(Closed) Cat Owners: How long do you leave your cat alone during the day?

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We don’t leave our cat alone for very long on a regular basis bc we have two dogs that we have to take care of anyways. We do leave him alone when we go on vacations and just have someone come feed him once a day.

Our cat is VERY social, but he seems to do just fine when he is alone. He entertains himself well, and he has known to hide important things when he is left alone during vacations. (I still haven’t found my fitbit he stole and hid.)

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Kings7911:  Cats are super easy. Our cat is easily left alone for 8 hours a day. But sometimes we go away for the weekend and he’s alone for 3 days straight. I think he likes the alone time, honestly. But he’s always happy to see me when I get home, too!

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Cats are fine left to their own devices for the day. When I’ve gone away for a week my Fiance checks on my cats once or twice a day to make sure they have food and water (and he gives them some cuddles of course). He leaves his cat alone all day for work. I would get 2 adult cats if you want them to have some company. Cats really aren’t like dogs.

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I would say it’s based more on the cat’s personality than on the fact that it’s a cat. When we adopted a kitten we couldn’t leave him alone for more than a few hours without destruction occuring, but now that he’s older we leave the two of our cats for anywhere from five to twelve hours a day. They’re absolutely fine by themselves.

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we have a savannah cat, which is more dog like and needs more interaction than a regular cat, and we have to leave him alone from 7am-5:30pm. we keep him closed in our master bedroom/master bathroom. he does well. pretty sure he sleeps the whole dang day lol the only time he gets upset & may knock things over or have a big poop, is if we come home for like 30 minutes then leave again. he doesnt like that! lol

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Kings7911:  twice the cat fur, twice the poop, and twice the vet bills <br /><br />Cat fur and cat poo really isn’t that bad, and with vets you can schedule them together and it isn’t much more than one appointment


We had one that was aggresive until we got a second. They are alone 10 hours a day.

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9 hrs a day during the week

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My 3-year-old cat is left alone from about 7:30am to anywhere from 3:30pm-8:00pm on a daily basis. We’ve left her for up to 3 days at a time as well, though if it’s longer than that we always have someone check in on her, give her fresh food and water and clean her litter. As long as she has her basic needs covered, she’s a happy girl. How long they can be on their own really depends on their temperament, from what I can tell. Rosie’s a lazy little sh*t and sleeps most of the day, so she doesn’t get up to much, but she’s always super happy to see us when we do get home.

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Kings7911:  I would really REALLY recommend thinking about adopting two cats!  So many shelters have a pair of adult cats who are super bonded and they hope to adopt them out together.  Especially if they’re adults, you won’t have many increased costs (since you don’t need to pay for vaccinations, spay/neutering, etc).  

Especially if you’ll be gone 10-12 hours a day, this could make your cat’s life SO much more enjoyable.  They will be happy to play and sleep together during the day while you’re gone, and you won’t come home to a grumpy bored destructive cat. 

ETA:  I saw your update.  Honestly, two cats are hardly more work than one.  You really don’t notice it.  We still only clean the litter box maybe every other day, and the cat fur (from two cats in our small 850 sq ft house) is not noticeable at all.  When they’re adults, you only have to take them to the vet once a year for a check-up, unless anything goes wrong.  We also plan to get a dog in a year or two, and it doesn’t seem overwhelming at all.

Two cats are SO fun and funny to watch interacting, it’s just adorable.  And most importantly, I think unless you end up with a loner cat, if you’re gone that much it’s really important for them to have the interaction with a companion…  

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Kings7911:  When you adopt check on the form that you might prefer a more independent cat if you are worried.  Fiance and I adopted a 6 year old cat a few years ago and while he is shy toward other people, he is very needy and affectionate for a cat, and he loves being around us.  We are away from 6:30 in the morning until about 6:30 in the evenings (longer if we stop for dinner or anything after work).  We used to let him have pretty much free roam all day and he was fine for the longest time, when we remodeled and put in new floors, he peed on the couch while we were away during the day (that seemed to be more from duress of the surroundings changing).  We now have a tall baby gate to keep him in our downstairs when we are at work and we leave the gate open when we are home.  He is usually very well behaved, but we try to make sure to play with him every evening.  If we are busy and don’t get to spend as much time with him he will from time to time pee on the floor to act out (he’s fixed, and I’ve had him for check ups, so sickness was ruled out, he was just upset we weren’t around).

I wouldn’t change anything about adopting him though, he brings us a lot of joy and is for the most part very well behaved (he was front declawed when we adopted him, so I’m not sure if he would scratch things while we are away as far as other behavorial issues).

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If you do intend to do indoor only, two cats are better than one. Get them together though, because it’s easier that way. Preferably two littermates or a mother and child, all neutered. It does depend on the personality of the cat, but my indoor only kitten, Spock, would be absolutely miserable as an only cat. Likewise, my (now sadly deceased) Ginger could not tolerate being an indoor cat at all (he was an ex-feral), or an only cat. On the other hand, my cat Smudge tolerates both company and solitude, both outdoor access and being locked inside. My cat Pika’ tolerated both indoor only and outdoor access, but needed either human or animal company for most of the day. So it is really variable. I would say two cats are still a safer bet than one.

If you will keep them indoors, the only thing you will have to watch out for is litterboxes, which can spread disease. Maybe consider toilet training them so that they eliminate over water? Much better for them in the long term. Also much cleaner and much cheaper as you don’t have to pay for litter.

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I don’t have cats, but I know a LOT of people who when they go out of town for a weekend they leave the cat home alone and just have someone come feed them and clean the litter box. They seem to be totally fine being alone for hours on end. 

I’m also of the thought that if people didn’t have pets because they work, no pets would have homes. It just is what it is!

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Ours are home alone anywhere from 8-12 hours on weekdays, and honestly even when I am home during the day they sleep the entire time anyway. I think cats sleep on average 13-16 hours a day.  We’ve gone away on vacation and since I hate the thought of boarding them, we usually have friends/family come over a few times a day to feed them/cuddle them and clean the litterboxes and they are fine!

If you do get two try to get siblings or cats that you know tolerate eachother – we adopted two thinking they would keep eachother occupied and they avoid eachother completely (and occasionally fight).  Cats are super easy, independent animals and they really aren’t a lot of work, just need food, a clean litterbox, and cuddles (and that’s only if they enjoy them!)

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Kings7911:  my cats do just fine being alone. jus would just ask about the individual cats personality from wherever you adopt. we leave our cats alone up to 12 hours per day, and they do just fine. we have (bad) kittens, so we keep them in our bedroom that is attached to the bathroom with their litter box. They have a gym and toys to play with. when we had just one cat he was up all night because he would sleep all day. Now that we have two they play together all day. I would just plan to be with them on evenings and weekends because they still do appreciate the attention and play time. 

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