(Closed) CAT discipline!! help!!

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I heard if you put duct tape sticky side up on the counter she won’t like it on her paws.

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Do you yell and get scary when she’s up there? Like use a really pissed off booming voice, clap your hands and wave your arms at her. That works on my cat. Or get something near her that she hates like the vacuum cleaner while it’s on… hopefully you can instill a fear of jumping on the bench. 

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There is an item you can get at pet stores that is activated by vibration and lets out a LOUD noise.  You could try putting this on the counter/stove.

I’ve also heard of putting cans on the counter so if the cat jumps up she’ll knock them over causing a loud noise and scaring the cat.

My cat jumps on the counter still, but not often.  I find if the counter and stove are clean he doesn’t do it since there’s nothing interesting to see.

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@gpsp2B:  Have you considered getting a Scat Mat for the countertops? Short of making sure there are no dirty dishes to leave in the sink, or try barricading the surrounding areas (which looks messy), not sure what else to suggest. Any time my cats have gotten on the counter, I’ve sprayed them, or yelled “xxx, GET DOWN, NOW!” and they obey.

Putting her in a carrier as time out is not going to help. It’s just going to create anxiety whenever you need to put her in it for vet visits or trips, and she is not going to associate counters/licking = carrier time outs. Short of placing the carrier ON the counter…..which might deter her!

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Watch Jackson Galaxy on animal planet. His suggestions fixed my naughty kitty! google him with your cats issues and ill bet you can fins an episode on it. I remember one with a car that tried to get into the cooking. 

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Just want to say that I have the same problem with my cats and I haven’t managed to resolve it. Just today I found a burned out lightbulb and absentmindedly left it on the kitchen island before running out to do errands. We came back to find the bulb shattered all over the floor. I always yell and spray, it just hasn’t made a difference. I haven’t tried to put anything sticky up there because getting tape stuck all over myself would punish me as much as the cats… I’ve generally had very little luck breaking my cats’ bad habits, but hopefully yours will be a different story. Please come back with an update if you find something that does work. 


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@gpsp2B:  oh I feel your pain. We have one very active kitty who always wants to get into everything and throw up on it for funsies! And one fatty kitty who doesn’t like to clean his paws. For those reasons, I don’t let them in the bedroom. I have been consistent about training them to the point where I can leave the door open, they peer in and leave. We do a mix of water spray bottle, clapping and screaming, and my favorite- shaking a vitamin bottle- they hate that sound! 

consistency is key! Kitties don’t know they’re not supposed to do X, they just know they want to! You should see resolve if you stick with a plan and give them ample playtime and playthings away from the kitchen. You do not want to be yelling at the kitty while your baby is down for a nap 🙂

good luck!

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There are lots of really good suggestions here, but a couple more, leave tin foil spread out on the counter for a while, cats hate the feel of tin foil on their paws, you can fill a can halfway with coins, glue the lid back on and shake it when she goes on the counter, makes a nice loud scary noise.

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Ugh we have a cat who loves to get on the counters. We keep our vitamins by the couch, so FI usually grabs a bottle and shakes it loudly when he’s being bad. We also have a can of compressed air that they hate the sound of (though those are $$$). 

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First, stop terrorizing your cat.  I know you are not trying to, but chasing after her to continue to spray her once she’s already jumped off the counter isn’t training her to stay off the counter.  It’s only scaring her needlessly, as evidenced by her running and hiding.

Cats don’t drink a lot.  In fact, many cats, (like humans), are chronically dehydrated because they do not drink enough.  They are also programmed to instinctively know that stagnant water, (such as the water in a puddle or, say…her water bowl), is unhealthy.  This is why so many cats love to drink running water out of the sink.  So the next step should be to make HER water more appealing than the water in the sink. Try investing in a cat fountain…there are several brands and various models out there, and you can find a decent one online for about $30-40.  They filter the water and keep it moving so it is more appealing to cats.

Next, one reason cats can be hard to train is because you have to be 100% consistent with them.  There are going to be times when you are in the other room or out of the home and she is free to jump up on the counter and lounge/drink out of the sink to her heart’s content.  You don’t disclipline her because of course you are physically unable to.  The double-sided tape a PP mentioned is probably the cheapest option to try as a deterrent.  However, unless you want to cover the whole counter, (and render it fairly unusable), this may not deter her.  She’s a cat, so she’s going to have some skill at jumping…I know my cat would just jump OVER the tape once she learned it was there.  

I would look into either a scat mat, or better yet, a motion-ativated pet deterrant.  These can be found online for about $30-40 as well.  Since you are inside, you’ll want one that sprays air, (they make them for outdoor use as well, basically sprinklers that turn on when an animal wanders by…great for keeping your neighbors’ cats from using the garden as a litterbox).  It should be on at all times, unless of course you are at the counter.  That way if you’re watching TV and she jumps up, you don’t have to get up.  If you’re at work and she jumps up, she is still getting the negative reinforcement even though you’re not there.  And the BEST part is, the negative reinforcement is coming from the spray canister and “the counter” and NOT you, so it won’t negatively impact her relationship with you.

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All right, I’m a cat owner as well, I can tell you that spraying and noise might work for a time, but eventually kitty gets used to it and stops caring.  I’ve never used either on my cat.  Tin foil and tape work much better, they kept my cat out of the Christmas tree.  Noise only works in getting them down when they knock something over and break it.


I also agree on not locking the cat in a carrier, but for other offenses I do second the time out– just not in a carrier.  I did that ONCE and the next time I had to put kitty in there, she was NOT happy.  Now I just lock her somewhere else (with plenty of food for a few minutes).  After that, she’s perfectly calm and lovely and not tearing everything up.  


Redirection also works.  Instead of just yelling at her or spraying her, or giving her a time-out, direct her toward something else she would like, like a toy or even another room for her to play in.  She’ll be distracted and learn that wet dishes in the sink aren’t as fun as other things. 

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@darkflame:  +1 on the can suggestion. We did soda cans with a few pennies in them for added noise.

We did this with our cat several years ago and it got the point across after a week or so. Now, 2 apartments later, she won;t jump on the counters unless our dog is playing too rough with her and she needs a quick get away (and then it’s just a low bar type counter, never the main normal height ones).

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Do you have lots of high spaces for you cat to jump on?  Like cat trees or cat shelves?  Cats like high places, and if the counter is the only place for her to be able to jump up she’s going to do it.

Punishing a cat by locking them in a crate or small room is going to do nothing, they won’t associate it with whatever you feel they have done “wrong”.  Your best bet is to try tape on the counter or a motion sensor pet deterrant as PPs have mentioned.  But ultimately, it’s a cat.  They do what they want.  My cat growing up for a while would jump on the counter, but it didn’t take her long to realize not to jump on the counter when we were home.  After a while we never caught her on the counter, but there would be kitty footprints up there.  I have given up with my cats and just let them on the counter.  Because even if you never catch them up there, they are still probably going up there when you aren’t home!

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