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@7-9-11bride: You could try giving him pepcid before class to settle the acid in his stomach. OTC its called Famotidine usually 10-20 mg tablets..depending on how much he weighs, you could give him a whole tablet to be safe. Or you could line your car with pee pads for the drive..that way if he does vomit it’ll be on the pee pad and not your interior. 

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The best natural solution to nausea for people and animals is ginger. I take ginger capsules myself if I have issues and I found some ginger cookies at a local pet food store (Pet Food Express) that have helped tremendously with our pups. Try it out by giving it to your pup before you head out with enough lead time to have it in his system (30 minutes?).

If that isn’t strong enough you can try fresh ginger (not pickled).

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Perhaps a little unconventional…. but my friend had a puppy that got car sick on every single car ride also.  What actually fixed it, was putting another dog in the car with him that didnt get car sick.  Oddly enough, he must have seen/learned from the other dog, *hey, a car ride isnt so bad if he can handle it!*, and has since never thrown up in the car.

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@Treejewel19:  Totally!  Ginger cookies, ginger anything.  It treated our dog’s carsickness until she outgrew it. 

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My parents’ Golden Retriever never grew out of her car sickness… She drools something fierce until she throws up. I’d definitely consult your vet but my parents’ vet suggested they give her a half a tablet (25mg) of Dramamine at least a half hour before car trips. She gets tired but it definitely helps. As a note, even though some medicines are chewable you have to give it to a dog as a pill.

What has always worked for me is opening the dogs mouth, placing the pill as far back on the tongue as possible (almost in the throat). You then let go of the dog’s jaw and pet the dog’s neck in a downward motion to help the pill go down. When you’re satisfied it’s being swallowed, allow them water. Works like a charm.

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our one beagle gets carsick, thankfully only on particularly windy roads. What seems to help her is putting the windows down some (not far enough for her to get out) and investing in a canvas seat cover in case accidents happen! they’re not cute but can be hosed off! 


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It’s a puppy thing! A tooooon of puppies get car sick, and as long as it’s not true motion sickness, they grow out of it. The prevailing thought is that it’s more anxiety than anything else. Our German Shepherd puppy used to get terribly car sick when we went anywhere and her vet was a good 30 minutes away. A puppy can make a lot of puke in 30 minutes!

For us, we had to make her comfortable and less anxious in the car which meant putting a crate in the back seat of my tiny Jetta. We only had a big one and I could barely get it through the car door! It was the only thing that made her feel safe in there so she could relax. After a few weeks of riding around in the crate, she got over her car sickness and we now use a car harness and seat belt for her in the backseat.

I know you have two carseats in back, are they big ones or infant snap ins? Would it be possible to take both out (like the infant seats), put a crate in, take him for a 5 minute ride around the block and then repeat?  Or maybe you could put a crate in your husband’s car or a friends car and take him for a few rides? I think the key is just desensitizing him to the car which you can only do through experience :/ Before we tried the crate, someone would have to sit in back with her with a towel to put under her face when she started to get sick 🙁

Also, I definitely wouldn’t cancel his puppy class! You want to socialize him really well while he’s young (to other people, other dogs, different places, sounds, noise, smells etc) and even if you have to sit in back with him on your lap with a towel waiting under his mouth, that socialization is priceless and really helpful later on.

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My 9 year old dog has never grown out of it– he pukes on many long car rides, definitely if we are in traffic. What has helped us– but probably won’t work for you in this situation– is not feeding him at all the day we are travelling, and giving him a half a dramamine, like someone else mentioned. In a pinch if we don’t have dramamine, benadryl has the same active ingredient but makes him even drowsier. Do not get the non-drowsy dramamine– I did that once and my poor dog was so antsy and anxious for almost the first 2 hours of the trip. I felt horrible. Definitely check with the vet first of course. 


I’m goign to check out some of these more natural remedies too. The ginger sounds great, since I know it helps me. 

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