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An insurance adjuster will come out and look at your car, then they’ll say if it’s totaled or not.

If it’s totaled but still legally driveable, you can get the option to buy it back from the insurance company. But if you buy back a totaled car, you can only get liability insurance and not full-coverage.

If they want to fix it, the insurance companies that I know about (Farm Bureau and State Farm) have body shops they work with, so when you get your car fixed at one of those auto body shops, they take care of all the insurance paperwork for you, you may have to pay your deductible; but your insurance company will company should be able to get your deductible back from the insurance company of the girl that hit you.

If you end up getting a new car, buy used! New cars really aren’t worth it; they drop immediately in value as soon as you drive it off the lot.

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Abbyful is absolutely right =) I’ve been in the insurance industry for 4 years and that’s basically how it works. You really don’t have anything to worry about! And State Farm should handle the entire thing for you, that’s their job. Boyfriend or Best Friend had been hit by somebody with crappy insurance but still had everything paid for and got his deductible back in reasonable time.

I wish you the best! Feel free to PM me if questions.

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If you have ANY pain, please please please go to the doctor!  Many times auto accident pain will hit a few days later (because of the shock of the accident).  You need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself because if you are injured and don’t get treated right away, you may be left with lasting pain! 

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Yea, I agree that you should def get yourself checked out. It should be covered by your insurance and your company will fight to get that money covered. 

If you own your car (no lien holder), any cost of repair or totaled value would be written out to you. Take the best option that provides you with the most monetary compensation. The other lady’s company will probably try to take less than 100% liability. Point of contact rear passenger side) and the police report will be your strongest arguments and I’m sure State Farm will fight for 100% fault on the other drive. 

You can check out used cars. Cars depreciate very quickly in the first two years. 🙂 just a thought! 

Feel better and I hope everything works out! 


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This happened to us the other week. We skidded on slushy conditions and the truck was deemed totaled so we bought a car. I would look into what you can afford and if you can improve in any aspect of the car.

For instance, we went from a mid-2000s SUV that got 15mpg or so that had 120,000 to a 2006/7 Civic Hybrid that can get 50mpg with 60,000. We took out a small loan but it will help our credit score and we will make up the interest with the improved gas mileage.

Check out blue book for good deals on cars- some dealers won’t honor an internet price unless you bring in a printout with the price.

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If you want to get it fixed, I’d get an estimate done, and report it to her insurance company. Then let the insurance company and the auto body shop duke out a price. The auto body shop won’t dick you over with crappy parts because of an agreed upon price.An dyou shouldn’t have to pay anything. Atleast I didn’t when a friend backed into my car 2 months ago or so.

I drive a 2007 Mazda 3 and I LOVE it. It handles well and is comfy for long car rides. But it’s always a good bet to go with a Honda or a Toyota. Those things are built like tanks. Seriously. They will run and run and run if you take good care of them. If you can afford it, buy a new car that will last for years to come, but if it’s not in the budget, a used car will be just fine. Check out edmunds.com or carfax.com for info on cars and used cars.


ETA: This makes it look like I know a lot more about cars than I really do. Go me.

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i work in insurance and basically since you are going through your own insurance you will pay for collision ded up front in most cases your insurance will either fix it or total the vehicle and them subro the other parties insurance for the money back which will reimburse you back your ded. also i would advise if this was a even minor accident and if you have ever had any back problems or anything to get checked out as soreness happens 48 hours after the accident and this should be covered through your insurance or the other parties carrier. I would also make sure to get a copy of the police report and fax it into your adjuster handling your claim as ordering a police report for an insurance company can take forever in certain states. Also if you had any child car seats in your vehicle alsways report them to your adjuster as in certain states will be covered by the insurance. states such as california, new mexico, ect… Rental cars are also covered only with applicable coverage, unless you go through the third party carrier they will supply you with a rental car as per state law. if you have any questions let me know!!!

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If you want to try and sway the insurance to not write off the car. Clean it! We were afraid my car would be deemed totaled after someone ran up the back of me.

So we gave the car a good going over, clean, wash, polish etc. This meant that the car looked awesome (apart from the damage) and possibly helped sway the insurance company to pay for the repairs.

Just a thought. 🙂


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