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I’ve had a similar experience that you had, only I didn’t even find a job teaching before my certificate expired! Then I decided I wanted to be a nurse and started classes in that. Unfortunately, now I am working as a nurse tech, being with the patients in the midst of it all, and I HATE it! On the upside, I’m really glad I looked into it, but if you don’t like it, you just don’t like it, and you know it. My advice is to follow your gut on this one. There are a million reasons to do or not do something, at the end of the day you have to be okay with what you choose. If you are interested in other things, job shadow or talk to people you know that are in the fields. That is the best way to see what else is out there. There are SOO many people out there that are working in things they didn’t get a degree in!

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@MissEMich:  What do your fellow kindergarten teachers say when you ask for advice?  How effective is the behavior plan in their class?  Do your students know what is expected of them every day?

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@MissEMich:  I totally feel for you and I was in your position several years ago.

I teach high school and I was lucky enough to get hired at the high school that I did my student teaching yet.  I had all these idealistic views on how I was going to handle my class during my first year, and let me tell you, the reality is WAY different than student teaching.

I too came home every night crying, saying I wanted to quit, saying how I wasted my education.  I almost did quit. I didn’t.

Instead, I changed my attitude.  The students were NOT going to take over my class.  I am in a rather rich school district, and I swear the students think they can get away with murder because their parents have money!  These students have had everything handed to them their whole lives and they have been in for a rude awakening when they come into my class.

It did take about 3 years before I felt comfortable.  I also know I do not want to teach forever – I want to go for my masters and eventually PhD in administration and plan on starting that next fall.  Is that an area you would consider doing?

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Speech Path can be a lot of work, but you can work in a school, clinic, or rehab.  That gives you a lot of options.  If you like working 1 on 1 with people it could be a good fit.  Or you could do a marketing certificate?

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I won’t lie, I just had to deal with a teen and their mother over a stupid folder that the kid left in my room. When I was asked what should be done with it, I said they could do whatever they wanted since it wasn’t my responsibility. Well the folder disappeared, someone told the student and now the mother is ticked because she thinks I told the kids to throw it away. 

My kids have gotten better. While I was furious about this, I am not going to let one or two spoil the bunch.

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I think its common to feel this way in at the early stages of a career. Students have an idea of what they want their career to be like and the reality just doesn’t measure up. It doesn’t sound like your goals are too lofty but I think the idea that they will be easier to achieve in a different field like nursing is distorted. I’m in school for OT right now and the nurses working 12 shifts are incredibly tired with a lot of back problems. A lot of them are pursuing more advanced education to try to move into management or a nurse practitioner role. Its difficult to find childcare for shift work and hard to work your way up when more roles are replaced with RPNs and health care aids, RNs are asked to do more for less – similar story to teaching I’m sure. I left my last career thinking OT would be some kind of solution but I think I was mistaken. I understand your ambitions but encourage you to do tonnes of research into any other job you are considering. If you had one strong passion that would be one thing, but if you are just hoping that some other field offers the comfort, stability and stress level that teaching is not providing you, I’d be very careful to check that it isn’t just wishful thinking. More education, more debt, more problems… In My Humble Opinion.

I hope you find something that satisfies you. I know its really hard.

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Oh sorry I just read your more recent post. If you are set on leaving, why not try to find a new role that doesn’t require a masters? A lot of times they aren’t worth the debt. In my program most people were looking for a way to get a license that would allow them to enter directly into a comfortable job but schools create new places due to demand from prospective students not from industry so way too many people are being licenced and its tough for grads to find full time work. In Ontario this is the case for law, OT, teaching, pretty much everything except medicine. If you could stomach the science I’d suggest physician’s assistant, but this doesn’t fit with your skills/interests from the sounds of it.

If you have multiple degrees you may find yourself overqualified for a lot of entry level positions. I understand the appeal of earning more qualifications to get out of an uncomfortable situation, but in my own experience it’s not worth it unless you have a true passion that 100% requires more education. Sales rep (like for medical equipment etc.), marketing and communications, behaviour therapist, human resources … there are a lot of random jobs that don’t require a masters. Good luck with whatever you decide. People make it work with all kinds of twisty education and career paths, so I’m sure you will too!




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