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posted 9 years ago in Pets
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    How bad are your allergies?  I’m mildly allergic and keep my cats out of my room, vacuum regularly, and it keeps them in check for the most part.  Do you plan to ever have children? or Date?  (I don’t know the circumstances for your husband leaving)

    I just think it’s best to adopt an animal/pet when you know you’ll be their forever home.  I plan on each of my cats living for 20 years and during that time, they will be with me.  I think it’d be too painful for me and them if I only wanted them temporarily, so keep that in mind.

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    Effing wb double post.

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    You have allergies and it’s bad tempered, doesn’t sound like an ideal situation for a novice cat owner to be going into. Personally I would not voluntarily adopt a cat if I was not 1000% certain I was giving it a forever home.

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    I agree with PP that the cat deserves a forever home.. if that’s something you can provide then I say go for it. I have 2 cats and they will be a part of my life for as long as they live. I know allergies can be tough, are yours really bad, is it something you can live with? Or will it get frustrating after a couple months, weeks, days?

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    I think you should take the pet. Despite what people say, cats have wonderful personalities! I have two cats, and 4 years ago I went through so much, emotionally, mentally… It was extremely difficult to get through. But having my cats there was so soothing. It’s a proven fact that pets provide comfort! I’m not sure about where you live, but where I live, the SPCA brings animals to Senior Retirement homes for the seniors to pet them. Apparently it goes over very well!

    As far as the allergies go, I have cat allergies too and so does my bf. But after a while your body grows immune to it. You may have to take allergy meds at first, but I think you’ll find that you’ll get used to them.


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    Cats are the best!  I have two cats and allergies as well.  If your allergies aren’t too bad, I think you’ll be okay.  Also, weird as it is, I’m more allergic to one of my cats than the other, so it may not be that bad!  Is it a young cat or an older one?

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    I would do some research first on caring for a pet.  Cats are relatively low maintenance, but there is still a responsibility there.  I’ve lived with cats all my life, and currently I live with three indoor cats and one indoor dog.

    For expenses, there’s food (higher quality for a healthier/prettier kitty and a less smelly litter box), litter, litter box, toys, and vet visits (at least once a year for shots, can run up to and a little over $100, depending on where you are and how old the cat is).

    For responsibility, you should clean the litter box at least once a day, and while you can free feed, that can make your cat fat if they gorge themselves (which leads to other unhealthy qualities for your kitty).  While I’ve left my cat overnight by herself, I wouldn’t leave her for more than one day – you’d need to get someone to check on her or leave her with someone if you’re gone for more than a day or so.

    For allergies, I found out I was allergic to dogs before I got one – I would break out in bumps on my skin where they touched me, runny nose, all that fun stuff. I saw an allergist once and got on nose sprays, and I take Claritin or some other allergy pill once a day.  My allergies still exist, but are much better and I can easily deal with them.  I could go the shot route, and maybe will one day, but for now I’m ok dealing with it.

    Cats can also have irritating qualities that you might not want to deal with.  When my cat Ginger was the only cat in the house,she’d wake me up at 0500AM every morning on the dot, whether it was a work day or weekday.  She paws at the blinds, makes noise, and it can be really irritating when I’m trying to sleep.  She also sometimes pottied in the bathtub, so I had to learn to keep the door to the bathroom closed.  Cats are, by nature, more active at dusk & dawn, so sometimes they can develop patterns where they are active when you are decidedly not.

    It all comes down to if the benefits of owning this pet are worth the possible negatives. To me, I always want a pet in my home, and the fun and loving times I get with them are well worth the irritations, responsibility, and expense I put into them.  I love how Ginger greets me when I’m around, how she jumps up on my nightstand when I lay down for bed to be petted.  My fiance has two cats, and Cesar always parks himself on his chest when he’s going to bed for a 5-10 minutes for attention time.  I love making them chase the laser pointer and how loud Ginger can purr when I pet her.  Roscoe (the dog) lays down at my feet during the workday and lets me know when someone comes up the driveway. They make me happy and I feel I make them happy.

    I think owning a cat may help with your loneliness, but you should do some research and think about it.  A picky cat may not work with you (at first, at the very least she’ll be freaked out and adjusting), and I would hate for one cat that doesn’t fit you to turn you off to pets entiretly.  Just remember that cats can live long lives, 15+ years, so owning one can be a long committment.  I don’t want to turn you off to having a pet, but it is something you should think about. Post if you have any questions!

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