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Sugar bee
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I think my religion is most fulfulling, with my family and career close behind. I never felt I would be fulfilled by a career but when I chose to major in speech language pathology and meet all these wonderful people that I could help, it became very fulfilling! I’d say ever since aobut 7th grade my religion has been the most fulfilling though. If you have any questions just let me know, hope it helps! 

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Helper bee
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@springbride23:  Family is what fufills me. I’m a very quiet, shy, and introverted person; having friends was always a “hassle” for me. I really value intimate (close knit) relationships with my family and my Fiance. I would say money is second because I come from a wealthy family, but I am definitely not marrying into a family with money. To me It’s more fufilling to be to be Happy with my family and then be financially secure. 

I have always felt this way and it has not changed as I got older, but it has only become more apparent that Family is most important to me. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@springbride23:  As @MrsN14:  noted, my relationship with God absolutely has been THE most fulfilling thing in my life.  Whereas everything else has changed over time, God has been the one constant, unchanging, ever-faithful presence in my life, and He is able to fulfill me in ways that another person, thing, or experience has not and cannot.

The second most fulfillling thing in my life has been the relationships I’ve had with two amazing, precious little girls (one is the daughter of one of my two best friends — she’s been like a daughter to me for many years, and the other is the daughter of my oldest stepchild.)  

The third most fulfilling thing to me probably has been the opportunities that I’ve had to use the gifts and talents God has given me (and the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained) for His glory and the benefit of others, either in a church setting, with friends, or in the workplace.

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Sugar bee
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@springbride23:  For me, I find work validating and fulfilling.  I like my occupation and am happy to do something that has a meaningful impact in helping people learn. I help disseminate research in a way that is helping students and researchers do better work. I gain fulfillment from knowing I’m helping to help students improve the papers they write, learn more, and ultimately better utilize research.   I gained fulfillment through my academic achievement before working– both where I went to school and by learning. 




I think I could find fulfillment outside of work, but it would have to involve helping people learn and grow. I’m pretty easy to please–as long as I’m busy,  I’m happy. 


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Blushing bee
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This is a really good question and it really made me think.  I think my relationship with my Fiance is the most fulfilling part of my life, followed by my family and career.  My relationship with Fiance is so fulfilling because of how supported I feel and how he constantly challenges (in a good, friendly, happy way) me to learn and try new things.  As for career – I am a teacher. When there are moments when I can see I have truely impacted a child for whatever reason, my career bcomes avery fulfilling part (though at other times the workload and underappriciation by some makes it the opposite).

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Busy bee
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Human connection fullfills me. My relationships with others, be it my family, my husband, my friends, my coworkers and the clients I serve as an SLP give me a great joy and I feel quite complete knowing that I am valued and/or loved by those in my little peice of the world.

I’m also fullfilled when I am exploring the world around me. I love to travel and I love to see and experience new things even if its just trying a new hobby, or a new recipe, or hell even a new restaurant or store. For me, you only live once, and your time is limited so you’d best get busy living and experiencing what you can or get busy dying.

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Helper bee
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I find that I feel most fulfilled when I’m doing something constructive that aligns with my purpose for being here. I have discovered that helping others (counseling) and creating art are extremely fulfilling. I also feel my best when practicing and making time for spirituality.

Good luck with your paper!

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Helper bee
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@springbride23:  feeling fufilled for me is all about relaionships and feeling as though I’m moving forward. i can’t feel fulfilled without having solid relationships, with my Fiance, my friends, my co workers and my community.. I also need to feel like I’m moving forward In life. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@springbride23:  Quality time with my family, especially my husband.  When I was younger I thought money and fame was more important but as I have gotten older, it’s the precious quality time having a holiday meal with my parents or attending a concert with my husband.

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Sugar bee
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Connecting with other people, and getting them to care about things around them and where they come from. I therefore work as an interpreter in a museum, and the most fulfilling thing for me is watching other people get excited about the things I think are cool. My favourites are either the people who go, ‘wow, I have to come back again to do x’ or when I run a program for kids and they don’t want to leave because they are having too much fun at the museum!

edit to add, I also feel fulfilled spending time with others with similar passions… My boyfriend works in museums as well, as do many friends. I feel that a respect for history (including natural history) is so vital to our society so we have a strong base of roots to allow us to grow into the sky, and I know that when the time is right, having children and being able to pass on a legacy of being mindful of this Earth and all the things and people who have lived on it (or will live on it) will be one of the most fulfilling things of all.


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Buzzing bee
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does it have to be one thing?

what makes my life fullfilling? Love, friends, family, my work is meaningful (i work in cancer prevention) , excersice. i say excersice because my Darling Husband noticed a pattern in my days that when i worked out, i was much happier coming home, then if i didnt. hobbies, i love crafts. i love to paint, read, and i do go to church. i have an every day relationship with god but going to church reminds me of my family from back home. I love making people laugh and giving helpful advice. maybe why i love weddingbee so much.I love to do outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, running, biking, boating, fishing, shrimping,. i like doing things like smoking fish and cooking. i take a lot of pride in watching people close their eyes as they take a bite of seomthing i created. i love to sing as well. in the car, kareoke, in the shower. I need a lot to be fullfilled. i like variety. When i was younger my dad passed away of cancer and i lost myself and … found myself all in the same time. I lived a crazy reckless life for a while feeling this pull that something must be bigger out there. bigger than me and im going to be apart of it. I was depressed for a long time because of the challanges i faced as a teenager and wrote a lot of poems and stories, i notice now, that i am happ,y i dont write any more. I surfed a lot too and also when i started running (which i used to hate) but it clears my head. like a form of meditation. Im a romantic so when i was younger i always felt like i was ment for something big. or that i had a destiny that called to me. Couldnt tell you now if thats true. guess im waiting to find out. but if you can make a difference in one persons life, it means the world. so i think thats it if i have to choose one. making a difference in other peoples lives: thats really what makes my life fullfilling. weather its my Darling Husband or mom, or a patient, or a friend, or stranger i help across the street. or someone i just made laugh or think hard about something. or corse: differnce in a positive way. or maybe its just love that makes my life fullfilling of all the people and world around me .

sorry that was such a ramble and long.

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