire.  My class ring was white gold and I couldn’t wear it in HS until they redid it in plantinum.  If the rhodium plating is starting to wear off, you may be in contact with the nickel in the white gold.  I can’t wear white gold due to the same reason.  Unfortunately, allergies can develop at any point in time in life, not just as a child.

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the same exact thing happened to me with my rings.  But I’ve always been allergic to something or another.  The only metal i’m not allergic to is sterling silver for some odd reason so we’re looking to get an everyday set made for me in silver and re plating my white gold set for i guess special occ. Right now my fingers have a red ring that is dry and scaly.

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@ls18: I agree that the problem is probably only starting to surface because the rhodium plating has likely begun to wear way, however, the idea that white gold is simply yellow gold plated in rhodium is not accurate at all. White gold is white because the gold, which yes, is yellow, is mixed with white metals (mostly nickel, most commonly) to “bleach” the color of the metal, causing the yellow color to be lessened significantly. Unplated white gold still looks white, but has an almost creamy, faint golden hue to it, which is why it’s plated in rhodium (a shiny, white metal that’s a member of the platinum “family”) so that any trace of the golden color is hidden. True, some people are allergic to gold, but its far more common to have a nickel allergy. A 14k white gold alloy will have sufficient nickel in it to cause a reaction.

Sorry to sound like such an obnoxious know-it-all, but I’m kind of a jewelry nerd and I just had to set the record straight. ๐Ÿ˜› lol

I do still think there’s a chance that it might be some other kind of fungal infection like you mentioned, Mrs. H, since it’s only been a few months since your last replating, but I would try to have it plated again, and see if that helps things. You could also go to a dermatologist to get allergy tested, to be sure. Another idea would be to look into getting the ring actually dipped in platinum, it’s not very common but I have heard of it done before. And, as a last resort, the nail polish shouldn’t harm your rings. Sorry you have to deal with this! ๐Ÿ™

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I agree that it sounds like a nickel allergy…I have one too, but discovered it when I was younger.  If hydrocortisone is making it better, its probably an allergy and not a fungal infection.  Hydrocortisone would do nothing for a fungal infection.  I had my ring ordered in platinum for this reason…its more expensive but it might be worth it to have it reset in a platinum setting to avoid having to maintain your ring and continually have it plated for the rest of your life.  As a hair dresser you probably wear down the metal faster than most people with all of the chemicals you come in contact with.  I have a friend who is a nurse who wears white gold rings, and she says that all the purell she is constantly putting on makes her rings yellow much faster.  Good luck!

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I have a friend who is allergic to nickle – she can’t wear most earrings (her lobes swell up and fill with pus – it’s disgusting and I’ve seen it, blehk!), she can’t wear most necklaces (get rashes on the back of her neck), she can’t even wear most belts because the buckles make her stomach break out in a rash!

She has found that painting her earrings with clear nail polish helps a lot; it does wear off though and she has to periodically re-paint them. I’m not sure you would want to do that to your wedding rings though, unless replating them was not even a remote option.

Sorry to hear about this. ๐Ÿ™

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Go to a dermatologist and get a professional opinion.  It could be a lot of the things that were mentioned above or something no one has thought of yet.  

My skin is very sensitive and I’m allergic to a lot of different metals, so I understand what you’re going through.

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