(Closed) Cat Owners: How long do you leave your cat alone during the day?

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Sugar bee
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Cats seem to fare well with being alone..they’re not like dogs in a sense that they’ll destroy everything and get into trouble (typically).

Cats are actually more solitary animals, and a lot of them actually perfer to be alone or not around many other cats…. so it probably isn’t necessary to get a companion.

Just provide food, water, litter, and some toys and the kitty will be fine. They sleep away most of the day anyways 🙂

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Buzzing bee
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I leave my cats alone about 9 hours a day. I don’t believe they have shown any behavior problems at all. They are always happy to see me though and want to cuddle. I DO find that it is easier now that I have two cats. They can cuddle each other and play together. I would suggest getting two personally.

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Buzzing bee
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Our cats are alone from 9:30am until 4:00 pm and then depending on if we have evening plans for that amount of time, too. They are totally fine. Absolutely, totally well behaved adjusted. I guess we got lucky because our cats rarely cause major issues and LOVE spending time with us when we’re home but don’t have any separation anxiety since they have other buddies to hang with (we have 4 cats).

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Sugar bee
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Our cats are alone during work days from 530am – 5pm. I definitely think they enjoy having the company of the other cats, but I’m sure it would be fine for a cat to be alone, too.

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Bee Keeper


Kings7911:  My Dh and I are also gone for 10 to 12 hours a day so we adopted 2 kittens so they would have company. I think most cats are ok being alone for a long period of time but they wouldnt let us adopt just one kitten if someone wasnt home or if we didnt have another pet as a companion. I also felt really bad about leaving an animal alone with no companion for so long. They are both SOOOO happy when we come home and love to cuddle and purr and sit on our laps. I think they are quite used to our schedule now and they know they must stay in their room until we get home and I think they jsut sleep, look out the window and birds, eat and play with their toys while we are gone.

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Buzzing bee
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Kings7911:  I have a one y/o cat who is home alone 9-11 hours a day 🙁  She’s fine with it though!  We’ve had her since six weeks and just recently decided to get her a “sister”.  Now I wish I had gotten 2 at the same time.  We have this adjustment process we need to go through for the next few weeks.  2 cats are better than one.  See if you can’t find a young sibling duo you can take together!    

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Buzzing bee
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My cat has been left alone from Friday at 4ish until Sunday at noon with enough food and water for 8 cats…we only have one mind you but I want him to be full and hydrated. Our cat enjoys when he’s alone (he naps a lot I think) because he can do whatever he wants aka sleep on the kitchen counter in the sun.

If you can adopt 2, I would, I kind of wish we did but with the dog it wasn’t possible but our boy seems to be fine with no issues and is a great kitty.

He’s alone everyday from 7:30am-5:15pm.

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Busy Beekeeper
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We have left our cat alone for a weekend at a time, as long as she has food and water and litter box they can fare fine.

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Helper bee
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We have two indoors cats. One is nine and the other is eleven. They are alone from the time we leave in the morning 8 AM to about 6 PM. Some days it’s longer depending on work. I make sure they always have a clean liter box, fresh water, and food. They are fine. 🙂 We snuggle plenty before bed and on the weekends.

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Sugar bee
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I’m currently working from home, but a few years ago my husband and I both pulled 10-hour days away from the house. Our cat didn’t like it at all. He wouldn’t destroy things, but he was super clingy when we did get back home and just felt overall depressed. We then got a second cat and they get so much joy out of having each other! Even if I do go away for the day, or we have to leave them overnight, there’s no problem anymore.

I should also say I had a cat in the past that had to be on his own around 12 hours a day, which was most definitely too much for him. He would try to force cuddle with me all through the night, when I just wanted to sleep, and I felt so bad because I could see how much he wanted company and stimulation.

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Kings7911:  It is SO much easier with two cats. We took in a stray a year ago and he was a nightmare even though we were home almost all day (college). We found another stray and took him in and now they are best friends and we can leave them all day everyday to be honest. We leave them alone on occassional weekends and such – but really cats need stimulation so if you are planning on leaving long hours during the day you really should consider a second cat. 

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Sugar bee
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I have one cat, and he is pretty cool being home alone for how ever long we are gone.  Most days its 9.5 hours for work, me feeding him, and then alone again as I go to the gym or on a walk.  He has also been left alone 24 hours + when we go visit my parents for a weekend.  Other than being a little extra cuddly when we get back, he doesn’t seem to mind it.   He is slightly needy (i.e. he will start crying if he doesn’t know where I am when I’m home) but for the most part he seems happy and non-stressed. 

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Helper bee
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My cats are alone about 8 hours a day. Sometimes I don’t come home Friday night and they are alone until Sat night. They have food and water. They do miss me when I come home but remember, cats sleep all day, party all night! So, while you’re at work, they are sleeping!

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Buzzing bee

If you’re ok with two cats, I’d get two now and not just another further down the road. It will make adjustment more difficult later.

Anyway I only had one cat for about 6 months who was alone for about 9 hours a day. The way he acted when I got home made me think he was lonely during the day, so I got another cat to keep him company. They were best buddies their whole lives. Best decision I’ve made.

I have one cat now, but she gets on with the dogs ok so I don’t think I need another cat for her

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