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“We’re planning to start a family next year after we get married. So I also think about whether having a family means I just shouldn’t bother trying to pursue my career aspirations anymore “

I wouldnt think like this. You have no idea how long it might take and job satisfaction matters. Always do the best you can for yourself.

I would talk to management and see if theres another role you could take. 

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I do think a job is a job and that the more important elements of life are family and personal life. However that doesn’t mean that I would want or stay in a job that I didn’t get satisfaction from. It merely means that if push comes to shove I prioritize family/personal life over job/career decisions.

I used to be incredibly ambitious – wanted to either run my own mid/large sized company or get to the point of upper management in one. Now? Ha. No thanks. I want a job that stimulates me and in which I’m continuing to grow and develop professionally….but I also want the flexibility to see my kids at night (or even work part time for stretches of time). So I still have career ambitions but they’re considerably chiller than when I was younger.

We spend a huge part of our lives at work, being bored for most of your day-to-day life? No thanks.

I’d browse for alternative options. Take the job here if nothing better comes around and then continue to browse for new opportunities. Don’t go into this job with the mentality of ‘settling’ though!

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“All of this is making me question my career aspirations. I’ve had so many twists and turns trying to get there and now I just feel tired, like I’m never going to get there.”

The first question is: where are you trying to get?  In my career experience, you often don’t end up exactly where you thought you might, but it can still be fulfilling.  Every time I set a specific expectation for what I wanted and how I was going to get there, I was disappointed.  But when I relaxed my mindset a bit and worked with what I had in front of me to make the best choices for myself at that time, I ended up somewhere very fulfilling but drastically different than my “dream job.”  I think it might be worth reconsidering your “bigger ambitions.”  Not to make them smaller, but to allow them to perhaps change shape, and take form into something you haven’t yet thought of as an option.  In short: get creative and don’t pigeonhole yourself. =)

As for starting a family, my best advice would be this: you’ll probably have to ease up on your career ambitions temporarily in order to do that.  I don’t have kids, so take this with a grain of salt.  But in my years as a businesswoman (I do own my own business), I see most women adopt this “all or nothing” attitude, and it’s very detrimental.  There’s nothing wrong with taking a hiatus from your career to build your family, and when that’s settled, then you’ll be excited to throw yourself back into the game.  It’s ok to not be obsessed with forward or upward motion for a spell.  If it’s important to you after the kids come, then you’ll still be able to chase it.

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