(Closed) "Carbon Spot" in engagement ring?

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That would depend, what is the clarity supposed to be? 

If it were me, and I got what I paid for, then no, I would not bring it back and spend more money for a higher quality diamond (unless I could easily afford it). If I got something of a lower grade than what I’d ordered, then I would for sure exchange it. 

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@Mrstidwell:  I understand being attached because you picked it out together, but you admit you were both a little clueless. I think it’s really fortunate you noticed NOW, when there is still a chance to return it! If you can keep the same setting, I’d switch it out. A lot of people bring up “mind-clean” in reference to the clarity of diamonds.. Now that you have SEEN the spot, you’re never going to get it out of your head. 

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@Mrstidwell:  Can you just switch the diamond out? If I were you, I’d take your sister with you to help you pick the new one.

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So, my center stone has a tiny carbon spot too. It’s right in the center when I look at it top-down. I can only see it in dim lighting and at certain angles, and of course I know exactly where it is, versus others who see my ring would likely not notice. otherwise it is a very sparkly stone.

I chose to view it as my stone’s ‘birthmark’ and not necessarily a flaw. I would not trade it in for sentimental reasons, my Darling Husband picked out my ring for me all by himself and it means a lot to me that he took the time and effort to do it. I did slide it into conversation just for curiosity sake and he said that it was the sparkliest out of the diamonds in the store in that size/price so that’s why he picked it. Also, I know that a jewelry store could not swap out my diamond for something else without me noticing right away. 

That being said, only you and your Fiance can decide whether it bothers you enough to change it for a different stone. It’s good that you are still within the exchange/refund period. Does your Fiance have any opinions about it?


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Honestly, I upgraded my center stone due to the black inclusions in it. It was an S2-S3 and 3/8ths carat.

I upgraded to a VS1 and a .63 carat stone and I couldn’t be happier! I am more in love with my ring than ever and Darling Husband is happy that I am no longer focused on the spots! 🙂 

You don’t have to get a whole different ring, just the stone. It will cost a bit more though… I resold my stone for around $400 and the difference was still about $1,200…. 

If you are sentimental just think about it like a house. If you don’t like the carpet, you change it… not the whole house!

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My diamond has a carbon spot. It can only be viewed in very specific lighting. Not every day lighting, such as when I’m at work and people are viewing it (I just got engaged).  Considering its size (1.51 carats), great clarity, excellent cut, ridiculously sparkley, etc- this one spec is not enough for me to trade for a different diamond (we still have 60 days to do so). I’m guessing the tiny spec is why we got such an amazing deal on it! 


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@Mrstidwell:  My diamond has spots, but unless I squint, I can’t see them. Honestly, once I noticed them (I knew they were there because of the paper work, I just never really looked closely at first) I thought it was kind of cool. It’s unique to that diamond, so I liked it. Like emstar said, it’s kind of like a birthmark.

I am inclined to say the jeweler was probably not trying to deceive you, as many diamonds have these markings, and it wouldn’t be considered a defect or anything.

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I just got engaged and my center diamond (I have a 3 stone) does have a teeny black dot that I only recently noticed. In all honesty, it did bother me for a little while. Luckily it’s barely noticeable in most lighting and it’s camouflaged really well by sparkle, to the point that I lose the spot and can’t find it for a moment. I’m not going to change it. I’ve gotten over it, and I’m attached to my ring now. You’ve got to put it right up to your face and wiggle it around to catch the light in a certain way to notice it. My rationale? Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford have a little mark on their faces and they’ve done okay for themselves! My gal’s in great company! Lol Having said that, I completely understand why it would be a deal breaker for some.

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If it is going to bother you (and it might), then return it. I wouldn’t settle for a diamond I didn’t like.

You have 30 days to decide and you might start reading up about diamonds, their clarity, cut, colour and carat. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but the more you know the better prepared you’ll be to pick out another ring.

Please let us know what you decide to do and congratulations!

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@Mrstidwell:  Did you get a certificate (GIA or EGL) with the diamond that shows the inclusion? I would take it back to the store and have your sister come with you next time.

Another option is to take the stone to an appraiser and find out the specs and estimated worth of the stone. It will give you a better idea on how much of an impact the spot has.

Final thought: If it is bothering you now it will continue to catch your eye.

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I would return it, honestly.  It would bother me a lot, and sounds like you’ll be happier with a higher clarity too.  🙂

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@Mrstidwell:  I know desired birthmarks carbon spots are for some considered damaged or poor diamonds. I see my IF as unique. Love her all the same.  If you shop well you can get a nice diamond even if clarity is not regarded as the best. Like you I was uneducated n have learned  a lot since joining WBee. Do you have a pic of what your ring looks like. May not be as bad as you think.

Heres my low clarity diamond. Others would have turned their backs solely cuz of clarity but I on the other feel in love


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I had the same issue. My original center diamond was SI2, 0.65 light blue diamond. We noticed a large black line through it that turned out to be a sizeable hidden inclusion. 

I couldn’t ‘unsee’ the line, and I was so upset I refused to tell my Fiance about how I couldn’t stop seeing the inclusion. When I did, it turned out he wanted me to get a replacement because he was upset it was there as well! The new diamond we chose is same clarity, but no unfortunately placed inclusions. It’s a deeper blue and larger as well. Fiance says if he had had this new one in front of him, he would have chosen it hands down. 🙂


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